Chipotle Mexican Grill

2225 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 647-9166

Recent Reviews

zhara d.

I wish they did not serve the food tepid! It reveals the flavorlessness too much.

Brandon DALE Alday

Always good!

Robin Manhollan

Very good food! Thank you

Sage R.

Terrible service. Me and my friend showed up 15-20 min before they close, to find the door locked and the employees just looking at us wasting time inside. This was such a disappointment because usually they're pretty friendly, but refusing to serve us food just made me never want to eat here again.

Demi M.

I eat chiptole at least once a week or more and this is the WORST chiptole location. Awful the staff is not properly trained Rolled my burrito so poorly it was falling apart since the beginning eventually I had to put it into a burrito bowl because it was spilling everywhere I forgot to add they charge 25 cents for water cup I have never been charged at any other location for one ( I have just been notified its a Berkeley policy in regards to the charge)

Haley B.

The staff here is honestly the best. I came in around 3:15 pm on Saturday and the two girls working were really sweet and just made my burrito bowl Hella nice. I didn't get their names but they should be recognized for giving really amazing customer service

Sreeram Gopinath

Great service, really friendly crew and excellent burrito!

Joe Schurman

We love to go out. Last night we came to this excellent restaurant which friends recommended to us. We spent a beautiful time there with excellent food and a courteous stuff and a talented chief cook. We added this fine restaurant in our phone list and we shall surely return soon. We deeply recommend.

Reid H.

Worst experience at chipotle I've ever had. The staff is really rude. I love chipotle but there is something about this location that isn't working. It's also somewhat new, so why is it so dirty? I got a burrito with no add on ingredients and they INSISTED that I did.. I didn't argue but was charged $13.50 (before taxes) for a $8.75 quick lunch. Go to your local taqueria people. Force this location out of business.

Suhas B U

Great for an inexpensive, yet tasty and nutritious meal. Has options that serve a variety of people. I've had veggie and sofritas bowls and they were totally worth the $10 I spent

Josmel Delgado

There is not much to pick but is a good option to eat healthly while being far from home

Kira H.

This location no longer takes Apple Pay due to technical issues. Make sure you have either a card or cash on hand!

Wendy G.

One star for the decent food. Minus four stars for the small portion of food, my preferences weren't followed in my online order, and the poor service. I regret not checking my order when I picked it up from the mobile order section. Amateur move on my part but I've been a long time Chipotler so I didn't feel the need. I was disappointed and angry (because I felt cheated) when I opens up my burrito bowl and saw the underserved portion. I have never had such a shorted bowl! Not only that, I ordered a double portion of chicken and it appeared to only be a single portion. Another frustrating thing was the need to wait for a fork. The utensil station was completely empty of forks and napkins. I had an alert a staff member however they were already aware because there were 2 other customers waiting for a fork! There was no sense of urgency that these customers with to go orders or picking up mobile orders were in a hurry. The girl took forever to stock forks. She should've given a fork to the three people waiting instead of taking five minutes to fill everything up before customers were allowed to get one! This may be my first and last time at this location. That sucked.

Jazmin C.

Soo it was 10:43 and they open and 10:45 ... The front door was open so I walked in. I am a city worker, I had my uniform on And asked to use the bathroom. This very rude guy made me wait 2 minute by the door and told me I had no authority to use the bathroom earlier than 10:45. I will ne writing a letter as well.... I'll never go in there again! I

Esmeralda Alvarez

This is the worst place / chipotle I’ve ever gone to!!! The food was freakin COLD the meat was so hard my 4year son couldn’t even eat the meat because of the hardness...They literally put 4 pieces of meat in the taco charged me $2.20 for the guacamole berly even spread some on the taco ...first and last time I'm coming here food was disgusting !!!

Ella Margolin

Chipotle is great. No questions asked.

Craig Yen

Consistently good food. Enjoyed their crispy tacos. A bit smaller at this location for seating.

Tanuj Surve.

Healthy food @ a good price.

Jordan H.

I always love chipotle and have been a customer for a decade. This is one of the worst locations. The place is dirty. I get it- y'all are busy. I've been here and it wasn't busy at all yet the employees were content to sit around and chat and leave the place smelling like Mardi Gras. Then I order- soooo cheap on the meat. I literally got maybe 40% of the meat I usually get at any other location. When I say something, she says "this is how much you get with a bowl" Uh okay. I guess the other 900 times I've eaten here were an exception. Oh well. I take my skimpy bowl and ask for guacamole. Now, at this point she is clearly just messing with me and puts a half spoon of guac on the bowl. She says "is that okay?" (Because she KNOWS it isn't) and I tell her I'd like a bit more. She takes a friggin thimble full and adds it. I tell her that I'd like a bit more and she says "no I already gave you more." I look at the other guy and he says "what do you want me to say man?" (He's clearly scared of the insane lady he works with). I don't want you to SAY anything man, I want a human-sized portion of guac in the skimpy bowl y'all gave me. Come on. This place is managed poorly. Go to another location until they can hire people who want to work for a living and don't just feel entitled to a paycheck because they live in Berkeley.

