Casa Latina Bakery

1805 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 558-7177

Recent Reviews

Jonathan Ibarra

Not a taco spot. Their taco game is weak. I ordered their Baja style tacos and beer batter was soggy from the oil with no flavor. Ordered the cod taco, the only flavor was from when it was charred. Ordered the potato taco, potatoes were bland and sour. Ordered the filled veggies, and veggies were cut squared, flavorless and boring. The water with lemon was good. I had a burrito there once and that was ok. The decoration is nice. Sweet bread is good. There are better places. This is not real Mexican.

Eric Bayasgalan

Good customer service and quality food. Their bakery is tasty and reasonable price.

Phil Schauer

I'm no expert, but for me this was genuinely the best Burrito I've ever had. Will be returning for sure whenever I'm in the area! Great portion and super fresh taste!!!

Laura alejandra rubio

I don?t know about the plates but I went for a coffee and Croissant and it was the worst croissant I ever tried. If they don?t know how to make croissants they should not sell them. If you like croissants, Never buy a croissant there. They just make regular bread shaped like a croissant

mjp nicholas

Best Mexican food I've ever had. Absolutely phenomenally flavorful empanadas. Mole sauce to die for. Fish taco is melt in your mouth perfection. The 'cheesecake' dessert is a joy. Will definitely come back when I'm craving the best!!

Chrisʇian Eichelberger

Third or fourth visit, this place is charming and delicious. Not the cheapest lunch but really good quality comfort food and the staff is friendly. Everything down to the chips and salsa is made from scratch and its well worth the extra dollars.

Joshua Tomblin

Veggie options are pretty decent. Not the best but alright. Like the chips and guac. Enjoyed the salsa Verde on my enchiladas.

Yvonne C.

Nice atmosphere! Lousy customer service! The lady with black glasses and blonde hair is rude! It took her 5 minutes to greet me! She was doing something on the computer but still ignored me! I was the only one in line, but she had a negative attitude because I didn't know what I wanted! She must have had too much coffee!! No patience at all! The breakfast burrito I ordered was tasteless! No flavor at all! Back to my favorite taqueria, Mexico Tortilla Factory in Newark! They are ALWAYS nice! Best of all, the food is authentic and NOT tasteless!

G 2.

Here we go....... We were on the way back him from attending the Dodgers beating up on the giants this weekend. We didn't stay to eat breakfast in SF, cause the lines for every breakfast joint are it the door!!! Looked up yelp and found this place in Berkeley, which was not too far off the 80. We arrived and as soon as we entered i felt the really nice vibe and energy inside. This business has 4 1/2 stars, so why not give it a shot? The line went super quick that we didn't have much time to look at the menu's that you had to go up and get by the cashier, which was a bit odd. If you don't have waiters or waitresses, then menus should be next to entrance so you don't have to fight your way up just to get a menu. Anyhow, as we rushed to figure out what to order we noticed the Pan Dulce on the side. Why not get a few??? I love pan dulce!!!! We got two scones with custard filled, one piece of cake looking, and a conchita. With the that we ordered a brunch style type of order which was 2 breakfast burritos at $12 each!, a kids brunch $6, kids quesadilla, and two hand squeezed orange juice $5.50 each!!!!!? Whoh!!!!!! Grand total was $61???? Lol!!!!! Looked at my receipt and saw the breakdown. Wholly MOLEY!!!!!!! The pan dulce was $3.10 each????? WTH?????? In Sacramento each one of these pan dulce range from 60 cents to $1 each!!! Wow!!!! What a rip off!!! And insult to the bakeries that make the pan dulce and sell it for what they should be priced at � Sat down and fissured: "Well, it's Bay Area". Everything in the bay is priced higher. But $3 for one pan dulce???? Hahaha. As we waited our food arrived. Kids quesadilla was not for a kid, but for a toddler. Kids brunch was ok portion. Breakfast burritos?????? Sloppy with NO FLAVOR!!!! I know plenty of places where you get the exact same thing and ten times better for half the cost and that's including tax!!!! I guess you live and learn. But if you're ever in Berkeley, check this place out for yourself. Service is friendly and FAST, but way OVERPRICED. Plenty of high end restaurants out there where you will pay same price, but with way better flavor. Oh! The pan dulce was dry and ok...... just ok.... Not sure if they buy this bread from some other bakery or make it themselves, but definitely not worth $3 each!!! Location is great and the inside is hip and lively. Good luck with the business. I wish you well. LOWER YOUR PRICES!!!! Lol Latin American food shouldn't be overpriced!!!! It's one of the best food in the world!

Sammie M.

I love going to Casa Latina for their tacos! The al pastor is SO good but my favorite are their carnitas! The meat is so juicy and flavorful, and they definitely aren't skimpy with how much they give you! I also love that they have a small bakery section with authentic pastries. I always get a few conchas before leaving to eat over the next few days. They are on the pricier side so I definitely recommend trying to come on Tuesdays if you want tacos because they always have a deal! The decor is AMAZING! Frida is everywhere and I love it. I've had mixed experiences with the service here. Most of the time it is excellent and I have no complaints, but this last time that I went the cashier was a bit snappy and curt, but maybe she was just having an off day. To an extent it doesn't matter that much either way because you order your food at the register and seat yourself, then the staff brings your food to the table when it is ready. You get your own water and if you need something you have to go up to the counter because they don't really have people waiting tables. Bottom line is, if you're looking for tacos on a Tuesday, Casa Latina is a great option!

