Chipotle Mexican Grill

1050 Gilman St, Berkeley
(510) 526-6047

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P. I.

Reliable, clean, fast and consistent Mexican, with an admirable, and fairly competitive Carnitas, and a vegetarian "Sofritas" (Savory Mexican Tofu) option.

Michael McCormick

Cannot go wrong with a Chipotle fix! The vegetarian burrito with safritas is always delicious!

Violet Dorntge-Fraser

I was verbally harassed in this store by a individual who was not a customer. They misgendered me and created a small scene. I had to verbally defend myself. The staff were unconcerned and did not mention or address the situation. I felt very unsafe and do not recommend this establishment for anyone LGBTQIA wanting a safe place to eat.

Tom Gardner

Fast food Taqueria - not bad, small portions

Shan Wolff

Reliable location; always fresh from high volume, but almost never are out of anything due to lack of prep. Staff are patient with kids.

Travis Fly

Great food as always. Very clean place. Lots of seating. Everyone was friendly.

Cameron Sturdevant

Just for a quick lunch when you want to get back on the road in a hurry

Christian J.

I don't understand how chipotle can run a commercial saying how fresh they are... just because you cook it the same day in your restaurant does it mean it's fresh Just got a burrito sad to see my burrito was made with the very last rice in a container while there's fresh rice sitting on the counter waiting to be served the young lady decided to scrape the bottom of the metal container to give me the last little bit of the rice that was left.... First thing wrong. Second thing was my order was pretty much the same as the three people in front of me but yet she decide togive me less of everything in my order Last time I checked we were all paying the same price equal portions is important my money is good as everyone else's.... not to sound funny but I think skin color had something to do with it just saying could be wrong but when the three people in front of you get larger proportion's on the same type of food then all the sudden you get a smaller proportion I recommend anyone to eat at this chipotle next time look at your food look at the person in front of you look at the person behind you just to check and see how the portions are split and given out just saying my money as good as everyone else's‍

Cynthia B.

Nice Chipotle location! Stylish and clean. Right next to REI. Huge parking lot. Friendly staff. Not bad, no bad.

Tamieka R

Food was delicious and fresh 😋place was very warm and welcoming handicap accessible also

michelle lane

Food was good, I always find my self having a stomach ach after eating chipotle but this time I diddnt add any dairy like cheese and natcho cheese n sour cream and i felt fine after . Less sauce is better

Tor Egon Mikkelsen

Good food 🍲 😀

Lily C.

Chipotle is great, this location is no exception. But the music is always way too loud. And why do they now require a code to enter the bathroom??

Jimi Devine

The manager yelled at the kid to do online orders before walking back out back. We made it to the front of the line, then had to wait while they made five orders ahead of us.

Mike E.

Chipotle used to be good. Now if you would like cold beans, cold meat, and overpriced guacamole that has parts of avocado skins and pit, than this is the place for you. $15 bucks later I'm disappointed.

Kevin yr Cho

Chipotle here is good with large orders. They also have a mobile pickup deck which makes the process go so much faster.

Stephanie Kompsie

Later in the evening so no crowds. Staff was very pleasant. Place was very clean

Sabrina Wicker

Good everytime. The guacamole is great!!!

Madison K.

This chipotle is pretty average to the rest of them, but my 5* goes to the teenager kid who's there every Wednesday when I'm there. He's so friendly and I haven't stopped thinking about how nice he is, even after dealing with so many hangry people everyday. I hope the kid I raise one day will be raised as well as he was! Please pass this msg along to him

E H.

Love this location. I've been eating chipotle for years and this location does LAPS around my local Alameda locations. ALL OF THEM. This place is consistently good. Flavors are consistent. Portions are consistent. Quality is consistent. Yes they can be a little light with the portions. But I just simply tell them I like heavier portions in my bowl, and they normally oblige. I've never received any push back.

Chipotle Mexican Grill
Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill

1050 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA 94710