Cafenated Coffee Company

2085 Vine St, Berkeley
(800) 388-4049

Recent Reviews

Ezekiel OBrien

Very nice open air garden. It has been a touchstone for my recovery from seizures. It’s peaceful atmosphere and delicious coffee. They’ll have to wait a moment on franchises but they’ll get there.

Arjun Dave

Beautiful outdoor seating area with a garden and hummingbirds. Great place to catch up with friends over coffee or brunch or work outside surrounded by plants.

Nate Armstrong

A very pretty location. I got the matcha tea with almond milk, and it was extremely mediocre. Not worth the $6.

Cristina Monaco

Good americano, seems like a good atmosphere as well although we got coffee to go

Lena Burova

Beautiful place. Perfect latte

Jaane F.

[Covid Review]My sister suggested to visit this coffee place before we start our weekly routine grocery. I parked my car on the street where close by residence and we walked to the shop less than 2 minutes. We love how cozy the place and luckily we came early before start having more people.We ordered 2 lattes and 1 mocha. The coffee tasted smooth and aromatic to us. We have them paper cup to go. Actually, we're thinking about getting the cup and have them there but after we talking to the staff, it's better order with brunch, then can sit on their outdoor seating, so we decided to do this next time. Also, my sister got the good deal bought 2 packs Joy espresso coffee beans & got free 2 mugs. Anyway, we will definitely come back to visit here for more options.

Lina I.

Super cute garden to hang out or do a little work while enjoying a cup of coffee. Going back to try their lunch next time.

Amy Z.

This cafe definitely has the prettiest outdoor patio in Berkeley! It's definitely hard to find an open seat on the weekends, and they reserve some tables for brunch. The coffee here is definitely on the pricier side, but you're paying for the patio views :')

Estie S.

Came here to catch up with a friend over some coffee and had a great time! They have outdoor seating in a really beautiful garden type patio. It was pretty warm outside but there is a canopy that blocks out a lot of the sun and heat which is nice. All of the tables are spread far apart and all of the employees are wearing masks as well. I ordered the cold brew which was really good but very strong. I like strong coffee so I didn't have an issue with it but if you are the type to like a milder coffee taste, I would recommend adding sweetener to it. My friend got an iced matcha which she said was good as well. It doesn't come sweetened and you get more of that earthy taste to it. We got the tator tots dish to split which had a fried egg on top, some other veggies, and gauc. It was pretty good but a little bit dry. I think a chipotle sauce would've been the perfect addition to give the dish some more flavor. I will for sure be coming back here to try their other brunch options though because the smoked salmon avocado toast looks incredible.

Aaron Horvath

Super friendly people working here. Excellent roasts. Doing a great job with the social distancing. And there’s a patio!

Isabella Radsma

Our small book club meets here one afternoon a month now because the coffee is good, we love the mission, baristas are nice, and above all, we fell in love with the beautiful garden patio. I have seen hummingbirds flitting about from plant to plant every time I have been here. A little slice of heaven in the middle of stressful times.

Kelly M.

Eh, an extra star because of the ambience and super cute outdoor seating/garden area. This shop is neat in concept, but can be improved. The coffee didn't taste all that special to me, despite all the displays of their beans, etc. I also wish that they would work to use better ingredients, i.e make their own oat milk and a higher quality matcha.

Greg D.

Have been a fan of this place since it opened back before the breathing death plague of 2020. One thing I never took advantage of was the outdoor seating, in fact I don't even remember seeing that on at least half a dozen late 2019 and early 2020 visits. We used to stop by here every few weekends as it was convenient and friendly with good coffee for a good price. It gets all too easy to keep going to the same place. Parking is easy in the nearby neighborhood streets.Turn up the clock to now, or last weekend at least, and the only time I will eat at a restaurant is if it's outside, or take out. I will keep that regimen until after I get a safe vaccine for 'rona'. Last weekend there was no one sitting outside, yet a lot of tables and not so much death fire smoke at the time. It was nice to enjoy a cup of coffee outside. Will use this again as soon as it's safe to be able to breath outside in Berkeley without PM 2.5, again. Hopefully soon. Isn't 2020 fun?

Scott C.

Good coffee and great service but the store needs to do a better job encouraging customers to be safe. One gentleman had his mask off while working on his laptop, while a lady at another table was talking on the phone without a mask. Neither was drinking their drinks while I waited so I didn't see a need to have their masks off. Another customer next to me was coughing every other second although she was wearing an N95 mask. She rummaged through the straws as she left, so the employee could perhaps offer straws instead of trusting customers to be sanitary.

Tammy Hausen Stachowiak

I ordered the ‘Pure’ and ‘Serenity’ blends for the first time from Cafenated. Delivery was super fast. And both blends are amazing. I’ll definitely be ordering coffee from them again

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