Bongo Burger

2505 Dwight Way, Berkeley
(510) 548-4100

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Mike Nolan

Bongo Burger is a family fav. The Persian Burger is the main go-to, although, their 'regular' Burgers are way beyond regular! Great fries, tasty salads and fresh squeezed orange juice! Great breakfasts too! Yummy in da tummy!

Suzette Davidson

The food here is really good. They have been consistently making good food since I first came here in 1986. I can bring vegetarian friends here and they have a good selection. The tabouleh is fresh and their hummus is great. I like that they have outside seating.

Fire C.

I've been a customer at this Bongo Burger on Dwight for more than 20 years. That gets them three stars even on a bad day. Some of the folks who work there remember me kindly even post quarantine which is nice. The food is hit or miss but good enough- don't skip the ranch. On the hit days- the burgers are delicious. On a day like today when two items were left off my order the food got cold while I was given a hard time by the new to me cook who kept insisting my order was complete. Not such a big deal right? Might be that I was in extra pain today so it felt extra awful, might be that I had just left the doctor with news about a probable surgery, might be that I was a line cook for twenty years so I have no patience left. I admit some of us who used to be in the business can be assholes and I am obvs in that camp. On either side of the line I think my mean shit I don't say it out loud, unlike the line cook today. He was sarcastic in that talk extra slow way for AWHILE and so mean I said why are you so mad? I didn't complain. I tipped well on my to-go order and waited politely to get someone's attention when I realized I was missing 10.00 in food. I was calm and kind. He made me wait (I am visibly disabled) while he worked through the line when he could have just gotten me my missing food (I could see it) and gotten me out of the door and out of his day. That's what we always did. You get what was paid for out the door and keep the line going. It is really hard (nothing easy about that work) but not so complicated. It's been a terrible few years and my ability to take shit when I'm paying for it is all gone. I don't have a ton of money to spend on food and Bongo used to feel like a little respite on a bad day. The best thing today- the Cashier who was professional, kind and backed me up when the cook and I disagreed on what I had paid for. Give them all raises. Including the cook on the grill. Second best? The ranch which is always delicious. The fries are usually really good- hot and crispy if you ask for them that way. Today the food was cold, unwrapped by the cook as he looked for the invisible missing items and kept acting like I'd stolen something. I was sad then mad but I was polite. The cook was not. If he had spent less time being antagonistic and more time cooking he could have crushed that line. Bongo will always have lines. I'm probably not going to be in it for awhile but they will be okay without me and truthfully it's very hard to navigate that space with mobility devices. Ableism, fat phobia and ageism is an unholy trifecta of garbage. I'm out of practice dealing with it after being isolated for so long. Note- he gave me all that angry shit while not wearing a mask and not being all that far away from me across the counter. With the Delta Variant and the small space I vote masks on either side of the counter. There's a sign saying must wear a mask- I'd like to see it include everyone.

Noah T.

This place is way overpriced--$2 to add cheese to a hamburger--and the food is just alright, nothing stands out with either the expensive af steak sandwich or the burgers. The lady behind the counter does not do customer service very well and they took forever to bring me my food, there's hardly any customers there at any one time so that doesn't make much sense. They also close at 7pm so it seems like they are just doing the bare minimum work toward running a restaurant and perhaps coasting on a few dedicated customers.

Chris R.

Always a good option. The Persian burger sandwich is what I always get, the have this one on lock! Definitely recommend checking out Bongo fire af

Bartholomew Roland

This was a really nice place to duck in and grab a burger and fries, but they also have falafel and domas!I ordered the bacon burger and can confirm that it is delicious. The fries were also crinkle cut and crisp, and they offered Sri racha to mix into our ketchup (YESSSS).Definitely a great stop for lunch if you're in the area.

Kaetyng C.

I actually only come to Bongo Burger for their fries! I usually don't like crinkle cut fries and tend to opt for thin McDonald's style fries, but I love these! They're extremely crispy and are actually one of my favorites. The best thing about Bongo Burger is that they have ranch and ketchup on the side that you get yourself for free. Usually, places will charge for ranch so I really appreciate that they include it.

That one Furry

I was here the 8th of july and the food was amazing! Not a big fan of the potatos tho.

Dean Burke

Good quality food & cooks. Better than most.

Sima A.

Persian Burger baby!!!!! My son just downed An amazing Persian burger. Highly recommended as it tastes like a loose version of a koobideh kabob on a seeded bread.

Raheil D.

Save your money, go somewhere else. I had fond memories of bongo when I was in high school and would go to the center location but this is nothing like I remember. I saw that this location had better reviews so I decided to drive to this location even though I live only 5min from the one on center, but I wanted to make sure my burger would hit and it was wayy below average. I ordered the all American burger and it was soggy and just a hot mess.. except it wasn't even hot smh. I did love the fries though.. Also the hubby had the Persian burger and he thought it was okay but a little salty, I tried a bite and it tasted like straight meat. Idk if people are into that. I like meat but I don't want my meat to taste like straight meat. Maybe it's the fact that it's lamb but try it at your own risk.. don't say I didn't warn you..

Ernesto Rodríguez

Great tasting food. The burger And fries were just right, the very definition of comfort food. Friendly service.


I have frequented for several decades. Very good burgers. I particularly like the lamb burger.

R Carter

Persian sandwich! Fries! The best. Oh they do burgers and middle eastern style food mostly togo. Been eating their Persian sandwich for over twenty years. Good stuff.

Amir sam

I love this place. Owner very nice.

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