Cactus Taqueria

1881 Solano Ave, Berkeley
(510) 528-1881

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Patrick M.

Taste-wise, I'd give this 3.5-4 stars. However, the regular burritos are ridiculously tiny. I couldn't believe they charged $8 for something that is about half the size of a regular taqueria burrito (think Taco Bell bean burrito size). Skip this place and go down the street for a much better value.

Liz N.

I can't believe I just came here now...I just scarfed down the chicken crispy tacos and they were authentically heavenly like my colleague neighbor said. Rarely do you find taco shops that do crunchy delicately crispy tacos anymore with simplicity and all around quality. I couldn't wait to get home to eat them...the cheese melted into the crispyness and the right amount of flavorful meat drips down as you bite in..on your plate (& hands;) and all the warm & cool (salsa fresco lettuce guacamole) taste & textures create that Love of Latin soul...ahem I come from San Diego, ca where I think we have some of the best Mexican food but I'm wrong...and impressed w/ Cactus. I look forward to my next binge for Latin flavors there

Chris M.

Been going here for almost 30 years. Crispy chicken tacos for the win! Also the guacamole is some of the best in the east bay!

Bob W.

Overpriced and mediocre. I want to like this place because it's local and seems popular but I just can't explain it--it's Berkeley prices for so-so Mexican.

Danny M.

Crispy Shrimp Tacos everyday please! This location is better than the one on college Ave. A lot friendlier here

Mitchel Cohen

real fine $10 burito

cautious optimist

Good value for quality. Great salsas.

Andrew D.

This taqueria is a favorite with my parents and sister though I'm not sure why. Maybe because they're clientele in Albany/ Berkeley is mostly a Caucasian demographic which is why I think the staff here takes advantage of them big time. The ingredients are very chinsy especially in their burritos. I've ordered their burrito "mejor " with steak in the past and have always found the amount of meat very miniscule. The last straw came last night when I was dragged in to this place by my mom. The burrito mejor with carne asada, had no meat to speak of. I finally had to bring myself to the counter to complain. They were basically doing closing procedures and I guess the staff was in a hurry to go home. As soon as my order was corrected and I could finally sit down to enjoy my dinner, the kitchen staff started playing their salsa music really LOUD. Mind you there were other patrons in the dining room besides us. But this was the staff's way of telling us to get the F out. I was determined to stay, but mom wanted to just get boxes to go so we could leave. After that awful dining experience I will never come to this joke of a taqueria again. I encourage others to do the same. They skimp on their ingredients here, the food is very pricey, and their customer service really lacks. There are other taquerias in the surrounding area that are much better.

S C.

The food is good, but the in person ordering is consistently an issue. They almost always misunderstand the order. Also, they ration the salsa. I once ordered 5 entrees and they handed me 2 tiny salsas and didn't want to give me more. Seems like one container of salsa per entree is reasonable. I always leave the restaurant annoyed at the experience, even though the food is fine.

Rebecca M.

Me, my kids and husband had stumbled upon this taqueria when we were walking around on solano. We then ordered it from home for the first time and we were amazed by the results of this wonderful food. My daughter is in love with the burritos and my husband can't get enough of the fish tacos! Definitely recommend!

Cesar Cancino

An excellent Taqueria with high quality ingredients! The meats and seafood are carefully sourced.

Kyrie Burrus

Great food. It's hard to hear when ordering, due to ventilation/kitchen noise, so our order wasn't quite right last time, but still tasty. Just make sure your order is heard correctly.

Stuart g.

Don't order from these fools, they cannot follow instructions. How can refried beans come as black beans, how can no salsa mean extra salsa, how can chicken burrito means steak - do cactus actually care or is this the new norm and sloppy service is ok. BTW, this is not the first time you have done this to us

Emily S.

Alert; this place is an Allergy hazard. I am allergic to sour cream and this is the 4th time I've come here requesting a specific burrito with NO SOUR CREAM. Each time is has sour cream. I didn't realize until about half way through and hopefully I do not end up in the hospital. I have been coming here for years and this place has gone down hill and it's very sad. There was nobody in line and the cashier rushed me through the order. When I told her "can you please read over the order again, it's been made wrong here 4 times." She seemed frustrated. She read it back and it seemed correct. However when I opened it up it was SMOTHERED in sour cream. I'm not sure who is creating the problem here.... The last time I came it after opening I was ignored for 5 minutes. When asking the ladies who were sitting down if they were open and if I could order they said "give us a few minutes" and they took 5 minutes to talk and sit in the dining area. I have worked in customer service for YEARS and I've never experienced such horrible service. It's sad because my family has been coming here for years, but they too have had similar issues. Might I suggest that the owner trains the staff on customer service, or holds a meeting about the seriousness off food allergies? This can literally shut down a business if it happens too many times.

Marius Patrick

Been coming here for years. Glad they continue to do a good job.

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