Brewed Awakening

1807 Euclid Ave, Berkeley
(510) 540-8865

Recent Reviews

Jackson Reed

I accidentally ordered the wrong drink and they gave me a new one free of charge. Amazing customer service! Drinks are great and toasts are fantastic


Havana coffee (iced mint coffee) was pretty good, nothing that will blow your mind, but it is refreshing. Pastry experience was terrible, carrot muffin was basically inedible. Too sweet and unbelievably chewy. Plenty of seating and some outlets, okay for studying or working. There is a restroom available but it is a bit dingy. Service was average.

Ap P.

I love their coffee. I love their avocado toast with egg! I love their orange juice. It's all great. You might hate yourself when you find yourself camped out here studying for a midterm or trying to crank out a paper, but you'll hate yourself less with a grade A mocha in your hands.

Yiwen Dai

We got Thai Iced Coffee and Thai Iced Tea. Both were really good! Delicious balance of sweetness :)

Priyanka K.

A cute coffee shop located in North Berkeley. Although the shop isn't as impressive as I'd have imagined, its an adequate place to get some work done, catch up with friends, or lounge on the couches. There are a few outlets available on the borders of the cafe, so you are able to work without fear that your laptop will run out of charge. They offer a variety of interesting drinks like Thai iced coffee and sea salt latte. The price range is pretty average for the drinks and the food items like pastries and bagels are on the cheaper side for a typical coffee shop. The drinks are wonderfully prepared and the baristas are polite and personable. Some of the tables are tile-topped, so it can feel a bit old. I expected the store to be a bit more modern and minimal due to its name, but its more of a cozy, "Central Perk" from "Friends" inspired setting with brick walls, wooden chairs, comfy couches, and the vast demographic that comes to the shop, from students and professors doing work to families and groups of friends chatting.

Seth F.

This coffee shop is super near to UC Berkeley campus and usually overrun with students. If you go in the morning they are on top of it woth three or more employees although in afternoons sometimes it's just one employee. There is usually seating available and it's pretty clean, depending on amount of employees. I usually get the hot chocolate with steamed milk, pretty luscious woth a nice body. The tables have tile so they arnt the best to write stuff on but overall solid coffee shop.

Nannaphat S.

This is a nice coffee shop to get some work done. The WiFi is reliable and fast and their drinks menu is a little bit more creative and expansive than your typical local coffee shop. They have interesting items like the sea salt latte. Although the price is also a little pricier than other local coffee spots the serving size is pretty large and the drinks taste better. The place is clean and they turn on AC when it's hot. There's only one bathroom stall and it's okay. They also have bagels and a toast bar but no serious food like sandwiches or salads. I like that they have some small tables, sofas, and also some larger tables if you come with some friends. It can get crowded at times and seating is not 110% guaranteed but I've never had a problem.

Donna Lackey

Great coffee, great place to study, and one great banana smoothie

Kristen Poen

Cool place. Good menu, friendly staff, clean bathroom.

Anna F.

Their avocado toast is really good! There are also tons of seats as well as free WiFi. The ambiance is nice, though there's not much natural light. Definitely my go-to cafe on Northside.

Emerson Chang

Cosy place to sip a wide range of coffee and be energised for the morning.

Vivian Lu

Cute coffee shop with a great menu. I had both the cold brew and the mint cold brew. Pretty standard coffee, but I wasn't a big fan of the mint cold brew. Service was pretty fast, the place was populated but I was still able to get my orders very quickly. Also tons of pastries that looked delicious. Free wifi and lots of outlets and comfy chairs. Great place to grab a quick coffee or settle down to get some work done.

Tahnee Ramsey

Weâ??re traveling from New Mexico wanted to get some coffee real quick and a bite to eat this place is a hidden gem. We were lucky enough to find it. Breakfast sandwich was so huge and delicious, very impressed. But the coffee was some of the best I have ever had all I can say is Black Riffle Coffee.

Sol Bee Park

Staff is incredibly friendly- they know my order because I go so often! Also, best coffee in Berkeley ð???

Amos Lakos

New design up front, presumably new owners. Staff was not very friendly. Cappuccino however was excellent. I would invest in making the staff more enthusiastic...

Daniel Gallagher

I love this place. Great coffee, friendly staff. But today when I bought a calzone, the staff heated it and served it to me, and it was covered in spots of mould. I returned it right away and brought to their attention that many of the other calzones on the shelf for sale were mouldy too. The staff refunded me for it but didnâ??t apologise or seem too concerned. I hoped for better food hygiene from a place I really love coming to.

Dmitry Vaintrob

I don't much like the coffee here or the expensive pastries, and the decor is corporate/plasticky. Go to V&A cafe (which is the new Nefeli) around the corner in Etcheverry Hall

Fares A.

This is a really good spot to cry on if you have to, the seats are comfortable and natural light is great. I had to cry because of my extreme mood swings but also other stuff. The staff are really nice and no one approached me or anything and I appreciated that. Basically you can cry in peace. Also I ordered an iced mocha and a belgian waffle and they were amazing!!!

Annie Z.

