Casa Latina Bakery

1805 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 558-7177

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Desiree Flores

The food was delish ! The ceviche was really tasty and the staff was great.. GO CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELVES..

Raven W.

If I could give zero stars I really would! The chilaquiles were disgusting. They brought our food to the wrong table first and then turned around and put it on our table only for it to be a hair on the plate and the order to be wrong. I wanted refried beans not black. Plus unsanitary because COVID! When he brought the order back out the chilaquiles were DROWNED in the sauce! It was disgraceful and NOT chilaquiles! The chips were all soggy! I will never come back to this place again, it just was a total disaster from the jump. Sucks cuz all the reviews about chilaquiles were looking promising. I was super disappointed. Save your money and your time and go elsewhere, there are plenty of other places that are better.

Michelle K.

What have I been doing with my life?!? Casa Latina has some amazing food! Haven't had a pastry again (yet), but my partner and I like to come here for the pupusa plate (I like the cheese or black bean) with amazing plantains and refined beans. I'm not a huge fan of mole, but the tamales with mole is also amazing. Please also get their tres leches cake! So good! So far, the only thing I haven't enjoyed with extreme enthusiasm is there mole pork burrito (because I'm not a fan of mole and also I don't really like pork). I'm still planning to try other items on the menu. The only drawback here is service is extremely slow. Usually street parking is not too bad here and there's typically seating indoors (no outdoor seating). Next time you're craving pupusas or plantains... go check it out!

Lucy N.

I had a really wonderful tamales dinner. It was supposed to be a cheese & pork tamale but they were both pork. Tasty and filling. The salsa verde has a little kick but not too spicy. This was my first tone trying their tamales and I will get them again. And my dessert was yummy as always. Big enough to share

Rachel L.

Casa Latina offers some of the best Latin American cuisine in Berkeley!! I highly recommend going to this restaurant if you're looking for this type of food in the area or just want to experience something authentic, relatively inexpensive, and tasty!! This restaurant has two compartments: a bakery/ordering area and an equally spacious annex for dining. After we ordered our food, we observed a selection of baked goods including elephant ears, banana bread, and cookies (which weren't sprinkled). We unfortunately didn't purchase any of these items but would definitely try them in the future!! Since we decided to dine in, we helped ourselves to napkins, utensils, and non-iced water (with straws). As seen in the pictures, the silverware was clean and the straws weren't translucent. Furthermore, our orders were neatly plated in a timely manner. In fact, it only took the Casa Latina employees about 390 seconds from the time we ordered to when our dishes arrived at our table. My dish was the Enchiladas Verdes with chicken and his dish was the Chicken Burrito with sour cream and no guacamole. The Enchiladas Verdes plate was simply exquisite! Down to the presentation, taste, and speed of the dish, everything exceeded my expectations. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to order the Chicken, given other restaurants' tracks record of dry chicken. However, that's where Casa Latina differentiates itself -- the chicken was moist, seasoned to perfection, and complemented the rice. Speaking of which, the bean-rice ratio was 0.8, which is a metric not found anywhere else on San Pablo Avenue. The Chicken Burrito was superb! His favorite part of this meal was that the rice and chicken were seasoned well with the perfect amount of spice. Additionally, the Burrito's other ingredients were evenly dispersed so no one ingredient was too localized. He mentioned that this is something he found uncommon in burritos as many other restaurants confine certain ingredients in burritos to specific locations. In turn, he sometimes ended up eating bites of mostly sour cream in these restaurants. In terms of his burrito's thermal energy, he couldn't have asked for a better temperature!! The tortilla was crispy yet chewy- a texture balance only found at Casa Latina. In total, I highly recommend checking out Casa Latina.

Sarah S.

Very basic burrito. I'm not sure what Chile verde is supposed to taste like, but I don't think that I detected any special flavor. I love Mexican, for instance, my favorite taco truck is El Sazon and the flavor there hits the sweet spot of spicy, sweet, lil salty, lil tangy. This burrito that ordered was very basic, it had a lot of different ingredients like gauc, cheese, onions, bell peppers, Chile verde chicken but some passion was left out. It was just blahhh and mehhh. Some salsa and pickled Serrano/onions would have elevated it. Please offer that option on DoorDash. Pan dulce- the only one that I was crazy about was the cheese cake bread, it was amazing. I think I would order tacos to try next time and more desserts. Overall, I would give casa Latina another chance because of the cheese cake bread. Cheers to the baker .

Salvador O.

Food is great and very authentic, I love their baked goods! Their aguas frescas are also a highlight, try them.

Terry E.

WoW !.. I've been here a few times now and can't say enough good things about the place. The breakfast burrito (I suggest the Machca) is a dos manos 2 hander that's big enough for 2.... but it's so damn good I can't bring myself to share it. This place is also a bakery... maybe I'll have a better chance at sharing dessert.. but only because I'm so stuffed and btw use both red and green salsas ... its flavorful and should burn out any colds, flu's, vivid 99's and maybe cancer's that are in your body... it's basically medicine for the soul, Mexican style

Jacob N.

I want to start this review by saying that the food is good. I was given the wrong order yesterday and had to come back to return the order to the restaurant. Unfortunately, I had ordered another item which the front desk had not accounted for. As a common courtesy, they should have comped the other item for the inconvenience. We had to drive all the way back to return the order. I have worked in food service before and anytime an error was done on our part, we would make it right for the customer. I feel that the staff here did not even try to do that in this case. I will not be going back.

P Minfendereski

Great quality and tasty burrito, generous portions and not too salty like many other places I've tried in the area.Salsa was a bit too hot. but, not a ding to the amazing experience.

Sabrina Wicker

the food is great... authentic sauces and super variety on breakfast lunch and dinner. the owner has other restaurants with different names around town but he does three things consistently. the artwork is always incredible, he has a frieda khalo theme with amazing replicas of her work on the walls. his restrooms are fabulous. and the food is ¡mâs rico!!!

Eugene DeChristopher

I’ve been driving by this place for several years and this is the first time I visited. I’m kicking myself for not coming in sooner. I had the breakfast burrito and a cup of coffee. Both were excellent.The burrito had creamy eggs and a lot of crema. It was very moist, which prefer, and the flour tortillas was soft and tender. My only criticism is that the salt wasn’t there to my liking. But hey, to each his own. I just added salt at the table.I highly recommend this place and will definitely be coming back.

Sophia Rimando

Nice people that works here. Just had dinner with my hubby and bought desserts to go also. Great portion and satisfying. Ceviche, it was a bit bland but everything else was fantastic. Flan! A must try?

Celia Pereira

Their vegetables in the vegetarian plate were mixed with meat. Maybe an accident, but I can't assure you, places based in traditional meat based recipes often are not at ease with vegetarian and vegan practices. Their customer service and flavors are ok.

Mo rt

So happy they are doing well. Their bakery items are fresh and authentic and their savory food from the kitchen is high quality. You can't go wrong ordering anything here and their horchata is the very best in the Bay Area- creamy and rich, not thin and watery like a lot of places. I always try to come here whenever I'm in the vicinity, whether just to pick up some polvoron, quesadilla Salvadoreña (cake), Mantecadas (little sweet muffins) and that famous horchata for sweet treats, or a torta for lunch.

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