Cheese Board Collective Cheese store and Bakery

1504 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
(510) 549-3183

Recent Reviews

Carrie G.

My husband told me he had to come back to this place after having it nearly 8 years ago. And it didn't disappoint! The place only does one kind of pizza for the day! They're only open three days a week too! The line looks very intimidating, but it moves very quickly because they only do one type of pizza. The staff members all had masks, they take covid pretty seriously. and have signs asking you to mask up too. The pizza was very good, but the dough was still missing something that I cannot explain. The topping flavors were delicious though! I would highly recommend trying! Grab a pizza and sit outside and immediately enjoy it!

Jolt G.

Berkeley's famous pizza spot - for a good reason, vegan. Cooperatively owned. Always a line, just wait, it moves quickly.

Lola T.

Simply the widest selection of the best cheeses probably in the entire Bay Area. And hands down, the very best baguettes. All their baked goods are fabulous. You can't say you've been to Berkeley if you haven't eaten the goods here. Pizza is fab, too.

Sam Gunn

The apricot (Saturday) and pear-ginger (Friday) scones are the best! They also have my favorite cold brew coffee in North Berkeley.

Nicolás McCarthy

Absolutely delicious. They have a huge selection of cheeses, and the bread rolls/scones are very yummy. My favorite one is the chocolate thingy.


Doesn't take ebtRefusesRacistDoesn't want us poor colored folk

Rich C.

#1 rated pizza in the US according to Yelp. #1 rated anything on Yelp is sure to be a stretch, but Cheese Board definitely offers a SOLID slice of pizza. Even if it doesn't immediately sound appealing, it's always pretty damn great. Pair it with green sauce and you're golden. The only issue is that Sliver Pizza, which never has any wait and has way better hours, tastes exactly the same. This isn't a hot take, either, it's pretty well known. Just makes you wonder how much busier Cheese Board would be had that management split not occurred.

Pat T.

Wednesdays are turnover day. Always delicious fruit filling and a flaky crust. Goes well with their coffee and latte. Grab a seat out front and enjoy a few minutes of delicious food, sun, and people watching.

calguy 100

They don't allow EBT or food stamps to keep us people of color/poor folk out. Hypocrites

Audrey S.

yup love this place with my whole heart.

Jonathan C.

Adjacent to the Cheeseboard Collective, which is where you can dine in or pickup pizza starting at 5pm. This location is open until 4pm and is where you can get purchase cheese, bakery items and half-baked pizzas of the day ($22 full, $11 half). Corn cherry scone: Reminds me more of a corn muffin than a scone. Chocolate thing: Bread was a bit dense for me, and could have had a bit more chocolate flavors. Cheese roll: The cheese and bread was a bit of a harder texture, but we didn't have it until the next day. Slightly prefer the Acme version. Overall, the pastries are fine, but there are better bakeries in the Bay Area (e.g. B Patisserie, Backhaus, Acme). The main thing that would bring me back is the pizza.

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George M.

You'll never ever find a better cheese shop anywhere. Their bakery is also first-rate. Don't miss it.

Eliot Hertenstein

One of the best bakeries in the East Bay. Almost everything they make is great, and the people are just so nice. It really feels like the perfect little employee owned community bakery. My only complaint is their hours, I just wish they weren't closed so much! How am I supposed to enjoy my Mondays without a Chocolate Thing?

Stephanie N.

I visited last week because I hadn't had been here some in years and my sister really recommends this place. Currently the pizza, baked goods and cheese counter are in one store space. It still works! 10 customers max allowed inside at any given time. I purchased the pizza of the day and one of each of the offered scones to share at my next stop visiting friends. The food didn't last long! If you haven't been here in awhile, it's time to do so! Coffee was really good, too.

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Cheese Board Collective Cheese store and Bakery

1504 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 549-3183