2442 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 705-1089

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Milani G

Best soup and sandwiches I’ve ever had in life. Such a staple in Berkeley I absolutely love this place, could honestly eat here every day!

Jose Baldonado

The bread and poppy seed dressing aren’t as good as the original Intermezzo. Don’t get me wrong the place is still a great spot. There always seems to be a wait to order.

anika mallard

The food is good but the staff is rude and sloppy. Every time I go to mezzo the staff seems like they don’t want to be working and are passive aggressive about it. Some of the staff members have had an attitude towards me and make the environment uncomfortable. On top of that they are disgustingly sloppy. The work stations are covered in food with toppings over flowing into each other and around the rims of the containers/counters. I watched one staff member restocking the beans and continues to fill them till they were overflowing everywhere, the mess almost seemed intentional. I understand that Mezzo can get very busy but there should still be a certain level of cleanliness when working with food. When it is busy, the staff don’t seem to care much about assembling the sandwiches properly… I had to kindly ask a staff member to reassemble my sandwich as it was falling apart while he tried to put it in the box. The service used to be great but the now careless service and staff makes my $40 lunch not worth my time or money.

YuanYuan Lo (Yona)

AMAZING HEALTHY DELICIOUS salad bowl! (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)?❤️ ?Their veggie and beans are fresh; the bread is dense and tender; Greek yogurt dressing is super delicious!The portion is satisfying as well!Staff are nice and the vibe of the entire restaurant is chill and pleasant.They have a lot of indoor seats and patio available. Also, wifi is acceptable!Amazing place to enjoy a great healthy meal and relax ?# Veggie Delight Salad with Greek Yogurt Goddess Dressing

Stephanie Greene

I had the sausage and lentil soup with a half roast beef sandwich. We have not been here since it was Cafe Intermezzo before it burned down.This was just as good as we remember. My husband had that expression of reliving fond memories.The mint lemonade was especially good.

Yona Lo

AMAZING HEALTHY DELICIOUS salad bowl! (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)?❤️ ?Their veggie and beans are fresh; the bread is dense and tender; Greek yogurt dressing is super delicious!The portion is satisfying as well!Staff are nice and the vibe of the entire restaurant is chill and pleasant.They have a lot of indoor seats and patio available. Also, wifi is acceptable!Amazing place to enjoy a great healthy meal and relax ?# Veggie Delight Salad with Greek Yogurt Goddess Dressing

Katherine G.

Still 5 stars for being my literal favorite spot in Berkeley, but adding a review + ranking for all of the breads they have. Shoutout to @Selena L for inspiring me to join this journey. Here goes: #7: Cheddar Jalapeño I had this quite a long time ago but the fact that I don't remember it being particularly good is probably a sign. Their jalapenos are always super spicy and since they don't toast the bread for their sandwiches, the cheddar just becomes a cold, hard, and chewy lump on top. It's quite displeasing in terms of both texture and taste, which earns it the last place spot on the rankings. #6: Rye When I first bit into this bread it cut the roof of my mouth, which was an immediate turn off. I feel like I became more and more confused as I continued eating it. The edges are too tough and dry but the shape of the bread makes it around 30-40% crust. The middle is soft, but it's filled with caraway seeds which I absolutely despise (they're the little curved seeds that ruin costco's everything bagels imo). I think the saving grace of this one that keeps it from last place is that it makes you feel really healthy when you're eating it. #5: Ciabatta So crusty on the outside, but the chewy and airy interior definitely helps make up for it. I'm not usually a fan of things that are difficult to eat, which this bread is when made into a sandwich. I did really enjoy the middle, but the exterior was quite tough to get through which made it a struggle to eat and kind of ruined the overall experience. #4: Sea Salt Sourdough Certainly a popular bread among many people, but I really don't see the hype about it. It's not bad by any means, but there's nothing that really makes it stand out either. The base is a solid soft and chewy sourdough, and the bits of sea salt on the top add some additional flavor in the bites you get them. I feel like it fits perfectly as a mid-tier bread in the ranking charts. #3: Artichoke Thyme Out of the three sourdoughs, this one is by far my favorite. The artichoke bits are so crispy and tasty, and the thyme adds such good flavor throughout the bread. I never even really liked artichoke, but this somehow won me over. Soft, chewy, and an overall great addition to an amazing sandwich. #2: Japanese Milk This bread is so rare. I think I've only ever seen it out on the shelves one time, which was the time I managed to try it. I absolutely loved this bread, and it surprised me in such a good way. With Japanese milk bread usually being extra soft and sweet I was concerned about how it would fit in a sandwich. However, Mezzo somehow knocked it out of the park with this one by making it dense enough to provide a solid base but also soft and moist enough for the perfect chewing texture. It does have a notable sweetness which can be odd with some sandwich combinations, but I would certainly eat this bread alone anytime! #1: Honey Wheat The absolute best bread to ever exist. Slightly crispy edges with a super soft yet dense middle. It's also ever so slightly sweet with a subtle wheat taste that is so good and also makes you feel good. The sunflower seeds on the outside add another layer of texture and flavor that just make it a million times better. I could literally eat this bread every day with any meal. I will say that it's only good when fresh though, as it does get dry quickly if you leave it out. I guess that only speaks to its quality. The Mezzo signature bread that rightfully earns its #1 spot in my heart! Mezzo will always have a special spot in my heart and will probably be one of the things I miss the most about Berkeley :")

Francina L.

