Cactus Taqueria

1881 Solano Ave, Berkeley
(510) 528-1881

Recent Reviews

Robert J.

Excellent crispy shrimp tacos! Really good version of a Cesar salad. Service is okay but can be a little curt.

Kiki B.

Cactus has always been my one of me and family's favorite restaurants to go to. The food is always very good, the orders are ready quickly, and there are a variety of options to choose from on the menu. Additionally, Cactus uses high quality food while still remaining pretty cheap. Some of my personal favorites dishes are the chicken mole plate, street tacos, crispy tacos, and enchiladas, but everything I have eaten at Cactus has been very good.

Rosalind F.

This was the third time they got my order wrong and though I tried to eat it anyway, it was awful. Barely touched it so no dinner for me. Took the food back to get a refund the next day and it took them 20 minutes to figure out how to do that. A big waste of my time. Won't be going back.

Maribel G.

I'm a regular at this place and I'm Mexican (just showing my credentials is all). I live a few blocks away so it's fast and easy take out. I'm going to give this place a 3 star "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly" review. Let's start with the good: crispy chicken tacos are next level delicious. If I'd only ever tasted the crispy chicken tacos I'd give them 5 stars all the way. The weekend brunch chilaquiles verdes are pretty good too. Also good- the prices especially for this area. I like Talavera's food better but they're a farther walk and more pricey. And Picante's is stupidly overpriced but that's a different review.Okay now the bad, everything else I've tried from their menu is bland --it's not great, it's not horrid, it's just "myeh." One could argue their food gets the job done. Look, I know perfectly well that you don't come to Cactus for super authentic Mexican food. They seem to have figured out a formula that works for them. They Americanized their menu and it attracts a lot of families. Before Covid I would see lots of kids in the dining area. And kids don't mind if you overstuff burritos with rice and give them a pile of bland food and say "eat your Mexican food!" Their tortilla chips are so bad, I usually pass on the chips. Bad tortilla chips really hurt my feelings. Now for the ugly part. That woman at the register needs to work on her customer service skills especially during COVID when restaurants are struggling for business. I'm legit ordering from them at least once a week because I want to support all of Solano's restaurants. Last week I ordered $65 of food. There were only 2 little salsa containers in my bag. I politely ask for more salsa. She puts 1 more little cup in my bag. "Can I please have more than that?" She adds 1 more little cup. It was like a scene from a movie. The woman next in line must have thought I was going to draw my revolver like in an old western. I let it go but made a mental note to write this review. Cactus lady, why are you playing with my emotions like that? Salsa is cheap and it's easy to make. It's tomatillos and onion. C'mon!

Kate G.

Came here the other day for the first time. It was empty when we went at 3pm but I imagine the line gets long during rush. I really enjoyed my (cheap!) quesadilla and my boyfriend loved his enchiladas! The staff isn't super personable and spent a lot of time chatting with each other so it was hard to get their attention, but they were polite enough and that kind of thing doesn't really bother me. Definitely worth it!

Elaine M.

Been going here for years! The best burritos available w the freshest tasting produce :-)

Yusef Z.

A great choice whenever you're in the mood for Mexican. They definitely have the shmack. They also have a solid social distancing operation going, with one distanced line for entering, ample space to wait for your order, and a separate lane for leaving.

Samantha C.

