Cal Gyro Mediterranean

2519 Durant Ave, Berkeley
(510) 849-4771

Recent Reviews

Cassidy Dalton

This place is amazing. The owner was so friendly, attentive, and the perfect amount of talkative. It's a small place, but there's a few two-person tables inside and larger tables outside in the shared space.The food was delicious. The chicken was tender and perfectly flavored. Would 100% come back next time I'm going through Berkeley.

walid noori

There was a female worker and I do not know why she was angry, she was just shouting while talking in the phone, and that is really bad, people do not want to be sitting where people are just shouting and screaming. Also, I asked her if everything is halal and she did not like my question, I am really sure she got angry because of my question and then talking in another language (not English) in her phone with an attitude clearly showing she became angry because of my question. Really hate her because as a student we go through all the difficulties and then going to a place where at least we can get comfort for a few minutes and see that felty attitude. Shame on her.

Audrey I.

Truly a no-frills Mediterranean restaurant: you order at the counter, receive your food in a little under 10 minutes, and chow down on pretty decent gyros. I had the lamb and gyros plate which also comes with white sauce, spicy sauce, rice, pita, and a side salad at a pretty decent price. It's pretty comparable to Halal Guys with the exception of the less generous and less flavorful portion of meat Cal Gyro dishes out.

Alan Zhu

Great place if you're ever craving Mediterranean food! My favorite is the combo gyro plate!

Miguel De Italiano

Pretty go gyros I just wish they were a little bigger but I'm a fat kid

Arjun Narayan

Good but way overpriced. 22$ for a salad with chicken

Scott Wong

Had the chicken and falafel plate. Very dry meat and pita bread was burnt. Pilaf rice was good. I’d go again and try the lamb which could be better.

trap amos2

Amazing food, everything is fresh and clean. I go there all the time!! The gentleman who runs it is really nice and polite. Definitely worth it, don’t miss out.

Zach T.

Best California Gyros. Period. The guy who works there is also super nice and cares about his customer community. Much respect for this man. I love the lamb and beef Gyro, I am actually on my way to get one right now.

Simm 1.

The second I walked in I was greeted with hostility. Any question I had regarding what was available for purchase was returned with short answers and annoyance. When I asked for a container to go I was told it was an additional $2 and so I said can I have some napkins and I was given a single napkin, accompanied with sass and anger. I was really excited to try the food but in all honesty, the owner was rude and irritable the entire time and I will never go back even if it was the best food I ever tasted (it was not).

Brooke B.

Excellent gyros! From the bread to the sauce, vegetables, and meat - everything was outstanding. Owners are incredibly hospitable. A lovely family owned establishment. We will definitely be back on a weekly basis.

Natenapa Serdynski

My family gave this place 10 out of 10 stars! It is our favorite place in Berkley. The owner is so sweet and kind. We have tried pretty much everything on the menu! The quality and quantity are unbelievable. He was actually from Kurdish! Right on the top of the high mountain just like the painting in his restaurant. His salad is sooo good. I personally enjoy Adada (minced lamb with many herbs and vegetables in it.) It comes with rice, bread, salad, hummus,and yogurt sauce. My husband loves beef and lamb gyros. Do make sure you ask for his spicy sauce. You won't find this special homemade spicy sauce like this anywhere else! I just can't brag enough about this place!

Alexander Brannon

Reasonably priced at 10.95 per wrap and 13.95 per platter. The lamb was very flavorful but the wrap was a bit too saucy. Recommend spicy. Would eat again

Joshua G.

This food hands down hits the heart and belly in a great way. This place is very authentic and they stick to there roots. I would recommend anyone to come here.

Kevin S.

Browsing through the many choices of food on Durant and I see this place and think to myself I haven't had Mediterranean food in a while so lets give it a shot. First off it may not look like much, but I could get a whiff of the meat that was turning behind the counter and could tell it had potential. I proceeded to order a combo Gyro, which was lamb, beef and chicken then added falafel (I wanted to get the full experience of the place lol) as well as an order of dolmas. The dolmas were really good and the gyro was spot on. It was packed with a ton of meat and nothing was dry. The flavors were great and the cucumber salad tasted fresh. For the price, I found it a really good deal considering my girlfriend and I shared one and we were both full at the end of it. Great spot and would love to return to try something different.

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