Chipotle Mexican Grill

1050 Gilman St, Berkeley
(510) 526-6047

Recent Reviews

chilly chill

Nice place but they give you very small portions

Gypsy Girl

The employees are very sweet, polite and helpful, thank you ?

Breeana C

One of the best chipotle experiences since I moved from Colorado. Very nice staff.

Jahi Johnson

Overall in my experience this Chipotle does well with their orders and make up for their mistakes if the order isn't completely correct. Polite staff that I've interacted with from all the years I've been coming here. Orders placed online are ready by the expected/provided pick up time.

Sean Anayah

Thanks Roberto for making a great burrito!

Monique moore

Service is poor. Not clean despite COVID and the downtime to get their sanitation up to standard.Lastly, they are STILL passing off stale tortilla chips. If proper SERVESAFE was performed daily they would know that.. I'm officially done with this location.

Brad Kekst

Back in business! Although it would be nice if they kept the hot sauce bottles filled and made recycling available.


Delicious bowl.Friendly staff.

John Spriggs

The food there is great and the service is speedy

Tamara Mcfarland

I was told I can only purchase a quesadilla online.. that makes no sense at all..

David Chan

Standard excellent chipotle experience. I still wish they had the old quesadilla though.

Hugo Garcia

Always awesome, nice place, good well made food, bathrooms clean.


I love this Chipotle's. Good food, good prices, and good quantity (better than some other locations). Customer service is good too. I go often!


I came here at exactly 12pm and there were no other customers in the store yet the parking lot is packed. But I'm so glad the food is still fresh and not just sitting around. They give good portions and service is great. It might just be my imagination but the sour cream is so creamy. I don't know if it's like that in other Chipotles or if I was especially hungry that day.

Kay Star

They gave me everything i asked for great customer service and clean bathrooms it was empty so it was super quick.

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