Chinese Express

2488 Channing Way, Berkeley
(510) 845-3766

Recent Reviews

Anna J.

2.5 stars rounded up. This is an example of "you get what you pay for." Food was really cheap and the chow mein was delicious. However, the spicy garlic orange chicken was not at all appetizing. We threw out the leftovers - it was low quality dark meat. The egg rolls were also still cold/watery from being frozen. Won't order from here again but appreciate the low prices for students and anyone else on a budget.

Daniel A.

Taste good and great value. You get so much food for $10 dollars... It's two meals. The food is consistent and taste good... What more could you ask for?

Esmeralda Alvarez

I actually really like this american chinese most of the Chinese food here is different i guess authentic.. it's pretty much the very few restaurants I go in Berkeley reminds me of the chinese food back in L.A so dam good! & The ladies there are so nice great customer service !!!!!

Isaiah G.

My husband brought me here. I was blown away with the prices. Also he had a lot of options. The portions were pretty generous. I came during Covid-19 do it was just to go but I'm glad I came. Definitely worth stopping by.

Ryan R.

wowowiwow chinese express is a cultural pillar that supports the quintessential berkeley experience this place has a soecial place in my heart i took grad photos here if ur lookijng for a good value get combo c for the soda 2 combos and rice what would berkeley be without chinese expeess not the same thats for sure

Dayton Haney

I simply enjoy their food. I always get great service there. The place is well kept and the workers are always nice. Will come visit again.

Jennifer D.

My friend recommended this place as having great cheap food and I was not disappointed! I really enjoy this place because of the food that is always unique and filling to the soul! I have visited this place which was located next to my dorm hall and I had a great time with my Bumble BFF's. They are ensuring that we are safe during COVID by only allowing takeout and ensuring that everyone is wearing masks. I love this place and if you are looking for great cheap food this is the place to visit!!!!

Luke George

The fish was perfect. Big portions and great price!

A Gamble

Awesome food, very friendly staff members, consistently awesome mood. They charge affordable rates and the food quality is awesome. Highly recommended.

Caden R.

Been coming here for 2 years now, and they've very much stepped it up in the past year. Consistently good food, reasonable prices, and large portions. Will keep coming back!

Evan M.

Big portions. Combo C OP Pretty much all the entrees are good, especially considering the price. The only entree that they skimp a bit on is the shrimp, which makes sense (they give you a set number like 5 or so). Pretty much a lifesaver when you just want to eat a lot of cheap food.

Joyce K.

Better than panda express. Cheap af + large portions. I wouldn't have survived college if it wasn't for this place. My fave is their general tsou's and coconut shrimp. YUMM

Dan DaMan

Delicious tasting fast Chinese food. All the people that work there have been very friendly and generous with the portions for me. I will keep going here and I suggest you at least try it out one time and you'll be coming back for more.

Xavier Savage

We had a superb at this restaurant. We enjoyed the superb ambience and the meals. The staff were super personal. I’m happy we finally managed to try this place.

Jamie Moreno

Charged tip on the tax and wouldn't take a card when they've taken card before. Food was good though

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