The "#There is no life before coffee" quote on the back wall is too relatable. Brewed Awakening is located on the north side of campus. I only come here to catch up with friends but I can see how it would be an ideal study spot. The chatter inside is on the quieter side but enough to make the atmosphere feel more relaxed!

Anthony Barajas

Berkeley is my favorite hot spot for anything and since I pretend to go to work it gives me the chance to visit places write reviews and get laid itâ??s perfect and since I always have my navigator on it gives me the freedom to enjoy my life as a single swinger!!! Wasap me letâ??s hook up....

Fl A.

Seems like a nice little coffee house. Stopped in to grab a coffee, but rude worker is a deal breaker for me. Simple question, sarcastic answer. Why work in customer service if you lack temperament for it? Won't go back

Kristy K.

Two favorite drinks here: black eye, coffee with an added espresso shot; fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

Ed Oakes

The brewed coffee is burnt and the espresso drinks are extremely inconsistent - I've had excellent ones and ones that looked and tasted like they came out of a bad vending machine depending on who's working. Unfortunately, in my opinion this is the best option for coffee on Euclid.

Kimberly F.

such a cute cafe! great environment to study or get some work done, staff is very nice too!

Anna P.

There are places where you go for the drinks and places where you go to study. This is a place to study (at least in relation to their hot chocolate). Large hot chocolate for 3.90 was very large, but once you get past the dollop of steamed milk, it wasn't very flavorful. The bottom powder is sort of bitter without being chocolatey. Maybe switch to a different powder and add more of it.

Jason F.

not only is the coffee and service incredible, the ambiance is perfect for studying for hours on end. Brewed Awakening is my favorite coffee shop by far!

mehrnoush soroush

Lots of choices, for foods and drinks. Lots of space. Great flat white. Would improve if they had changing station for kids. I didn't find high chair either, but I didn't search for long.

Helen L.

Love this place! Great coffee, cheap eats, plenty of seating and WiFi! What else can a student ask for? Did I mention they have a rewards program linked to your name and you are automatically enrolled and given a point when you use your credit card?


Great study spot, friendly staff, beautiful wall decor! Amazing coffee and smoothies.

Mai S.

This is my favorite place to study off campus, since it's close to where I live and there's lots of space and natural light. It's casual with the perfect amount of coffee shop background noise. The coffee is cheap imo, espresso is not amazing but I usually get a cafe au lait anyways. I like the pastries, the muffins are great and so are the croissants; some of the stuff is pricey, but overall this place has good stuff in a good location and I'll be frequenting often.

Tzushyang L.

Favorite place to get iced coffee. Around the corner from where i work so its convenient. Theyre fast and very polite. They coo

Serah V.

Brewed awakening exceeded my expectations! The staff is hilarious and friendly, especially T. The staff really made me feel welcome and both the coffee and the tea were fantastic. I ordered the sea Salt Caramel drink and my girlfriend ordered iced tea.


If you are looking for a coffee shop to hang out in and get some work done, Brewed Awakenings is a good option. They offer all the typical espresso drinks and have WIFI as well.

Jess L.

This place has gotten better since the last time I went maybe a few months ago - they updated their menu and added some cool stuff like some breakfast sandwiches and toast. The cucumber tomato and hummus toast that I got was well portioned and yummy- the sourdough bread that the toast is on is also excellent. The seating is structured a little strangely so I had to squeeze back and forth between the chair I was sitting in and a sofa to get in and out of my seat, but beyond that this is a good cafe with wifi and food!! (Didn't check for outlets though)

Raya K.

Hurray for cute vibes, toast bar, natural light, and food service. I tried my very first hummus toast and I like it a lot! I think it's more refreshing than avocado toast, and I love the crunch of cucumbers. It gets pretty busy even in the morning but there hasn't been a line while I was there. It's owned by the same people who run Northside Cafe, but northside cafe doesn't offer the toasts they do. Northside has more hot breakfast options like omelettes and pancakes.

Chris D.

Had my first experience here today. And I thought it was just awesome. The store front and interior are really handsome and it just feels super welcoming. The place was pretty crowded, with few seats to be had, a nod to how popular it is. There was no line to order though and the staff was really friendly. I had the french vanilla latte and currant scone. The service was quick and both items were amazing. Sat outside since it was too crowded inside. But enjoyed the quiet street while I sipped my latte and ate my scone. One of the best lattes/scones I have had in a long time. I will definitely return to Brewed Awakening when I am in the area again!

Elena S.

Some of the best coffee around the campus area. I cringe when I get lattes from some of the campus cafes, but Brewed Awakening, fondly referred to as "Brewed" by regulars, never disappoints. Their baristas are well trained and deliver great drinks every time. Aside from great drinks, the other thing that a good cafe needs is a good atmosphere. Brewed has it with a beautiful mural of a lake, forest, and valley on one wall, and abstract paintings on another exposed brick wall. A countertop looking through large windows out to the street for people watching, couches, and plenty of seating. One of my only complaints is the lack of outlets. On a busy day, you'd be hard pressed to find a seat with outlet access, but on a calm day you can find them scattered throughout the seats that line the walls. It would be a great idea to invest in outlets in the floor for the tables in the middle of the room.

Cecilia Zhang

Chocolate croissant very crispy

Cecilia Zhang

Fresh juice and pastries