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Breakfast: On The Go

Breakfast Wrap$3.99
Scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, house potatoes, and salsa wrapped and grilled in a tortilla.
Granola Bowl$4.25
Served with vanilla yogurt and fresh berries and banana.
Hot Oatmeal$4.25
Served fresh berries and banana.

Breakfast: Scrambles

All scrambles made with three eggs and served with house potatoes and your choice of wheat/sour toast or English muffin.
Tilden Park$6.5
Ham, bell pepper, onion, cheddar.
Polish sausage, ham, bacon, cheddar.
Chicken apple sausage, spinach, mushroom, cheddar cheese.
Spinach, tomato, onions, bell pepper, mushroom, swiss.

Breakfast: Plates

House Special$4.75
2 eggs any style, house potatoes and toast (English muffin or wheat/sourdough toast.
Pancake Platter$5.5
2 fluffy pancakes and two eggs any style.
French Toast Plate$5.5
4 triangles of French toast and two eggs any style.
Eggs Benedict$6.95
2 poached eggs and black forest ham open faced on a English muffin. Served with house potatoes and topped with hollandaise sauce.

Breakfast: Sides/extras

2 Eggs Any Style$1
Bacon (4 Strips)$2.45
Chicken Apple Sausage$2.99
French Toast (4)$3.99
4 Egg Whites$2.75
Polish Sausage$2.99
House Potatoes$2.25
2 Pancakes$3.99