Shivin Devgon

Tortilla chips are among the best I've had

J Z.

I don't know how there are reviewers who are giving one star for this location. The ingredients are mostly fresh and the quality of the food is far better than the one on Telegraph. The restaurant is always clean. The best part is that the staff members are pretty nice. I generally get a chicken burrito bowl, which is pretty good and filling. I only get steak whenever it is median rare. Definitely coming back again.

Ivy MacLeod

Gave me the worst food poisoning of my life. Two days later and I still can’t get out of bed without vomiting. Do NOT eat here.

Ivy M.

Ate here as my only meal two days ago and 12 hours later I was stuck on the floor of my bathroom vomiting every 30 mins. Whatever was in their steak burrito gave me the worst food poisoning I have ever had and caused me to miss days of work. Days later I am a till stuck in bed, can't get up without inducing vomiting or diarrhea. Thanks chipotle do NOT eat here.

iser ver

This chipotle was so nice i was feeling really down and the guy serving my food was really nice and asked me whats wrong and at first i was startled but then I opened up and i told him what was going on and he gave me some good advice. I will definitely come back here!

Ratheka Stormbjorne

Yummy sofritas and fire sauce~

Soumyajit Paul

Healthy food. You can make your own choices. Great price. Very convenient for students.......

James Davis

Staff are always pretty friendly and caring! Love Chipotle- always get FREE GUAC with my veggie bowl.

Allan W. ZHU

Delicious food and good service

James D.

The servers are always super friendly and attentive to customers even when they are busy! Give these folks a raise. I always get the veggie bowl, since it comes FREE GUAC. So tasty.


It's a chipotle, just dont go here expecting it to be anything other than a typical chipotle

Rachel T.

I've always been a Chipotle regular, even back in my hometown, but this Chipotle location has the worst preparation of any Chipotle location I have ever visited. The mild salsa was completely dry. The rice was kind of hard, and the meat didn't taste like Chipotle's barbacoa. I tried eating there a second time since it is at a centric location. I thought that my first time might've been a bad day for them.. but no. It was just as bad, if not worse, than the first time. :(

Joshua Yuan

I love Chipotle! (In general)

Emma M.

Horrible, not cheap and very low quality. I try it as people said it was good...never again. Go to Cancun restaurant around the corner and you get fresh farm real Mexican food. I didn't know they were own by Macdonald...

Ellen Hibdon

The burritos are good. The usual Chipotle atmosphere, not too crowded like some other Chipotles I have been to. There is adequate space despite the small sized location. It is clean and well-organized, and the service is speedy without being rushed.

Timothy H.

Pretty awful experience compared to other Chipotles I've been to. Normally I order from the one on telegraph but I decided to try this one out since I've never been before. Ordered online via the Chipotle app and I show up at the store to pick up my order. It wasn't until I got home to eat my food did I realize the problems with my order. Firstly, I ordered extra servings of rice, lettuce, and corn. Having been a longtime Chipotle customer, I know what these portions should amount to and it definitely is not what is shown in the picture I've uploaded. Secondly, you may have noticed in my pictures, is that there is no lettuce (I even ordered extra lettuce lmao). Apparently, they had run out of lettuce for the day, which is fine, but I was not informed of this when picking up my order and thus wasn't even given an option to substitute it for something else. Extremely disappointing experience at this Chipotle and would recommend everyone to visit the more reliable one on Telegraph Ave. Also why are the chips from Chipotle always so salty ? I've found this to be the case at various other locations too

Rebecca Streicker-Calle

Hard to go wrong with Chipotle for a quick bite, however there are decidedly better Mexican restaurants out there

Victor S.

Been back a couple times now and they've gotten more consistent, glad they got it figured out :)

Sahar D.

I was throwing a luncheon at UC Berkeley and wanted to have chipotle cater the event. The manager Jenni was SUPER helpful, especially when I needed to order some last-minute items to accommodate more guests. Jenni and her team, Hermon, Josh, and Elias were fast and efficient in helping me get my catering order together, while still serving other customers. I would definitely recommend this Chipotle location for their food, customer service, and catering efficiency!

Catherine Y.

Normally I love Chipotle but I'd have to say avoid this location at all costs. One of my friends' found a large bug in her lettuce, it was green with wings, not just a small gnat or something like that. It was pretty revolting. When she went to tell them, they gave her money back but refused to replace her food unless she paid for it. They weren't even apologetic or surprised by it. My other friend I was with got a quesadilla from this location and got food poisoning later that night too.

Rachelle Black

I love Chipotle for the healthy options and burrito/salad bowls. This particular one is located smack in the middle of downtown Berkeley, so right in the action. My girlfriend also lives upstairs from here, so I have to give it 5 stars!