Cancun Sabor Mexicano

2134 Allston Way, Berkeley
(510) 549-0964

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Elizabeth I.

Whoops, so excited about the food I forgot to take a pic -- highly recommend the bean and veg quesadilla. Very fresh and delicious. Chips and salsa come with the quesadilla. On that note, also recommend ordering extra salsa. One of those high quality, pleasantly spicy warm and tangy salsas that please the palette.

Shemika A.

Ordered a Carne Asada Paleo salad for lunch with coworkers. All of the ingredients were super fresh. The flavor was on point! The only thing I was not impressed with was the amount of meat. I requested and paid for extra Carne Asada. The portion appeared to be pretty standard in my opinion. We did order at lunch time so perhaps they were busy and overlooked the extra meat. The flavor and freshness of the food outweighed the forgotten meat. I would definitely considering overlong from this place again in the future.

Alec Ho

I honestly enjoy the food and service, excellent location next to where I live. The workers are always very nice. Will visit here again.

Adele L.

This is one of my favorite spots for Mexican food. The people who work here and kind. Everything always tastes so fresh and delicious. Love how they do farm to table, and also offer many vegetarian options!

Jonathan Pine

Will be reporting them and their price increases to the city and county, according to a rep innthe state's anti gouging unit, their Corona price increases are suspicious and an investigation has commenced. Also, size and breadth of offerings have declined and then they charge a Corona surcharge ontop! Wages for workers have not risen. Eat here and support a less than ethical ownership. There is a complaint filed that the ownership also refused to pay suppliers and workers for money owed. Separately, Cancun also states it has organic sourcing of ingredients and owns a farm. However, former employees state that is not true and ingredients come from the same supermarket reg folks go to and nothing comes from any farm...its a ruse, to raise prices.

Tiffany C.

Wow. I read the previous reviews about the flavor here and they were absolutely right. The burrito has tons of flavor from the guac to the meat. I ordered a super burrito (which was an okay size but I don't think they should call it super) with carne asada and black beans. It comes with all the extras like guac and pico and what not at ~$13 (from door dash). The only thing keeping me from giving the full five stars is because the "super" burrito is kinda on the small or regular side and shouldn't be called a super anything. Other than that, the chips are amazing and I was nervous that this was going to be super greasy based on the top of the burrito when I unwrapped it but it's delicious and I will be back (by back I of course mean order delivery/takeout again).

Joanna W.

Honestly, Cancun is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants of all time, and quite frankly, I was surprised by the lack of full stars so I'm here to contribute to its future rising! My favorites are the Seafood Burrito, Protein Bowl, and Nachos. The flavor is absolutely immaculate, and the salsa bar is very awesome!! The ambience is perfect for a solo meal, meal with pals, or a group gathering. Yes, the portion sizes are a bit smaller than what you would expect and people say that it's a bit pricey, but if you enjoy your meal inside, you are paying for the fabulous experience and the awesome workers inside. The flavor of the food is so full and the variety of aromas are very strong that you will activate all your senses and enjoy the food very much. All in all, 12/10 and I'll be back ASAP!

Richard S.

We've lived in Berkeley for a few years and this has been our go-to Mexican spot the whole time. I highly recommend their crispy tacos, they aren't like the usual American-style crispy tacos which are just a big chip for a shell, instead they take fresh made tortillas and crisp them up a little bit. The crispy fish and crispy shrimp are my favorites. I've also had some of the vegetarian burritos which are solid as well. And they still give you chips and salsa for free; their salsa bar is a treat.

Melisa G.

AMAZING!!!!!! The crispy tacos are perfect and their horchata is so delicious too. We also love their service and prices. Best Mexican restaurant in town!!!!

Giovanni R.

this place is absolute best best things are; crunchy taco carnitas, or chorizo. prawn burritos they have an amazing salsa bar with about 15 salsas from mango, cascabel (my favorite), strawberry , to really spicy for those who like this. they even grow their own produce so good

Aiko Gonzalez

Ordered through Uber Eats. Messed up order. Forgot my 6 soft tacos and only sent my 2 burritos. Disappointed. ? Contacted uber about refund on tacos. Will update when I hear back but burritos were meh. Taqueria Talavera on Solano is better.

Thomas W.

Delicious. Had a wide variety of everything, even salsas I never heard of. Kids were playing and running around. Great family place as well as great self food. Highly recommended.

Sandy C.

Make sure you check your order they will forget something and not do anything to rectify the problem. No apologies and would not have it redelivered. It's the restaurant responsibility to make sure the order is complete not the Uber driver. On top of that the food was garbage


May 2020, got our burrito and crispy fish tacos to go per mandated shelter in place or stay at home order. Delicious! If you care about crispy, get the fixings separate (crema, pico de gallo, guacamole) and you don't mind a well done fish, do that... everything on the side with fish well done. So yummy! One of my favorite crispy fish tacos in Berkeley.

Britten Shelson

This place had been recommended by Nudge, and yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and I was craving tacos. I placed an order online through their website. It provided a number to call upon arrival and the food would be brought out to you.

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