Chinese Express

2488 Channing Way, Berkeley
(510) 845-3766

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Dee Luu

The worst Chinese food I've ever had, I got the 2 item combo and they literally gave me ALL PEPPERS AND ONIONS and 2 little slivers of beef as my entree of Mongolian beef smh we've all been to places that are heavy on the veg but this was ridiculous, I've never had all veg and no meat definitely won't ever be back

Sean P.

I ordered War Won Ton soup a week ago.The soup came out and it was fairly tasty.Only there were no won tons! I notified the lady cashier. She said it would take 10 more minutes for the Won Tons to arrive. I told her not having won tons in won ton soup was unheard of.Definitely a first. So I waited and proceeded to finish the soup.Then the Monday after the World Cup Soccer final I ordered fried rice and one item(fish).The total was $9.10 and I gave her $20.10.I expected $11 back, but she only gave me $1.She acknowledged that I gave her a 20 and she gave me the correct change.She exhibits fairly polite mannerisms and mingles with students, but I am starting to realize that it is a superficial facade.They are not terrible people who work there, but at the same time they are just not to be trusted.

Peter C.

In a place that compromises on its physical space, you expect perhaps as a course of nature that it compromises on other aspects of quality. This is demonstrably and certainly not the case. Their proteins are genuinely delicious: well-seasoned, flavorful, and palpably fresh. On God's bones, they have pork that doesn't smell! I find that even sit-down, mid-range restaurants sell poorly stored meat. And to top it off, the prices are beyond reasonable. It's so cheap that I actually feel miserly when I pay for the food. The only downside to this place is the carbohydrates; the fried rice and the lo mein are bland. Nevertheless, at this price point this shop is an absolute gem.

Alexis Fenerlis

. I expected to get a good portion as the comments said but when I opened it there was only meat on one half. And the chow mein had no flavor aswell. The sesame chicken has a pretty good flavor to me but the meat was very very chewy. Picture below is how I got it. Not worth the price


Even thought the meat was a little overcooked, the food was very tasty. Great portion size. Employee up front was quick to help and very friendly.

John H.

Great spot, glad I found it. If you're looking for something luxurious or authentic turn around. This hits the spot for me though, reminds me of living in NYC and getting those sesame chicken or beef w. broccoli cravings. Lady at the counter is always super nice and thankful. Go support your local business.

Katherine N.

Fast and affordable Chinese food. For the price you pay, I think it's a great deal. Lots of options and generous portions. The people leaving negative reviews are clearly expecting champagne on a beer budget.


There are many so-called authentic Chinese places near the campus, and this is one of the few that isn’t. But does it matter? Chinese Express offers many quality entrees at affordable price, unlike some other overpriced restaurants nearby.

Daniel T.

Why was this placed closed earlier today before 830? I walked by and noticed it. It gets very confusing when a store closes early and the hours aren't reflected online.

Marissa B.

Honestly, the best Chinese food in Berkeley. It reminds me/tastes like all the Chinese spots in Philly & New York. Affordable & generous portions.

Change the noodles Chow mein's noodle type is suxx Real chow mein made by thin mein not "Udon" mein!!!! And chicken's are not good 2. It's been left unattended for too long. Reduce the menu type or something

Zack B.

Great spot for some quick Chinese. The lady serving us was extremely nice and friendly. They have one of the coldest fridges in all of Berkeley sometimes it's below zero! I would say this place is a better version of Panda Express with bigger portions and better flavor! Highly recommend the chow mein, lots of healthy vegetables!

Christopher Ray PIlkington

Food was good, price not so much until it adds up at the register. How do i claim a card that is used at the register to pay for purchases?

Maksim Melnikov

The tastiest food at Berkeley!!!You can get full with $9

Thomas K.

i've been coming here for a long time. first, don't look at those prices in the older reviews - a 1-item "combo" is now $8 if you pay in cash (more with credit). second, generally the food is acceptable, but not great (with occasional exceptions). i'm writing this review, though, because i went in the other night and someone was buying all the prepared food in the place. this place is basically a Panda Express (but not a chain), so you're supposed to be able to walk in and get hot food immediately. when they let this customer buy everything they had, they caused a bunch of other people to wait, leave, or get something other than what they would've otherwise. while the woman ordering was AWFUL - both to the staff and in general - the problem is really Chinese Express's fault; they shouldn't let people walk in and buy everything out. this would be like a donut place that doesn't have donuts because one person came in and bought them all. if it's food on demand, and you sell all the food all at once, you've broken the model.

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