Cassave Restaurant Taqueria-Bar

3290 Adeline St, Berkeley
(510) 250-9406

Recent Reviews

Alicia O.

Oh, hello delicious burrito of happiness. What's that, al pastor? Divine. Carne asada? Bene bene bene. Vegetarian? Heavenly. Just say yes to the hugeness that is this Mission-style burrito. The service is cheerful, the ambiance calm--I love that it's quiet enough to bring my grandparents here and have a conversation without it being depressingly quiet. Ooo, and the chips....even the chips are good.

Crystal W.

Great addition to the neighborhood. Pleasant, open space. Upscale taqueria with a full bar. Kids menu and plenty of space for larger groups. Everything was really tasty.

Camille B.

Such nice people. The food was really fucking good and omg this old fashioned that the bartender made me was sent from the heavens. Then, a kiddo was dancing to music so that made dinner more enjoyable. Everything is reasonable cost wise (in my opinion). Will definitely take my fiance here when he demands Mexican food which will be this upcoming tuesday. It seems to be a Tuesday thing with him

Berry M.

*Updated* It seems this restaurant has wisely listened to feedback and we found it much improved since first opening! The menu now resembles their other location in Emeryville, which includes pupusas and a larger menu / selection. I'm excited they now have the Oakland taco (crunchy)! Are regular salsa is meh, and very spicy, but they also offer a delicious green avocado salsa. Still averages about $1 more than the other location, but I'm assuming it's because their operating costs are much higher. They use fresh fruit for their drinks and their Margaritas are amazing! We hope this restaurant lasts as we now intend to go there frequently!

John M.

Bomb ass street tacos. I just happened to stop by on my way to another spot for lunch and decided to go here instead. I'm glad I did. It's close to my work and reasonably priced.

Brian Delahunty

Every dish is heavenly. Definitely have my business! If you don't eat here you are missing out!

shir s.

This place is great!!! The food is really yummy and authentic and their drinks are AMAZING! I'm really picky with my margaritas and mojitos, and theirs are not too sweet - just perfect! The space is really open with a lot of windows & natural light and they also have a lot of TVs- which is super clutch to watch a game. Jaime, the manager is next level friendly too, made me want to stay longer. Def coming back!

Loricious D.

We live very close by and are thrilled to have Cassave close by. The staff are very nice people who seem to like working here and that shows. It's good Mexican fare and we hope they are here a long long time. Also a great place to have beers and see a Warriors game if you don't have TV.

Anthony M.

Great to see a local restaurant expanding into the area. Stopped by close to closing and was glad to see they were still welcoming people up to the counter. They seem to offer both the basic fare in generous portions and even larger entrees for dining in. I'm glad they were able to keep the liquor license and the full bar.

Christopher F.

Hey, I am always amused by the bad reviews on Yelp. "Someone came in and asked us for money, and she was over our food", "I'm allergic to mushrooms"? I don't suppose you told them you are allergic? I can't take a review like that seriously. My Review: The pricing is strange. Somethings are cheap and some things are way too expensive. If you want to have a bar you need to hire a "real" bartender. Trying to teach servers how to bartend is a recipe for trouble. The food is delicious, but some items are "escalated", Trying to make street food fancy can work, but you have to be careful how far you go. I really want this place to succeed, so I hope they work out their kinks. I will leave the owner with this thought: You can sell at a high price and have few customers, or a lower price and have lots of customers.

Bacon Lover M.

The mole enchiladas are really, really delicious! Tasty chips and salsas to snack on before your meal arrives. The margaritas are also great and they have some good rotating food/drink deals (Friday margs on discount!) The space is great for friends and families, they can accommodate large parties and they also have a couple TVs over the bar to catch games as well. Good service and good food, very glad to have this spot in the neighborhood

Ge'Nell G.

This is my new spot. Some of the best fish tacos. This place is clean. Restrooms were clean. Bartender was professional. Hubby and I will be back.

D R.

Mad expensive for a darn taco !!!! Ijs , pretty salty but While it is a phoney version, I guess Its not bad ?????? Idk I'm just trying to be nice.

Greg B.

I had the fajitas with steak and prawns Friday night and loved it. Beatiful presentation and delicious. I'll definitely be back.

Mariana D.

Highlights: - $8 margarita Friday's (not cheap but the margaritas were made well) - fresh strawberry margarita - Carne asada and al pastor yum - def don't skimp on the near inside the tacos . 2 filled me i Cost: - lack of welcome - long wait - floor plan - 4 margaritas + 6 tacos = $70 (with tip) WTF??!!

Katherine Hughes

Pleasant staff, nice ambiance.

Jackie B.

Great food, nicely priced and very affordable. It hasn't really been discovered yet because it just opened, so it's not usually crowded. They spice the good the way I ask, and not too salty. Seems to be all homemade. The employees are always smiling and lots of families seem to come here.

