Blue Willow Teaspot

1200 Tenth St, Berkeley
(510) 524-1933

Recent Reviews

Jah Reigns

Great tea selection. Nice place to have tea. Owner and staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

Nizam A.

I found out about Jin Jumei tea because of Blue Willow and I can't drink anything else. BW will satisfy your curiosity and show you what is possible with tea. I just ordered a extra large bag of the Jin Jumei tea from their website. The taste of fig and hint of dried smoked berries, unbelievable

Warren Wright

High quality teas and customer service. The owner is very friendly and knowledgeable about the intricacy of growing and processing tea.

Jewin F.

Came to the shop and was introduced to a type of tea that is totally going to replace my drinking coffee. Place is amazing customer service, beautiful Decour, and overall great vibe. I will definitely be coming back. It is an honor to call the owner Ali my friend. I am so stoked and proud of her new endeavor! Come get your tea on

Emilie Raguso

Just wanted to thank you for your AMAZING tea selection. I am drinking the red oolong right now and absolutely love it! Your tea room is so special, too. Can't wait to visit again but, for now, I'll definitely be keeping my cupboard stocked with your beautiful teas. I also LOVE how you put all the brewing instructions right on the bag so I get the perfect cup every time!

Deidra H.

The Yunnan Tea is just the best. I discovered this tea at a café near campus. I then tracked it down to this gorgeous, little teaspot. I live in Los Angeles and have these lovely bags of tea delivered to my home. I can't wait to get up in the morning to brew my Blue Willow tea!

David Hemphill

Terrible customer service. Was told snootily that I had to wait 10 minutes to get a specific bag of loose tea. Staff quite full of themselves, pretentious, and hostile. Not a pleasant experience. Perhaps the tea I purchased will make the ordeal worthwhile again. Perhaps not. Time will tell.

Manu B.

I love this place! Let me first say that i am passionate about tea, I have over 60 different high quality teas (oolongs, puerhs, blacks, and greens) in my tea tansu, and have a nose for fine tea establishments. I've been coming here since they opened. the staff are all exceptionally knowledgable, friendly, thoughtful, and sophisticated. The ambiance is exquisite and if you want an authentic tea experience, blue willow tea spot is up there with the best of them. Their prices for high quality tea are the lowest of any tea shop in the Bay Area. Thank you everyone at blue willow for all the amazing tea, and taking care of me so sweetly for all these years.

Manu Butterworth

this review is well overdue, i love this place!

G X.

This place is lovely. Go enjoy an afternoon there on your own or with a friend.

Diana Ogarkova

I love this cozy tea place in Berkeley. Lovely vibe, great teas brewed with great care. They have kettles for you to top up your tea. You can sit with a book or your laptop, or have a quiet conversation. They have a large selection of loose leaf tea. It's not a bubble tea place, it's the real one :).

Stephanie H.

Lovely quiet teashop in Berkeley. They have a wide variety of loose leaf teas from Japan, China, and America; perhaps ever more. I was curious about 3 teas, and the staff let me smell the teas before making a decision. I was most intrigued by the Asatsuyu, a delicate type of sencha. My friend and I were able to cop the tatami room. :) It took a while for our teapots to arrive, but when they did, the staff gave us individual steeping recommendations for the teas we ordered. There was a hot water dispenser near us which indicated the temperature so we could resteep the teas ourselves. The environment here is very quiet and serene. Perfect for a chill study or hang out session. TIP: * Free parking in this neighborhood, which is off of the main road (which has metered parking). * If you want the tatami room, you gotta get there first or wait for it to be available.

Victoria C.

I was at Whole Foods ordering tea, and someone recommended that I check out the amazing tea spot around the block. I didn't realize they actually meant the name Blue Willow Teaspot, but I am grateful for the recommendation. I came on a Saturday around noon, and at the time, there was one other person. Blue Willow Teaspot has an extensive list of teas to try, and luckily they do tea flights so you have an opportunity to try more at one time! You can even smell the tea leaves prior to selecting your sipping options -- they smell incredible so I definitely recommend involving this as part of the experience. The space is large and is great for chatting as well as getting work done. Around the space are tea kettles with thermometers. I confess to knowing little about tea brewing, but the person helping me was advising me of the temperatures for each tea that I had selected. I was engrossed in reading and trying my teas, that one hour later, I looked up to find all the other tables occupied. Stop by and enjoy some great tea! You can even have a yummy mochi muffin to go along with your beverage.

Yesica Prado

Friendly staff and very knowledgeable about tea! ? I have a great time sitting here to work while sipping tea. I really enjoy the lovely creative interior design as well. Thank you!

Brandon Paluzzi

Great selection, helpful suggestions, great atmosphere. Recommended!

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