Casa Latina Bakery

1805 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 558-7177

Recent Reviews

Victoria L.

Food: 3/5 Price: 4/5 Got this for takeout during COVID. Good sanitized workspace!Mole carnitas burrito ($12.9) - 4/5. Yummy! Loved the mole and the juicy carnitas. Chile verde enchiladas ($15.6) - 3/5. Delicious sauce, but the enchilada tortilla was a little hard. Chocolate concha ($1) - 3/5. pretty good a little hard.

Cristal J.

This place has such good food! The pan dulce is delicious too. My favorite is the breakfast sandwich with avocado. Their lunch menu is great too, can't go wrong with anything they have to offer plus the decor is adorable.

Victoria C.

Casa Latina has a variety of delicious foods, from tacos to breakfast burritos to papusas. I actually first came to Casa Latina because I have a sweet tooth and was craving Tres Leches. Their cake hits the spot, and I'm glad I am continuing to explore their menu.Street parking is usually not hard to find.

Sarah C.

Ceviche and breakfast burritos were so good and fresh! Great customer service too - the gentleman helping me was so friendly. Also love the seasoning they put on the chips.

Fionna L.

I'm so happy with such quality and satisfying food warming my belly! Casa Latina's takeout services are smooth and the staff are welcoming, all wearing proper PPE. The self-serve bakery is still open and as colorfully scrumptious as ever! Pan dulce was soft, traditional, and not too sweet. Fillings were right up to the crumb - you can taste how they don't cut corners.- Carne Asada Burrito: $9.50: soft tortilla, smoky tender steak, creamy guac, spicy tangy salsa, fragrant rice, and rich beans. I could taste every ingredient. So wholesome, filling (the huge burrito felt like it weighed 6 lbs!), and simply delicious. Chips were perfectly crunchy, a good amount of oily, not too salty, and had a distinctive smoky and savory flavor, much like the meat. - Tres leches cake slice: $6.90: wonderfully rich yet not heavy, with moist crumb and the characteristic creamy, light, and sweet milk filling and topping. The ripple of whipped strawberry crème in the middle was heaven. Quite a big slice, perfect size for sharing! Probably personal preference, but my one complaint is that it was a bit too sweet toward the end. I cannot decide which I enjoyed more, but as I'm happily slipping into food coma, I can't help but conclude that this was some of the best Mexican food I've ever had.

Vinny D.

I would not recommend getting pupusas from this spot. We found this spot on yelp and went based off the reviews but the reviews do not seem accurate.

Nancy R.

All I can say is yum, yum and more yumsss! My partner and I stopped at this place for a quick bite while on route up North. I had the chorizo/potatoes empanada and the mushroom one. I have to say that the mushroom one was my favorite- perfectly crisped and not to oily. The green chile sauce and cabbage paired so perfectly. My partner had two popusas and enjoyed every single bite. He also got a soy milk latte which was perf! The service was great and fast. We will most definitely be coming back!

Jan F.

This place is wonderful. I can't seem to find good Mexican food in Marin. While in the East Bay I decided to pick up some Mexican food to take home. I stopped in on a Friday morning and ordered steak, fish and chicken tacos, a cheese enchilada plate with refried beans and whole pinto beans. Everything was fresh and had great flavor. The salsas were perfect. Everything had just the right amount of spice.I will definitely head over the bridge next time I'm craving good Mexican food. I'll try their freshly baked treats next time.l

Russell Kiel

Very good. Not the usual flavorings in their fillings which is a good thing. Fur instance, the Al Pastor smelled of anise & pineapple. It was almost perfumey which at first might sound weird but trust me, it was fantastic.

Jim E.

This is a really cool spot In Berkeley. They have lots of great Latin food and bakery items as well. There are some dishes I had never tried like the Pupusas, amazing.

Chris D.

Best Burritos in the Bay hands down! Their carnitas are definitely top 3 in the bay area. As for people complaining about customer service... Common its only take out, you really have to complain about customer service when it's only food to go? Even people from Marin don't complain as much for take out. Anyways best Mexican spot in East Bay HANDS DOWN!

Eric Sorensen

Ordered 4 Burritos from Doordash, 2 were good the other 2, no sour cream and dry as hell! Only finished half of mine. Food was great the first few times but the last couple of times were disappointing.

Jeremy H.

This place is so good...!!! Me and my grandma Stopped here to eat dinner randomly one afternoon/ evening and we have been going back consistently ever since. Everything we have had has been amazing but our favorite is the the papusas that come with pickled cabbage and this really good tomatoes based sauce and also plantanes with cream. Oh. My. God. The place is bomb! Almost addicting. You have to try it to fully understand but besides being good....the food is...for lack of a better word...clean. I mean it's super fresh...not super heavy with hella lard/fat/cheese....It's almost light but not in like a low fat diet food kinda leave full but not like you have to take a nap after. The place is just bomb. One of me and my grandmas favorite paces now. I'm so happy we found this place and I really hope they are doing ok with this pandemic...the food is great it's seasoned perfectly...the salsas are super yummy and they also have homemade beverages and a bar I believe and also a bakery which kinda sounds like a lot but it doesn't come across that way at all the place is beautiful and totally cohesive. Everyone should give this place a try you will definitely like it. I wish I could give them more stars.

John M Kelly

Probably the best mole poblano in Berkeley.

Natalia T.

Still open during the shelter in place! Confirmed that hours are the same except they close at 9 instead of 10. Such a cute restaurant and very friendly people working. We got two pupusa platters (comes with plantains & beans) 10/10 for around 14 bucks plus two horchatas. We called and 10 minutes later they said our food would be ready. We thought it would take longer and made the mistake of going to the grocery store before placing our order so we arrived an hour later but they still had our food. Waiter said he would've eaten our food if we didn't show up LOL.....oups!!! Clean and such a cute ambiance. Pan dulce showcased as you enter and beautiful entrance with plants draping over the outside wallls. Both employees were wearing face masks and they have floor stickers indicating to keep your distance. Definitely going back!

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