1930 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley
(510) 705-1236

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Savanah L.

This quaint cafe is a perfect study spot. They have many tables and plenty of outlets - plus their coffee is delicious! I usually opt for flavor shots with my cold brew but it's so good here I don't need any - just a splash of almond milk. Can't wait to explore their menu more!

Bayarea K.

Pros: fast and friendly service Location Good bougatsa Cons: street parking

Yun Chiu

I love their lemon tart and Tiramisu!!

Razaa A.

I've had this place bookmarked for a while and finally got a chance to try it today. I had heard their chicken was halal, which is great for those with dietary restrictions. I confirmed with the owner, who was a very nice man, that the chicken was indeed halal. Being from New Orleans, I also heard their beignets were a must try. I decided to try both the chicken sandwich and the beignets. The chicken sandwich was delicious! The bread definitely complimented the chicken, and the chicken breast was not dry at all. It's very different than a friend chicken sandwich you may be envisioning at Chic-Fil-A etc, it's more of a panini style chicken sandwich. It even had a nice spicy kick to it, which was amazing because I love my spice. I have to say, the beignets were not close to being similar to beignets in New Orleans. These were much more like small donut bites, whereas New Orleans-style beignets are one of a kind that I have yet to find anywhere but New Orleans. They were still delicious, but they were not similar to traditional beignets in New Orleans at all. It looked like the owner and his wife both were working, and they were such a sweet couple. They were very nice and patient, and I couldn't help but feel for them and how the pandemic has probably impacted their business. Please show them your support and you will NOT be disappointed with their chicken sandwich and the beignets!

Benjamin Welch

Delicious pastries and coffee, very nice owner and staff. You can feel their personality in their service and food.

L I.

All their pastries are to die for and the people who run the cafe are very sweet. I especially love their leek&parmesan pastry and their breakfast pastries. The Bougatsa is also very addictive. Support this small business during and post Covid please!

Naomi S.

Flakey, buttery, cheesy pastry goodness + great wifi + outdoor seating + friendly staff = one of the most dependable working/studying locations in berkeley.

Patricia T.

I ordered in the Eliopita and cap. Freddo Greco. So yummy! Wish I could enjoy the food at the location, but until then I'm happy ordering from here again.

Vinita Garnier

One of the few places that I have found in the East Bay that serves Illy coffee. This family owned business serves savory and sweet Italian and Greek pastries, salads and sandwiches. Tea and other beverages are also available. I especially appreciate the warm and friendly service. This is a cafe where the owners take time to visit you at the table or speak with you while you are waiting for your order if they are not busy. Cafe Nostos typically has comfortable indoor seating however, during Covid 19 they are only allowed several outdoor tables w/chairs. They offer take out and I am not sure about curbside pickup. If you're looking for the type of that remembers who you are and truly cares about their customers as well as getting great food to eat in a nice environment then this is a place for you.

Tigz 510

I absolutely love this place, from the Bougasta and the variation of Greek pastries that range from sweet or savory. The owners of Cafe Nostos love what they do and are amazing business in Berkeley. Please do yourself a favor and visit this independently locally owned business. You will not regret it!

Wolfram Arnold

Delicious Greek pastries and lunch items, and great coffee in a n airy, well lit space.

Ankita C.

So good!! Love their regular coffee and Caprese sandwich which comes with a salad. Everything tastes so fresh and is absolutely made flavorful. Lot of food and coffee hot/cold options. Great, clean spacious cafe. Due to COVID-19, they have two outdoor sitting spots, and currently, indoor sitting is closed. Enjoy the local Berkeley cafe with great quality of food.

Emmeline W.

Our go-to brunch spot. Oddly enough, I've never ordered coffee here-- nothing against it, more so that my bf and I make a beeline for the pastries every time. Do not sleep on these!! This is nothing like your typical stale-ass, space-occupying, Starbucks-type assortment-- Cafe Nostos' freshly heated phyllo pastries will eject you to another dimension (a tasty one).Pre-COVID, Cafe Nostos was a prime study hotspot, almost always teeming with students and their textbooks/laptops sprawled over the lounge & tables. While still beloved, it's obviously been emptied out to be pickup only.The spanakopita is just incredible. Flaky outside, chewy & savory inside-- no matter the filling, these make the best brunch food. They'll toast it up to-order. Not to mention, their staff are some of the most welcoming folks around. More often than not, we've opened our pickup order to find an extra pastry tucked inside. There's literally no reason for them to be so generous, especially when their prices are already quite affordable.Seriously a local favorite. Support family-owned businesses! Try swapping your Philz for Cafe Nostos sometime.

Margret L.

This is a real mom & pop Greek place. The setting is new and shiny and the owners are the real thing. All the food is homemade and very tasty. I think things have slowed down for them since the virus so, if you are looking for fresh, homemade spanakopita and a an excellent cap or espresso please stop by and give these great folks some business.

Sarah W.

So tasty! My brother lived in Greece and said that the tyropita was really yummy. It was so flavorful and cheesy. They also have several other traditional greek pastries.

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