Bopshop Korean Kitchen x Vons Chicken

1823 Solano Ave, Berkeley
(510) 559-9313

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Marci L.

We've been getting takeout from them throughout this Covid-19 lockdown and each time (5-6) I've meant to write a review. They've been great, every order has been perfect. Great food especially like their chicken wings. Meals are cont free you just walk in and your meal is packaged and waiting with your name on it. Order and pay online so no hassle at pickup. Definitely a winner for us.

Jeongwon H.

Try their fried chicken!! It's the best korean fried chicken in bay area. I tried their real garlic fried chicken and i was still crispy after an half hour from the pick up time. Also the chicken is pretty juicy and Not greasy. I wish i lived nearby the store

Jaime F.

Take-out/S.I.P. review: BopShop's Korean Fried Chicken is the first take-out I ordered during the shelter in place. I ordered a full size medium-spicy yangnyeom chicken. I hadn't eaten out for a long time, so this was a perfect meal to satisfy my cravings. The crisp and crunch was missing a little because of the steam caused by the take-out box (even thought they left a crack open to let steam out), and it took a little bit of time to drive home. You just can't beat when it comes out fresh. Besides this, the flavors were perfect blend of spicy, sweet and salty-- just what I wanted after not eating out for a while. The chicken itself was juicy and tender. The full-size chicken portions was huge and generous. Parking was a breeze. I called my order in ahead of time, and it was ready in 15 minutes. They have the pick-up for delivery orders down. They enforce the mask and social distancing rules. I thought it was interesting how they packed the food in a Von's Chicken bag, which is another place that does Korean fried chicken really well. There must be a relationship there.

Bc C.

I was at Bopshop Korean Kitchen on Solano Avenue, next to Peet's coffee on May 2, 2020 and ordered the poke bowl with salmon and purple rice. Was very satisfied with the food and portion size. However, on my return visit on 5/22 Friday around 1 pm ish, I ordered the same item and opened the brown bag at home. It was obvious that the bowl size was at least one inch in diameter SMALLER and much shallower in depth (because I saved the bowl from May 2). Paid $14.23 in cash. Therefore, the food portion was smaller and the vegetable ingredients were less as well. All in all, the portion was 1/3 less compared to my last serving! Also, the ingredients were not as fresh as before. I have shared my disappointing experience with a friend who introduced me to your Kitchen. I am taking the time to write because I didn't read any recent review for this Korean Kitchen & therefore this will be timely. I hope there's going to be IMPROVED quality control in the kitchen. In the meantime, I have no plans for returning... bc (frequent visitor to Solano Avenue for over 25 yrs.)

Kristi C.

Good stuff. My husband got The Works Bowl. He enjoyed all the fresh veggies and meat. We also ordered two half orders of chicken wings. I've had Von's KFC before but forgot their wings and drumsticks are huge. Like full on chicken legs. You really can only eat 2, 3 if you're starving. Good grub, nice addition to Solano Ave.

Ed U.

** The following review reflects my dining experience prior to the shelter-in-place order currently in effect. ** I believe this Solano Avenue spot is still open for business, which is a good and brave thing. I finally tried this Korean fast food bowl spot just before the shelter-in-place order took effect, and I'm glad I did because the $8 Veggie Jap Chae was a winner for a quick and hot pick-me-up for a late Sunday lunch. The mix of spinach, bean sprouts, and shredded cabbage & carrots with the soy-marinated glass noodles really worked well on a brisk afternoon (photo: Even though they offered meat and tofu add-ons, I was fine with my jap chae straight up. I'll definitely be back during these dark days of COVID-19 because it's a quick, portable meal that's piping hot and pretty tasty. FOOD - 4 stars...hearty jap chae is my kind of comfort food AMBIANCE - 3.5 stars...narrow space well maintained SERVICE - 4 stars...very serviceable TOTAL - 4 operation that works well under unprecedented constraints RELATED - Strolling Solano Avenue? Here's a collection of places I've tried and reviewed:

Callen Simmons

We arrived at this restaurant for a meeting. my friend recommended this place. Well, we were not disappointed. The staff were extremely nice and we felt fantastic. The food was just great. We had a great time and we will visit this place again. We recommend this place to all.