This was my 2nd time coming to Mezzo. My friend used to come a lot and introduced me to this place. I feel like it's necessary to say that this is one of those places that is actually worth buying a salad at. Other places are so overpriced and give you like 3 leaves but Mezzo is next level. We arrived on a Saturday around 1pm, it was raining and there was a line out the door. You can imagine I wasn't very enthused about waiting, however we saw the line move rather quickly so we stayed. It took maybe about 7 mins to get inside the building so I was happy about that. I ordered the chef delight with chicken salad and it was humongous! Which means I saved half of it for dinner. I asked for the poppy seed dressing on the side so that my salad didn't get soggy for later. Might I say, that poppy seed dressing is crack! It's so good. Their portions are so big and worth it that you can essentially share it with another person. The chicken salad is so flavorful and I really enjoy that they add a mix of beans and chickpeas. I would also like to note that although it may seem packed, people are constantly going in and out so there were plenty of tables available when it was our turn to sit down. But I would like for there to be a little bit more upkeep on the tables as the salads are so big and they're overflowing. Therefore, the tables aren't as clean so I would like them to be so it would be nice if they could bussed more often.

Norma L.

Found this while looking for a sandwich shop near work. I realized that this is the place my coworkers and I used to get salads over 20 years ago when I worked in Berkeley and it burned down along with a couple other businesses. They reopened at this location The salads where as huge as half basketball and still are. The best part was the hunk of wheat bread they'd give reminded me of my parents homemade. I got a roastbeast sandwich and love that it comes with sprouts. The sandwich is a big portion and wheat bread the same. Definitely going to be a regular visitor again.

Nina Z.

HUGE portion sizes and delicious food! Not sure how I managed to finish the half sandwich and soup combo. Got a half BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado) and minestrone soup for ~$13. Just make sure to tell them if you're dining in or not. Otherwise, they'll tag on a packaging fee. There's plenty of seating inside and in the outdoor back area.

Renee O'Connell

Great vibes, our favorite place to eat in downtown Berkeley. Simple food but the ingredients really make the difference. Large portions, so sometimes we split a 1/2 sandwich and salad. You could eat a whole salad if you were hungry though.

Deborah C.

I LOVE Cafe Mezzo. Their food is so fresh and delicious and bountiful. What I don't love is the fact they charge a $1.50/item that is placed into a to go box. That means that $8 tossed green is now $9.50, just for taking it to go. That $12.50 sando is now $14. I'm all about avoiding the one time use plastic utensils and bags, but this is nuts. I live over an hour drive away from Cafe Mezzo and whenever I'm in the area, I order a lot of food to eat throughout the week. I have to get it to go - I can't eat 5 salads at the cafe. I don't live nearby and can't just pop in whenever I want to eat here. With this to go packaging fee, I was charged $7.50 for 5 salads. That's pretty much the cost of another salad.

Lisa M.

This is the best place for a fresh healthy meal! When you walk in it is bright, with an open concept with lots of table, counter, group seating. You order at counter and your food is prepared while you watch. We got the combination of half sandwich and tossed green salad. The Honey Wheat bread is the best for sandwiches! They put the perfect amount of everything on them too! The delectable salads are tossed with your dressing in a big wooden bowl and topped off with sprouts, tomatoes, and a slice of pineapple! Once your food is prepared you pay, grab silverware, napkins, etc and find a seat! Metered parking on street wherever you can find a spot. Make sure you pay with app or cash because parking tickets will be issued! It's always fun to stroll around Berkeley so parking a few blocks away isn't a problem!

Lauren L.

i have been coming here since my freshman year (i'm a senior now) and it still hits every time. i always get the combination half sandwich and half salad with poppyseed dressing. the salad hitsss. it's honestly not that special in terms of ingredients but i think it's so good because each ingredient tastes so fresh and the croutons are so flavorful. i'll sometimes get mezzo just because i crave the refreshingness of the salad. for the sandwich, i got the turkey with honey wheat this time. similar to the salad, there's honestly nothing that special about it except just how fresh and clean every component is, which makes it so enjoyable. also, it's hugee like it's impossible to eat it while staying looking remotely ladylike. i can only imagine what other people see as i tackle the sandwich. i also tried their pineapple agua fresca which is really tasty. it tastes exactly like the pineapple juice left at the bottom of a container of pineapple, no other bs mixed in. it is a pulpy drink, so if you don't like pulp, maybe stay away. as a pulp lover, i lovee the texture. such a cute environment too with working wifi if you wanted to sit down and do work

Anita W.

Love the healthy and huge portions found at Mezzo! I usually order the chef's salad, which is the veggie salad + your choice of protein. The slice of honey wheat bread is also another highlight of my meal. They sell this and other loaves of bread on weekday mornings but sell out quickly. The service is a hit or miss; you should double check your order because there were times I've had missing ingredients in my salad. Although the portion sizes are hefty, I noticed some employees give more than others. I also wish they had an online ordering system and parking was easier in the area.

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