Cafenated Coffee Company

2085 Vine St, Berkeley
(800) 388-4049

Recent Reviews

Cygridh Rooney

Great place to sit and either work or study...or just have a great cup of tea or coffee in Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto. They have an outdoor open seating area in the back and a few table in the front with a bike share station right outside.

Cat Myhre

The thing that caught my eye is the logo. I’m sure, it’s the reason my husband chose it as a gift for me.

Natasha Z.

Cute coffee shop with great coffee, atmosphere and yummie food options! Also a cute outdoors area for safe social distancing !!! Highly recommended!

J J.

Very expensive, the most expensive cup of coffee around, very slow (but nice people) service (12-30 minutes to make a decaf pour over), and the back courtyard is a hotbed of no masking and people sitting and breathing on top of each other. They should really limit customers in the back. Drink at your own risk.

Kulwinder D.

Best place to get coffee in Berkeley now because they have an amazing patio in the back where you can sit safely.Cappuccino is perfect milk to espresso ratio for me. They have their owcoffee which is really good. Normally I get a latte but I find that a little too much milk here.

Mason Hinsdale

Nice coffee shop with decent prices of beer and coffee. Beautiful patio seating for hummingbird watching. Highly recommend.

Amir Massood Abdolahzadeh

Beautiful space and gorgeous well-decorated outdoor, ideal for an afternoon stop to read a book or do some work. The Owner is really kind and the coffee is good. I love their mission. can't wait to be back.

Anka A.

What a great place to study! Free wifi, plenty of seating (socially distanced) and quiet. The ambiance is the best and easy to get caught up staying too long. I got an iced mocha, which was good, nothing above ordinary. Would recommend for those looking to get some work done or grab a coffee! Great place that is open even with COVID going on!

Paul Lyons

Good coffee, small selection of food items, cute little location with a great patio in the back

Gina C.

It looks small, but there are plenty of seats to sit in. I always want to go to this cafe on a fine day. Even though there are many people, all people in the cafe talk quietly and have a quiet atmosphere as if we all said it was a promise. I love it. If you want to feel peaceful and relaxed, you should go to this cafe.

Michele Swide

What a beautiful space for a cafe. The interior is beautiful and a wonderful aesthetic. The customer service is the best in the Bay Area in my humble opinion. The food is delicious. The bakery items are fresh. The open space in the cafe is so unusual for Berkeley. The patio in the back is divine. It’s a place that makes you feel good. Virginia Woolf’s A room of one’s own- for many!

Jake T.

Hands down best cup of coffee ive ever had. Iced latte refreshing AF. New coffee spot

Ang E.

My favorite cafe in Berkeley. A lot of people seem to share this sentiment because it is bustling from morning to night. If you're looking to study, I would choose right around opening to around 9am, or mid afternoon, when it is quieter and less filled. Otherwise if you're just here to enjoy coffee and a chat, there should be an empty seat in the beautiful outdoor patio decked with succulents and other flora (where they sometimes turn on the heater and tea lights!). Wide selection of quality coffee drinks and food. And the friendliest baristas.

Janet T.

I LOVE the ambience at this coffee shop. The outdoor garden is a little bit of a dream land with the beautifully curated array of plants. And most people who sit here are really respectful -- if they're on the phone or chatting they're generally quiet, and most everyone seems willing to share space. However, the menu could use a little help. I understand they focus on coffee and tea, but their menu could use a little more variety especially for people with dietary limitations such as gluten-free. Their few/limited gluten free items are overpriced for the size and calories. Hopefully they will grow this in time!

Azzia Walker

I love the quality of drinks and pastries, the setting, and the people who work here. Very happy to have this cafe nearby.

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