Cassave Restaurant Taqueria-Bar

3290 Adeline St, Berkeley
(510) 250-9406

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Amy B.

At the moment, this location is temporarily closed due to the Covid situation. They have another location on San Pablo, which I'll have to check out. This is/was our friendly neighborhood Mexican restaurant for a short time since they opened, and we continued to order takeout during SIP. I really like the chili rellenos (vegetarian) and the whole family loves their burritos and guacamole. I hope they can hang in there and reopen soon!

David Haggerty

My local restaurant... Always great service/food

Ashley Rodriguez

This is a family favorite. Years ago, I was at a Holiday house party that served unbelievably good Chile rellenos and Mole. Where was it from ?Cassave Restaurant Taqueria-Bar. We had the same food catered for an event not long after and were so pleased as were our guests. We drive there for the consistently great meals and friendly service every time. Worth the drive but not far from the east side! Give it a try.

Kim H.

I can't give "0" stars so ... We just ordered a burrito from here...... and I saw the lady in the front who is bagging all the food take her mask down and leave it down for like 10min .. WHILE SHES BREATHING INTO FOOD BAGS! I asked my wife to please tell the manager to have everyone "wear" a mask over their face when she walked in to get our order... and I clearly saw the man turn around to tell the lady , but she didn't do anything to change her behavior! So I feel it's best to let everyone know who is buying food from you that YOU ARE NOT ENFORCING MASKS AT ALL TIMES! We have to now put our burrito in the oven for over 30min when we get home to be safe.... should have just asked for our money back instead! Thank you to all the food workers who ARE following the safety guidelines and doing a great service.

candace j.

Just left here. People were waiting up to 40 minutes, super chaotic, and staff who were interacting with customers WERE NOT WEARING MASKS. Even after I asked them to, and told them it made me uncomfortable--lady of front of house just refused. Get with the program.

Rayshawn Williams

Trust me.... My friends and I left here very satisfied. Their Hispanic cuisine is def worth the money!!

Ryan Mustapha

What a blessing Cassave has been to the neighborhood. There's finally good Mexican food in South Berkeley.

David Van Couvering

Really good Mexican food, great space. And it's also dancing on Fridays!

Paul E.

Decided to try this new restaurant amid the coronavirus hype and I'm glad w did. The food is awesome with great presentation. The chile rellano was fantastic!

Donna H

Not judging so much on the food, although the chicken soup was terrible, but on the service. It took us forever to get our dishes and by the time some of our party of 6 were served, the others had already finished their dishes. The poor waitresses were literally running, trying to get the dishes out. Had to get up and get our own spoons, forks, napkins, etc even though this was not a serve-yourself joint. The owners need to stop being so cheap and hire more staff..this was the worse service ever!

Renée DuPree

Good food and a great staff. I've gotten the chilaquiles a few times and they are delicious. I also love the chips and salsa Verde. Worth a visit!

Doc U.

Says it closes at 9. Closed at 845 today. Often they are not open when hours posted say they should. Love the place but inconsistent houRs. Food is very good service okay. Good atmosphere

Paul Walton

Cleen fresh high quality ingredients, well prepared. I had the chile relleno which had a unique twist that I throughly enjoyed. Clean space. Service staff polite and attentive without being hovering. Great neighborhood drop in and worthy of driving to place to eat anytime.


Just dropped in for the first time and thought it was great. Good pupusas and sopes, and our drinks were fantastic. Portions and prices were great as well.

Bobby T.

I really want to like this place. The staff is very nice, and it's great to have a restaurant close to where we live. However, the chat quite give the place more than 3 stars because the seats are absolutely disgusting with stains everywhere and the food is really mediocre. The portions are small and the ingredients of low quality (greasy carne asada, almost no cheese in the quesadillas, etc.). We will keep going to this place because of the proximity and friendly staff but really hope they pay attention to reviews and try to improve.

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Cassave Restaurant Taqueria-Bar

3290 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA 94703
(510) 250-9406