Roberto Cortes

Veggie Japchae add tofu is the best vegan option on the menu! Citrus sauce goes well with it, as well as their vegan kimchi! Kind and friendly associates.

Chris R.

My first review! I work up the street-- I eat here during just about every lunch break I get. Both the Spicy Ramen and "The Works" are really, really good-- I can recommend the spicy ramen in particular. Further, their excellent food is matched by the genuine warmth and kindness of their staff-- I have had nothing but overwhelmingly positive encounters with everyone that works here.

R T.

Popcorn chicken, which could have been a major winner and reason to return was SOOO mediocre. Got it to go. So hungry I started to eat in my car. It was NOT HOT. I walked in and ordered it, it's not like I phoned it in and arrived late. It had no time to cool down. The centers were not hot. As soon as it was done I received it from the apathetic woman (owner?) behind the counter. Another woman did the cooking, which I think was actually heating or reheating. To the untrained eye it just didn't look right from a process standpoint. Judging from other reviews, this is consistent. I did not try coming back in to say there was an issue, confidence was low they'd even care. I get the feeling the customer is always wrong. Never so much as a smile. I guess they didn't want me there. I won't be back. Problem solved.

Tim Tsai

Good foods..

Grace B.

I walk past the BopShop every week and have finally decided to try it. There are so many options and the portions of food are large. The Works Bowl has 11 different types of veggies in it! Great for vegetarians as it's super filling and yummy. The service is quick and staff are polite. Definitely recommend stopping in and trying it out!

Alijah Brady

Definitely a spot worth stopping over, the food is great and well prepared, the rates are reasonable and it is regularly well organized there. Fantastic work.

Amber L.

Server (who looked like he was the owner) did not inform me that spring mix was an extra $2 for The Works. Usually the service person informs the customer when they ask about adding an item.

Test C.

While the noodles were great and the meat was great as well, our bibim bop veggies tasted spoiled. It's from all the veggies they leave out on the cool counter top, so it should have been refrigerated well. That's too bad, because I wanted to like them! Maybe I'll try again another day and see if it's a consistent thing, or just buy only hot cooked items.

Peter Bates

Very well organised and convenient place. They serve large meals and for fair rates. I loved the food very much and the waiters were super attentive and informative. Recommended.

Jenny Krishnan

Love the purple rice!

Monica H.

Whenever I am craving kimchi friend rice or friend chicken I go here. I love their food and it's sooo much. Their bowl can last me two meals. My favorite is their soy garlic popcorn chicken. I could eat that all day!

Sunny L.

Their bibimbap ("the works bowl") is pretty solid. It's flavorful and has some non traditional ingredients like edamame while filling that Korean food craving. The bowl was surprisingly big and I ended up taking home some leftovers. Would come back to this place but seating is a little tight during lunch hours

Cara N.

Not a fan. Cashier was unfriendly. I felt like she was doing me a favor by serving me even though I paid $25 for a poke bowl and a roll. The ingredients were fresh but it didn't taste like authentic Korean food to me. My entire roll of sushi fell apart.


I tried this place out for the first time last week with my partner. A lot of bowl places have trouble satisfying a paleo diet, so I was doubtful (especially since one of their two bowls is the Teriyaki). It turns out the other bowl (“The Works”) is vegan and gluten free! I got it with the wakame as a protein (they also give you an egg and you have a choice of salmon, chicken, beef, and tofu, in addition to some other proteins). The bowl was delicious! I have been back already and got a bowl to go. The service was fast. Price was affordable and all very healthy!. . If you eat in, they have free tea and water and lots of yummy sauces.

Michael D.

What happened BopShop? When you first opened the quality of the food was great. This last time the Jap Chae noodles were missing the sauce, the meat in the rice bowl was so dry, and the mixed grain rice was over cooked. On top of that, I was really hungry, which can also lower my standards. Not planning on going back.

Joanne P.

Came here to get a late lunch and ima be honest, the prices are kinda steep. I ordered the beef kimbop and that's 8 bucks. It comes with ten pieces which is good, but the roll falls apart easily. It can make a mess if you aren't an expert in using chopsticks. Presentation was nice! It was soo colorful! And it tastes pretty good. I appreciate that they have purple rice as an option. The place is pretty nice and clean and the interior is small. The service was pretty quick, had my kimbop in 5 min. Overall, I would be down to go here if I SERIOUSLY need a quick meal. But the prices kind of make me hesitate.