I've been a loyal customer of Cactus' College Ave location since I moved to the neighborhood about a year ago. It was once a great option for quick, well priced, tasty food. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be going back any time soon after a very odd recent customer service incident that honestly didn't feel too great. I tried ordering lunch for my partner and I on the phone, but accidentally called the wrong location (actually... this incident is how I learned there were 2 locations). It was my mistake for not looking more closely at the number I was calling, but again, since I didn't realize there were 2 locations, I didn't think twice before hitting "call" on my phone. After my order was taken, the employee I spoke with mentioned it was "pickup on Solano" and then hung up immediately before I could say anything. I called back right away to correct the mistake, expecting it to be an easy fix (I was even willing to just cancel my order at Solano and call the right location to reorder). Unfortunately, the person on the phone was really rude to me when she realized I made a mistake -- like really rude. She kept yelling at me, "I SAID Solano and you didn't listen". Yes, I realized that she said that, which is why I called back immediately to correct the mistake. After she said that about 5 or so times with attitude, I tried to explain how it happened and I don't even know why I had to work so hard to justify the fact that it was an accident -- it was just a silly mistake that anyone could've made, it's not a crime. In the middle of me talking (calmly and apologetically by the way; I was still committed to ordering from Cactus and wanted to be polite), she hung up. It felt like a very aggresive 'F You' and I really don't understand why this was the response to a simple mistake (Also -- yes, I get my meal would've just been a drop in the bucket as far as revenue for the day goes and they have a bunch of other orders to worry about, so it's silly to make a fuss over 1 lunch order. And it was probably annoying to realize someone made a mistake, but it's just the principle of being treated that way after apologizing to the employee I put my order in with....). I don't like getting people in trouble because she may have been having a bad day and this pandemic has been hard on essential workers, but I don't think it's very kind or acceptable to be treated this way. I also tried emailing Cactus to let them know about the incident in private, but didn't get a response. All I wanted to do was to get them to be aware of the incident (not to identify the person who snapped at me, but just the fact that it happened) and ask if they could mention something to staff members who need to be told to be a bit nicer to customers on the phone. I take it from the lack of response that Cactus doesn't give a single care about their customers at all. Goodbye to my recurring lunches from you and looking forward to ordering from somewhere else from now on.

Lai M.

Pretty good Mexican food. My son is 12 and loves eating there. The only downfall is, some of the staff are not that warm.

Courtney T.

Not sure why Cactus doesn't have a better rating--it's a favorite in our household and one of our go-to takeout spots. The crispy tacos are delicious, the fish burrito is another favorite. The little Peruvian wedding cookies they sell by the register are incredible.

yayoi s.

I freaking love this style of cal/mexi food being a no meat eater. Lots of fresh and grilled or sautéed vegetables available and salads that are not just iceberg and tomatoes. Their desserts are not to miss out on!!! as well as their aqua frescas and soup of the day. Now for the part that I don't like talking about but, just to prepare you, dear reader, the customer service folks hate the world! Haha, they are really grumpy. But you know, DONT TAKE IT PERSONAL! you'll miss out on good veggie mexi. And also know exactly what you want to eat cause the she doesn't have time for your ummms. I don't know. I kinda like grumpy people. My hubs liked his enchiladas (that he was not able to get one veg and one chicken..) and his burrito, and oh yeah, the chips are poopy. I swear this place is refreshing and good though. Thanks for reading!

Julia G.

This used to be our go-to, but lately it has been barely edible. Finally had to give up. Hope it comes back!

Maria C.

Don't recommend this place such bad customer service. My team and I went here for late lunch and the lady in the front taking order was super rude, we all payed over 15 bucks for meals and when we kindly asked for sides of salsas she rudely ignored us and when she felt like it handed it to us and mean mugged us. All 3 ladies in front had no good customer service don't know if she was the owner but if she was she needs to check her attitude toward people paying for food we weren't even asking for salsa ma for free.

Kylie R.

Cactus is one of my all time favorites. There are SO many things on the menu that I love. I used to love right around the corner and ate here way more than I should have. Now I live in Richmond and wish I could get it delivered. They do deliver but only on caviar and that doesn't come to my house. :( CACTUS PLEASE GO ON DOORDASH OR UBER EATS. I promise I'll order enough to make it worth your while. Thank you!

Mike R.

Would love to love this place with their covet procedures horrible. Called in my order over half an hour ago and I cannot get to it without waiting in the entire line hello take out for Russell. Finally got my food

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