Patricia V.

Probably one of my favorite Hispanic food restaurants here in the East Bay. I love that it's kid friendly, has a wide variety of food options, is well decorated and staff are very kind and friendly. There were a lot of homeless people out side, but I think that's common for the area. Besides that, it's a great place to eat. The plates are rather big portions for the price so that's a bonus point as well.

Maynard R.

I love the food here. Great variety of dishes and the papusas are excellent. I also highly recommend the fish tacos, but honestly anything else on the menu is delicious and fresh. My girlfriend loves the tres leches cake. ***HUGE CAUTION***: If paying with card/debit - CHECK YOUR BANK/STATEMENT - I've noted on several (4-5) occasions when ordering to-go that I do not tip. A few days later when checking my bank statements online that Casa Latina ADDS TO THE AMOUNT (even when I've crossed out the tip field on the signed receipt). I've disputed the charges through my bank with success but Casa Latina should know that either the front register person is adding a custom tip or as an organization are engaging in unauthorized charge activity.

Jill N.

I love this place. When I lived in north Oakland this was a weekly staple for my husband and I. All their dishes are great. My husband loves their green enchiladas and I would get anything that looked good (which is everything!)Their mole is amazing. I love the green and red hot sauces. They also have an amazing delicious selection of pastries and the best coffee I've ever had in a restaurant. I miss this place often and will go back when I visit the bay area.

Peter D.

Love the food here especially the cubano sandwich. The cheese is gooey, bread is made fresh, and the meat is flavorful.

Victoria D.

This place is the cutest. The ambiance is very Latin & Instagram worthy. The food was delicious & is actually flavorful. The green salsa they bring you is bomb. We ordered pupusas and a torta - amazing. I was 10/10 satisfied with everything. I loved all the decor. I would drive by ALL the time and the Frida in the window always caught my attention. I finally stopped in today and I can't wait to go back! Hope y'all give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Paul H.

Like the family atmosphere and great selection desserts at this restaurant but the food was just ok. In the main dining area is pretty large and has a combination of tables for small parties and a large communal table in the center. Price point is good, especially on Taco Tuesday's. All that being said, the Strawberry Tres Leches Cake is incredible and must have !!!

Malcolm Bolivar

Excellent food, reasonable price. Feels like I am home and my aunts are making meals in the kitchen. Not pretentious and love the homage to such a strong symbol of Hispanic feminism in the images on the wall. Eat here pretty regularly and have never been disappointed.

Dominique N.

This place is magical. The food here is real authentic Mexican food. The food so flavorful it will have you thinking about the next time you'll go back and who'll you'll bring to share this goodness. (Remember sharing is caring) YOU HAVE TO TRY: 1. Carnitas burrito - it's a must!!! 2. Shrimp (they use big shrimp,YESS) and steak burrito 3. Flan.... yum!!! So tempted to buy the whole thing!!! But don't think my figure would love that.. 4. Horchada- it's go good it makes you want to slap yo mama... jk don't do that, but seriously it's a must try!! The service here is great. You order your food in front and they give you a number. Don't forget to grab napkins, silverware, and/or water. (I'm sure they can bring you some but if you don't want to wait grab it before you sit down. It gets pretty busy so bring someone to save a table believe me it helps!

Kyle W.

This review is solely on pan dulce, which is baked fresh when we arrived at the place. The biggest draw is that each pan dulce is incredibly well priced at around $1.30 each, as I was surprised when I thought that 3 pieces would be like $10. I got various sweet bread to try it out, and I think the one with the cream was my favorite. Although it is quite messy to eat, the creaminess and buttery sides make this particular piece really delicious. The rounded pan dulce is decent, as I wished there were more flavor to it. Regardless, it is just slightly sweet so it won't weigh you down as much, so that is a plus. My friend got the rainbow cookie and he said it was pretty good, and it was not too sweet either. I would definitely come back to get more pan dulce, maybe with some coffee as it was a bit dry to just only eat the pan dulce without drinking anything.

Manuel Hernandez

Amazing Food, great service. They bake all of the desserts in house.

Erwin Wu

Older woman with glasses at counter is a huge B. Both times here. Not even rude, but downright disrespectful. This will get lost in all reviews and won't affect their rating, but I just had to write. If one person chooses not to eat here because of my comments then it is well worth my time.

Dana S.