Sally M.

Stopped in here and I've got to say, I really enjoyed the lengua burrito. They grill the tortilla so it's crispy when you bite into it and the lengua was so tender and juicy. I love the salsa bar with a decent selection of salsas, chiles, radishes etc. The horchata was pretty good too. Look forward to going back.

Oriana Benavides Pineda

all fresh and tasty food.

Justin S.

For lunch I ordered the Baja fish burrito for $10.95 pre-tax. The fresh came freshly fried and seemed nicely flaked. Otherwise the burrito had the standard black beans, rice, tomato, onions, and cilantro, lightly salted. Additionally, a mayo chipotle aioli added a nice contrast in texture and helped the fried fish not seem too dry. Note that the burrito was made to order and piping hot. Complimentary chips are available upon request, and Cassave has habanero salsa should you feel adventurous.

Will L.

I give five stars because the Carney awards is so good. I usually don't get carne Asada from your run of the mill taquerias because I absolutely hate the precooked-chopped-to-bits, carne asada they scoop out with a spoon. This is NOT that. The carne is cooked to order. Grilled tortilla and retried beans are on point. House made molcajete salsa is great. No complaints.

Justin R.

Really want this place to do well! All of the restaurants at this location prior to Cassave, didn't do well, it's like the location is cursed. Had the Mar y Tierra taco plate and it was good. I'd really recommend the carne asada and prawns. The portions were generous. The tacos were a bougie version of street tacos. The restaurant still has some work to do, but granted they've only been in operation for 2wks.

Nerd G.

So happy to see Cassave open up in this (hopefully-no-longer-cursed) location. I've been a fan of their truck for several years and they're a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Recommended - carne asada tacos & fajitas (I will branch out someday...). Good kids' menu (oh, thank heaven for chicken nuggets for the picky eaters out there...purists be damned). Service was uneven but this was their first week open so I'm willing to ride that out.

Jeana Allan

Was so pleasantly surprised by this place when my boyfriend and I ordered delivery from them on a whim! They got to our place SO QUICKLY and the food was pretty great. I am in love with their pupusas and yucca with pork (best pork ever). My boyfriend, on two separate occasions has ordered a garlic shrimp dish and a super chimichanga burrito. The shrimp dish was really flavorful but the burrito was pretty soggy and low on flavor. Overall, a solid place to get good food!

Julian Brooks

delicious food... very nice staff.... I love it... I had the Caldo tlalpeño ... and it made my day... oh. also the Spicy Mamacita!

Dana A.

Food and atmosphere great! Fresh salsa with the homemade chips was fresh and delicious mix of tomatillo and guac. I had chicken and carnitas enchiladas; Side of roasted asparagus and carrots was an added bonus. My companion had a Kearny Asada super burrito which he said was pretty average. Large portions.

Mark Pasley

The grilled veggie tacos are phenomenal (always a different selection of perfectly grilled veggies, the 3 times I’ve tried them) and the staff are super friendly.

Jeanne E.

At the corner of Alcatraz and Adeline, this is a great addition to the local restauarant scene. Food was beautifully presented, portions are large, prices reasonable, food was very tasty to an American palate, and service is great. I had a chicken chimichanga that was superb- and way too large for one meal so now I have lunch to go. This is a lovely full service restaurant and bar. Cocktails looked interesting, but I did not try them.

Elizabeth G.

Me and my friend went to this place because we live in the neighborhood. When we arrived it was a nice crowd of people in the restaurant. We was seated and waited on very fast the waiter was also the owner of the restaurant. My friend and I order two burrito bowl one chicken and one steak. We order two cocktails Mango sour and Admada Mia my food came out with a veggie mix with mushrooms. I'm allergic to mushrooms my friends bowl came out with no cheese. The drinks was nasty. It took them a long time to bring us straws for our waters. Mid way thru the meal we informed the manager of the food error made and he was willing to make me a new bowl without the mix veggie I told him no it was ok. A woman came into the restaurant right up to our table and asked us for money. This was disappointing as we were eating and she was over our food. Wouldn't go back again.

Brigitte V.