C L.

This place is amazing. The people who work there are very friendly, the food is excellent and healthy, and the atmosphere is great. I always get one of the vegetarian bowls with tofu and purple rice. There are several options for the protein and there are choices for the grain. The avocado rolls are really good too. Just like their very popular sister restaurant down the street, in Albany, they offer complimentary hot barley tea (self-serve) with your meal.

Sir Funky P.

I came here once and was a little disappointed with music they were playing but the food ended up being pretty good! You know when music is so loud that you almost can't enjoy the food...well this was happening...but then the food ended up over powering the the Pop Music blasting through the restaurant and I walked away pretty satisfied. Nice work food!

Nick Blechar

I enjoyed my dinner, but woke up with terrible food poisoning.

Ju Hyun Y.

I ordered the "Works" bowl with salmon and mixed greens via Doordash. And wow, it tastes F-I-R-E. The salmon was perfectly cooked and was finished off with sesame oil, which smells and tastes quite pleasant. The mixed greens and the various veggies were really fresh. Can't wait to try other menus !!

Chris M.

Stingy quantities in regard to steep up charges. We paid an extra $2 for a beef in the rice roll, but we would have been better off not doing so. The roll didn't hold up and ended up making a mess all over the table. The popcorn chicken quantity was also quite small for its cost. The food was an all around disappointment, and we won't be back.

J'me L.

Really affordable fast food. Healthy and the orders are really hardy & nourishing. Highly recommend.

J'me L.

Really affordable fast food. Healthy and the orders are really hardy & nourishing. Highly recommend.

melissa h

Fast, delicious, for eat in or carry out. Clever way of packaging bibimbap, which I’ve gotten about a dozen times here, for carry out. The different types of rice are all good choices. After trying the popcorn chicken, it’s hard to get anything else.

Ellen Hibdon

They have great food and a good atmosphere, you can look out the window at Solano Ave and feel content. The bowls have a healthy combination of both vegetables and protein and taste good. The service is fast and friendly too.

Joon L.

It's fast and less expensive, but I wouldn't exactly recommend it. Some days are better than others, but I just ate there on a Tuesday and I got dry and crusty rice If you don't care about prices, go to Bowl'd down the street. If you're looking for cheap places to eat, check out where the college students eat. I like Steve's BBQ a lot more, but I still eat here when I'm lazy. I wish they'd try something different.

Jin Q.

It's ok tasting, cheap, convenient. Their packaging is extremely nice and very good for to-go. There's no wait at all, so you can literally drop in, pick something up and leave. Use the goodies in the store as tomorrow's lunch box.

Michelle W.

Just had the worst customer service possible at this eatery. Unfriendly Korean man at the register. Ordered a Kimbop roll with only beef (which was sitting - how long was it sitting there?). It was $10 - look at the picture for what you get HAHA whatever. This was the man's second try because the first roll's pieces fell apart right as he handed them to me. I got the spicy pork works bowl - the meat was already made - how long was it sitting there? Fast but not fresh. Hope we don't get food poisoning from this meal. I am so sad to post a negative review because we need Korean eateries like this in the East Bay. Do not recommend!

Anne Gross Ayankoya

It was OK enjoy bowl'd down the street a lot better more of a nice ambiance hot food and better presentation this place kind of a in-and-out joint. The popcorn chicken was dry and hard and void of taste..

Jocelyn Pou

Food is fast and somewhat healthy

Moriel M.

It's the first time we are here. We loved the food. Big dishes. High quality ingredients. We are full!!! The place is very clean. The menu very simple. Highly recommended!!

Sally L.

SANITARY WARNING! I got food poisoning here the other day while visiting from out of town. What seemed like a nice, fresh place to eat ended up being one of the worst mistakes I could've made in my entire life. EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Tumurkhuyag B.

Good food. Good portion. Nice employees. Owner is korean. Rest are mongolians. Bit small. Most people take it to go

Bopshop Korean Kitchen x Vons Chicken

1823 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707
(510) 559-9313