I don't know how I've missed this 20 year veteran in Berkeley. It's just adorable, freshly painted with some really stunning Freda art. I was craving a Torta and my usual place was closed... so lucky me!! All the food wafting by me as I waited for my order looked awesome and not only does Casa Latina serve up wonderfully authentic Mexican food but it's a bakery as well. My Torta roll was so light and airy, it was clearly baked this morning. Carnitas was just right, not to oily and very tender with a bit of salty crisp around a little bit of fat. It come with all the good stuff, mashed beans, crema,queso, lettuce and tomato, avocado spread, raw red onion slices and jalapeño All for $9.50 $3 will get you carne in addition. Just another lovely bonus, fresh squeezed carrot and orange juice. OLÃ? I can't wait to try the breakfasts

Yvonne Polanco- Tuliau

They have a large selection of different food. I love mole and was happy that their's was delicious.

Reese Butler

Consistent, great Mexican/south American food. Friendly staff, nice space. The always inviting nature of casa latina along with great food makes this a frequent stop for my partner and I

Monam Agarwal

Tried their strawberry tres leches. Was good. Soft and milky.

Erick Saravia

I love Mole

Maria O.

Authentic Mexican food! They have so many amazing plates that it is hard to choose which one to get. The food for me is a little spicy but it has a very good taste. I recommend the empanadas, chilaquiles, enchiladas and the scrambled eggs.

Brian Harney

Best Mexican food there is! I cannot recommend this place enough. Its our go to when we want Mexican or baked goods. it's a must have! Try their spicy Colorado burrito or fried fish tacos, they are incredible. And when your there, get some flan, or baked goods!

Anubhav Jain

Delicious Mexican food served in a casual atmosphere. It's more than a taqueria, less than fancy dining... the perfect place to get your Mexican cravings met. It's right across from a bar that has games and let's you bring in food, this is the perfect pit stop for that.

Lemons Hall

My family and I eat here a lot. The mole tamale is to die for. The Mexican baked goods are a fun treat as well! Thanks again for the great food!

G Clary

Great authentic Mexican Cuisine. Great service, the food tastes fantastic, and the restaurant has a very cool old school vibe to it. We had Mole Poblano and Chile Relleno and they were superb with our pitcher of Sangria. If you like good Mexican food, and good service, this is a good choice for the area.

Vince Montero

I wished they had Scotto Cellar wines from Lodi. Great Mexican bread and I enjoyed the ceviche.

Anna L.

This place was awesome! They had bread pudding and pastries are good.

Kay P.

Found my new love. The mole is booooomb! Have not been disappointed with anything I've ordered thus far.

Rogelio B.

Where's the 6 stars rating at? Lol This place is awesome. If you get the chance I suggest you try the Chipotle Torta. It's delicious! It's crispy and well done. As for the place itself, it's super laid back. It's very colonial and it seems like the owner is a big fan of Frida Kahlo (there are portraits hanged everywhere). Soon as you walk in you'll also see they have a small bakery with really good Spanish bread. Overall, it's a great spot with quality food. Try it out!

Madison Z.

Omg, this place is insanely good. Their pastries are so nice and have a homemade taste to them. The burritos are really big. Eating a whole burrito is too much for me so I can actually make 4 meals out of one burrito. The chicken is also perfectly seasoned without being dry! So many places have dry ass shredded chicken with absolutely no flavor whatsoever. I typically don't even get chicken because it's so underwhelming but here, I'll get it over and over again. The salsa and guacamole are also delicious. It's perfectly seasoned, they use black pepper, it's so finely milled. So flavorful. I'm really in love with this place if you can't already tell.

Saeed R.

I've driven past this place for years. Finally one fateful day, we decided to stop. So this location is in Berkeley. Right on San Pablo at that. We lucked out in finding parking in front of the restaurant. There are two areas, the dining area and the area where you order or pick up a pastry I ordered the pupusa plate and brought a large piece of bread pudding. The pupusas were basic. Nothing major. The plantains were perfect. I believe in going somewhere twice, so I'm going to try it again...

Roma R.

Happy Father's Day! My dear pops isn't one for a fancy brunch or complex, bougie foods. Give him a tostada and some tres leches cake, and he's a happy camper! So, that's exactly what we did to celebrate him! Having driven by Casa Latina numerous times, we finally decided to try it out for a casual Father's Day lunch. Found parking right outside, and we walked in to a short line for ordering our meal. Waiting, I noticed the clean and simple aesthetic of the space, as well as the numerous paintings of Frida Kahlo lining the walls. As we waited, we were tempted by shelves of delectable looking pastries... it would have to wait. First things first: tostadas, ceviche and flautas! Holy moly, everything was fresh and tasty. Both mom and dad enjoyed their vegetarian tostadas ("it's the perfect size!"), while the hubs and I shared ceviche and flautas de pollo. The ceviche was fresh, served with chips (though we didn't need them) and the chicken in the flautas- OMG! So flipping good! A light crunch where the meat is fried and covered in a perfectly browned shell. It was all topped with lettuce, pico and guac (+$2). Stuffed, we debated an order of tres leches, but finally caved because, hey, it's Father's Day! The four of us split the most moist and properly sweet (huge) slice of strawberry tres leches. Perfect! We will definitely be back!!

N Sales

See a lot of unibrow queen Frida! ð??»

Chris Saavedra

Delicious food and generous portions. I love that they don't automatically add sour cream and cheese to their burritos. I highly recommend their carne asada burrito.