Just checked this local place out tonight-was very pleased given it is their first week in the neighborhood! There are a few things they could do better but overall the experience was good and my family and friends and I will be back for sure to see how things develop over time. FOOD: The menu is typical Mexican fare, we had a carne asada plate ($17), al pastor burrito ($10), bean and cheese quesadilla ($9), tacos ($3.5-5), and chicken burrito ($10). The meats were the BEST PART of the dishes, they had a nice freshly-grilled taste and were cooked perfectly. Really liked the fresh veggies on the side of the plates, hoping they source that from the Tuesday S. Berkeley Farmer's Market that happens right outside their door. There is a kids menu that is reasonably priced and not the typical kids fare (ie burgers, grilled cheese, etc) which was nice--good actual Mexican type food (quesadilla, burritos, etc). The ladies were appreciative of the edible flowers that came on the plates. We had the horchata which was pretty good. Would love to see some more nonalcoholic choices such as Mexican sodas, aqua fresca, etc. SERVICE: The greeter was friendly and welcoming and acknowledged us immediately when we walked in the door. The door is wide open which is a good/bad situation for the busy intersection, but overall good the day we went since it was a nice day and it creates a more welcoming environment. The server we had was quite new at her job, she was friendly, but could have offered to refill our waters before we asked. AMBIANCE: Location is right in the middle of the new South Berkeley shopping/eating scene, steps from Ashby BART and a block from 2 fantastic coffee shops, and Sweet Adeline if you want to catch some dessert after your meal. They have redone the space (previously a nightclub/bar) with a new coat of paint and neutral paintings. There were a good mix of families, young people out on a weekend night, and some seniors--a real community place! The bar was empty and took up too much of the space (we went at dinnertime so maybe that gets busier later on..) and since we went with kids, we didn't love that there was boxing/fighting on right next to our table..would appreciate some food TV or regular TV on one of the channels, esp on the sides where the family tables are located. We were very full at the end of the meal and had a nice walk around the neighborhood--lots to see in this neighborhood and quite a few families out for a stroll. We'll definitely be back to Cassave for a second try soon!

Brian B.

I guess I'm spoiled by El Caminito in Livermore. I wanted to love this place and I didn't. The food was nondescript and I didn't feel well after. I'm going with 3 stars because the people were friendly but I honestly don't get the appeal.

Clarence B.

Kinda disappointed higher prices $3.75 for a taco portions weren't that big good service nice people but I came all the way from Oakland on my lunch break Left kinda disappointed.

Geoff Y.

Large and delicious pupusas at a reasonable price. The curtido is not as great as the pupusas, as it lacks the herby crispness of a fresh batch. Still above average, though. the The staff is friendly and helpful. The dining area is not very clean or comfortable, so best to take the food to go.

Nima M.

I like the food here but i got some pretty bad service the last time I was here. I got seriously overcharged for my chips, the guy at the register recognized this and said "don't worry about it". He seemed pretty awkward and probably had no idea how to handle his mistake. I also asked for a small side of beans and rice and got charged $7??? For a small quantity no less. What the hell is that. Again, I like the food but I just got charged $25 for three tacos, chips, rice and beans, and a drink. I'm gonna pass on this place from now on.

John V.

Anyone else get food poisoning from this place recently? (Friday 1/25/19) Both my wife and I got sick after eating chicken dishes. A 3rd person who did not get the chicken & did not get sick. I've been coming here for years but this will be my last. Wash your hands, clean your restaurant, handle food properly. Disgusting.

Cris H.

Food was a 5! 4 is for no restrooms available and having to wipe up the counter for a clean area to eat Pupusas were delicious. Platanos Fritos were awesome.

Angelica M.

Got there 30mins before they closed, my carne asada super burrito (no beans/sour creme). It was delicious, the boyfriend ordered the carnitas super burrito and he said it was yummy. The prices were reasonable and the food didn't take long to prepare.

Rachel M.

I just did a review of their food truck and was so happy to find that they have a restaurant less than 10 min away in Emeryville! I was craving Mexican food last night and definitely had to get their super nachos and platanos fritos. The small restaurant is nestled in a mini plaza on San Pablo Ave. near a Papa Johns. The interior is colorful and cute and Mexican music was playing. I ordered my usual and my bf got some tacos. They have a variety of salsas that ranged from mild to 3x hot. Had a seat on one of the booths with an awesome tile tabletop. Reminded me of Churreria de Moro in Mexico City. Our food arrived and of course each bite was heaven. The crisp of the fresh chips, real melted mozzarella, yummy carne asada, beans, guac, sour cream, pico de gallo- yum! Also the platanos were on point as usual. I noticed the restaurant served the refried pinto beans and the food truck served it with black beans. They were both delicious but I think I have a slight preference for the black. Will be back again for sure once that craving hits, unless their food truck shows up near my work before then!

Allen M.

Ordered a burrito with bean, cheese, rice, guac, salsa and cream. When I got home it was all rice with a small spoonful of beans, I cube of avocado and none of the remaining things I ordered. Thanks for the gut punch after a long week. Epic fail.

Mike, J.

I've been eating at this place multiple times a week for years. I just moved though, however, and I'm sad I'll probably miss out on their high quality ingredients, slew of salsas, and friendly service. Throughout the years I've seen their business really pick up and I'm glad to see it. They're my go-to for Mexican food in the East Bay. Highly recommend.

Cassave Restaurant Taqueria-Bar

3290 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA 94703
(510) 250-9406