1686 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 981-1213

Recent Reviews

Melissa R.

Lovely as always. Went today and ordered several dishes. The presentation of the food is wonderful, even when you order take out. I was also very happily surprised to see a free piece of vegan chocolate cake! A nice treat for the holidays.

Sam S.

Ordered dinner from here on uber eats. We got the Dengaku (eggplant tofu with mushroom) and it was TINY. I don't even think it would've been enough for one person, let alone the two of us that were sharing it. Even the steam white rice quantity was very small. It was overpriced for the quantity they provided. However, it was AMAZING and I am told it was very authentic. So the quality of the food somewhat made up for the quantity. We also got a few sushi rolls (6 pieces each) that were pretty average. I would recommend spending your money on the a la carte or other entrees or small plate options and not on the sushi.

Anna Amador

Delicious food. Great lunch place. They are cash only though. Good sized portions and lot of different options on the menu. Cute and totally worth visiting.

Sharon G.

Cha-Ya has been our family's favorite restaurant for years.

Sadly for us, prices increased so much that we're now priced out. Combo meals are gone and everything is now a la carte. Their website lists current items and pricing.

Price change was probably needed in order to remain open through Covid, and I sincerely hope Cha-Ya makes it. Menu still looks amazing.

samantha g.

Yum! I've been going to this restaurant since I was a college student. However, I moved out of the area and rarely returned. Now that I'm closer, I plan to keep this on my list of businesses to support. The people who work here always take care with the quality and presentation of the food. We ordered specialty rolls, vegetable tempura, miso soup, barley tea, and taki-sui. The tempura was still crunchy when I arrived home. The Taki-Sui is more of a cabbage soup with the crumbled remains of dumplings. I would not recommend the Taki-Sui. The specialty rolls are a must. The prices are reasonable. Bring cash or Venmo during COVID dining closure.

Amanda H.

I like to get delivery from here and it is absolutely delicious! Everything always tastes fresh and great, I especially love the kinoko mushroom medley noodle soup, the vegetable tempura roll and the gyoza. It's great to have such a reliably amazing vegan Japanese restaurant nearby!

Nancy Joachim

Excellent vegan sushi. They have the option of organic rice now.Imaginative menu

Maranda S.

This place is sensational! The buckwheat salad could be presented as a Valentine's gift. Quality, selection, experience absiltutely exceeded all expectations. I hope they never change.

Elouise E.

Vegan Japanese food that is very tasty and full of variety. They have the best tempura and the sushi is phenomenal. We love eating here. The only downside is it is small and popular, which means it can get crowded during busy periods.

Emma Porter

Cha-Ya has the most delicious and thoughtful vegan Japanese food, served in a simple setting that feels like home. I always go when I'm visiting the area.

Bri A.

Best in Berkeley incredible service always so yummy! I always get the Cha-Ya roll and my partner gets the veggie tofu curry with soba noodles and it hits every time. It's comfort food tbh.

Arun R.

A small hole in the wall Japanese vegan restaurant with delicious, subtly flavored food. I like the flavorful buckwheat and veggie salad and the Japanese vegan sushi bowl. One of my favorites in the entire Bay Area and quite minimalist and understated.

Sherry J.

Absolutely delicious and authentic! Even my fish/meat-loving husband loves this place. Very friendly staff, great service. Highly recommend!

Samuel Pons

Came with a group while traveling. Accommodating and kind staff. Very fresh and healthy options.

Samantha S.

We love this place! Miso soup is the best, and lots of gluten free options. We order through Uber Eats usually, but it's a nice local spot to dine in as well.

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