Café Tibet

2020 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 548-5553

Recent Reviews

Sunjay Varma

Rare to see such great vegetarian options! Loved the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant. The owners were very attentive and it was clear that they put a lot of care into the meal. The dumplings I ordered were full of flavor. I found myself savoring every bite. I was a little disappointed when I finished my entire plate because I knew I wanted more. The portion was perfect though and I managed to fill up and feel great and energized after the meal.Highly recommend!

Leo Cheung

This is an amazing place, a spiritual experience to eat here. The owner is also super nice. Highly recommended and I’ll come back for sure.Make sure to plan in advance and check the opening hour, because they only open in the evening.

Daniel Wang

Very attentive and diligent service from the middle-aged gentleman on a Friday night.The ambiance is nice for an evening out.

Praveena Ranganathan

Very good food… healthy options and great service . Momo was great , pink fried rice and noodles were awesome.

Chonyi Lama

People working there are super friendly and were accommodating when I had a big gathering for my graduation in 2017. The momos!! ❤️

Krystyna Holder

Such delicious and healthy food with exceptional service. We will be returning!

Krystyna H

Such delicious and healthy food with exceptional service. We will be returning!

Mielle Sullivan

This place is very close to my heart. I have been coming here for about 15 years and the food is always flavorful and soothing. Cafe Tibet is very much a family run eatery, so don't expect especially fast service, especially if they are busy. I promise the food is worth the (sometimes) slightly longer wait.

Mark R

Consistently great food and very friendly owners! Cafe Tibet was closed for a couple of months but has re-opened and is offering takeout from 5PM - 8:30PM, Wednesday through Monday (closed Tuesdays).


Yaks are bulls, Dri are Tibetan cows, so the famous Tibetan tea isn't "Yak butter tea", but this is served very delicately and I could drink a small bucket of it. Not icky sweet, which is refreshing. If you like your hot sauce (to go with momos) blistering hot, I highly recommend. The owner is an award winning desert chef (from Jeremiah Tower's Stars in SF) so when she serves creme brulee, I always order it. Very tasty. There's something for everyone. My vegetarian friends always have more than enough choices to eat, and I like all the traditional Tibetan dishes (opportunivor). Highly recommend. Friendly, relaxed, special. If you like to make your own tsampa, her barley flower is roasted and ground traditionally and is superb. You can buy it by the pound.

Vishwanathan Rajaraman

Momos were delicate and flavorful! The yogurt sauce could have been a little thicker and richer to elevate the dish further.

Olga Gaidarenko

Amazing! One of my favorites. The food is ridiculously good, the ambiance incredibly tranquil, and the service wonderful. A gem!

Michael Sugden

Tasty. More like Indonesian than Indian or Chinese but that might be because I had eggplant with beef and rice. FYI: Pink rice is another name for red rice.

Vishnupriya raghunatha

Delicious veg momos. Veg noodle soup is equally good.

soňa Cuppová

Very pleasant and unique place. Loved it. Food was great. Hope to be back soon

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