Cheese Board Bakery

1504 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 549-3183

Recent Reviews

Geoff Fiedler

Cheeses and breads to blow your mind. Oh, right, and get a pizza because they're incredible.

Alan Fenster

It was better before the Covid break.

Gary S.

Finally open to walk-ins, it's a Berkeley classic. Smack in the Gourmet Giotto, I live right down the street and visit often. Ask for the 'adventure bag'. It's a surprise bag with 3-4 small pieces of quality cheese, it's up to the store to choose.

Frances L.

I used to love stopping by for a slice of the pizza of the day. They haven't resumed slices because of Covid, but we picked up a Par Baked Half a Pizza for $11. It was my hubby's first visit and he had to try the pizza. We enjoyed browsing their selection of cheeses and admired the pastries and breads for sale. Once we got home, we followed the instructions on the box and our mushroom pizza was toasty and delicious!

Lisa M.

Delicious!!!! Stumbled upon this gem while getting a cup of coffee at the original Peet's Coffee!! Delicious muffins and scones, in particular, the carrot muffin!!! Oh my goodness.... Delicious!! We will be back, it's worth the drive!!!

Richard Lossing

Back open after the pandemic as of 29 June 2020 with the full service cheese counter and baked goods.

Alan Harnett

Wonderful selection of baked goods. You can usually find cheese bread, sourdough, cookies, brioche, English muffins, muffins, scones, etc. They also have a selection of fresh cheeses sold by the ½ pound and pantry items.The staff is friendly. All items are baked daily. Be prepared to wait in line.Next door is their famous pizza that changes daily.

Alan H.

Wonderful selection of baked goods. You can usually find cheese bread, sourdough, cookies, brioche, English muffins, muffins, scones, etc. They also have a selection of fresh cheeses sold by the 1/2 pound and pantry items. The staff is friendly. All items are baked daily. Be prepared to wait in line. Next door is their famous pizza that changes daily.

Vegan D.

What so we lived closer! They have a few fantastic vegan items like Pizza (cheese from butchers son), amazing green hot sauce, fantastic English muffins and a number of other great great options. Really love the wolverines too! Always fast and friendly service.

Denice D.

I don't get the hype for this place. I wasn't impressed by their offerings. Maybe the hype will be there when you can actually get hot pizza at any time of the day and not just after 5PM or have to get a whole or half pizza. I understand why they're doing it this way for right now but I just fine it annoying. Came here with my son and I almost decided to not go because I saw the line had wrapped around the building. I was thinking man my first time here do I want to stand in line and it not be good?!? I decided to wait in line and it actually wasn't that bad. The line moves relatively fast and just order comes out right away. I will say the customer service skills of the people taking the customer orders could greatly improve. I don't know if its just this particular worker but she made me fell like i was intruding on her time. I have never been here before and I felt the pressure of her blazing eyes on me to hurry it up and decide. I asked what pizza they had and she just pointed to a small square of a hand written piece of paper taped on the window of what they have. It's like geez you could have just said it. So I ended up just getting the half pizza of the margherita pizza, the chocolate chips cookies and the lemon ricotta tea cake. I do want to point out that if you have never been here maybe you have to know what you're going to order because its a straight chaos to know what they offer. A lot of things where handwritten or on this sheet filled with options. Which you can't peruse long before the worker starts filing their nails to fill the time you're wasting. Par-baked?!?! I wish I had known and yes I know after the fact its on their website but I have never been here before. Par-baked is for frozen pizza sold in the grocery stores not to go buy at room temperature then you go home and heat it. So basically it's raw dough sitting at room temperature until someone buys it 0_0. It was also a poor representation of a pizza margherita. Its was basically cheese pizza topped with I guess it was tomato paste and a chiffonade of basil. Overall it was okay. I feel like tony's frozen pizza is better. The cookies were okay. I feel it was a bit dry but tasted better if you dunk them in milk. The lemon ricotta tea cake was beyond dry it was like paste in your mouth. I fully appreciated how fast the workers inside get your order together. From the time I paid to getting my order was maybe less than a minute. And they're friendly (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge). On the busy street of Shattuck. I parked on Walnut and it's just down one block. Pricing I guess is fair. I wouldn't mind trying this place again but maybe a year from now.

Will T.

Pizza line was out the door and around the block. The line was long but I still waited in line for their pizza. I believe they only make one type of pizza a day and their green sauce is a must try. Pizza is thin and delicious.

Carlie C.

Came here last week for the first time! I got the wolverines (bread rolls with fried fruit), a gluten free lemon ricotta tea cake and cheesy sourdough buns. All were delicious! I wrapped the bread in foil and warmed it up in the oven when I got home and loved it all! Can't wait to come back I think the wolverines are my favorite because they are slightly sweet but also feel healthy can't wait to try some cheeses here in the future, too!

Kristine E.

Racist worker at the counter today would not serve me because I was on the other side (even though I was clearly next) of the line she insisted on helping her white blond customer, been coming here for years but sadly will not be returning if this is how they treat their Asian customers!

Jorge D.

Kraft mastered , completely blew my mind and met every expectation. I will be going back here again and again to see what they come up with next

Jodie M.

I haven't had Cheeseboard for years (3 years to be exact) and so I took it upon myself to introduce it to a friend who just moved to the Bay - yes sharing my love of cheeseboard! My friends who lived in Berkeley were actually the ones who got me hooked (especially with the green sauce). If you ask me how I'll describe it, it's like a spicy pesto sauce that's the secret sauce to making you come back for more. Mind you- I try to watch my carbs. But today, I didn't hold back. My friend and I got a whole pizza of the day (approx 8 slices and then some small ones) and I ate four slices!!! If I'm throwing carbs out the door, then it truly is one of a kind. LOL. Anyway, it's been years since I've had it last but even with COVID, the line wraps around the corner. So you know, it's the real deal. But even with that, it moves pretty fast so don't fret. They're also open until 8pm so make sure you make it before closing! What I like about it is when we ordered we didn't have to wait long and our whole pizza was ready in about a hot minute. With COVID at bay, they sell the whole tub of green sauce for $4.. which to me isn't that bad because IT'S THE BOMB. It's a co-op establishment and they have a bakery next door too. I have been told it is a staple of Berkeley and has been in the neighborhood since the 70s. Plenty of street and residential parking so you don't have to worry about that aspect. There's also outdoor seating too!

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