Burger King

849 University Ave, Berkeley
(866) 394-2493

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Jerome Ashley

I go there in the mornings a couple of times a week before my shift starts and I order either medium fries and orange juice or the # 13 and the ladies that take my order are very professional and nice and classy my food is always on point

Brice Rogers

One of the few fast food restaurants you can use EBT at. Although Carl's Jr. on Telegraph Ave in Oakland also accepts EBT, there food is way better, but more expensive.


Fast and courteous service.


Service quality pretty bad. They are not willing to receive any official coupons. Do not waste your time.

Timothy Needham

This used to be a good place, but lately the employees they hire are terrible. I was just in there and they were out of fries no big deal. But they had put up a tiny Post it Note saying this which nobody could see. The one male employee was remarking to the female employee how all the Burger King customers were stupid. All this while I'm waiting for my order, he also said how he wanted to hit them. Well it will be awhile before I go there again.

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If you’re trying to pay at the register at this location with Apple Pay and getting declined, it’s because you have Apple Card or Apple Cash as your payment method. Kinda counter intuitive that they take Apple Pay, but not with Apple Card or Apple Cash.Same thing if you are paying through BK app.

Danny Molina

It's Burger King man. It's inside the gas station. Threw me for a loop. But the girl working the counters with the purple hair was wicked nice, friendly, and patient. The people in the kitchen got my order correct and that doesn't always happen at burger king locations. So kudos to them there. But aside from that, they had the full menu. Including the various discounts bk offers at their full size locations!

The traveller Guy

Be aware of this burger king .they overcharge some foods even though on display it's says $4.99 for chicken deluxe sandwich they charge me 5.69 and it's happened with me twice.At first they gave me refund but second time they refuse me to give refund they said that's the price for the burger.and I saw people paying $5.69 without realizing price is $4.99.food is ok.


good service and great food100%?

Sonya Palmer

Best place

Bunnie Usher

I just LOVE th impossible burger

Linci Comy

Love that impossible whopper

Rose Usher

I just LOVE th impossible burger

Nathan E

The best thing on the menu is the cheese sticks! Yum.

Mathew Swanson

It was good especially for it being at a gas station

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