Collective Kitchen & Bar

2132 Center St, Berkeley
(510) 647-8591

Recent Reviews

Connie TaylorSmith

I'm not a vegetarian. The food was great!

Lori M.

We just stopped in for drinks and snacks, but what we had was very good. The vegan desserts were tasty, and you wouldn't know they were vegan just by looking at them. I would add that I took one home and it was definitely better with ice cream. And that would include a soy ice cream, as there's some good ones out there. So maybe next time. Also had a dry hard cider, which was very nice. Will have to come back with vegan friends for the lasagna and the mac and cheese.

Lori Miller

We just stopped in for drinks and snacks, but what we had was very good. The vegan desserts were tasty, and you wouldn't know they were vegan just by looking at them. I would add that I took one home and it was definitely better with ice cream. And that would include a soy ice cream, as there's some good ones out there. So maybe next time. Also had a dry hard cider, which was very nice. Will have to come back with vegan friends for the lasagna and the mac and cheese.

Tom Kelly

Great food, inexpensive, centrally located.

Marques McDermott

Very nice enviorment but the food simply was not good, twice my food came out cold and eventually i had to get a refund and leace hungry, polite staff

F M.

Amazing food, drinks, desserts, AND hospitality! This was our first time here...the owner and staff were amazing! The food was incredible! Can't wait to come back and order the burger!!!

Marianne L.

My partner and I tried this place on a whim, and we both tried cocktails with a vegan bbq burger. I'm not vegetarian, but this burger was extremely good. The bun was so tasty, obviously homemade. I'd probably eat it by itself. Japanese sweet potato fries were better than the sweet potato fries you can get at most places, and thicker. Service was very nice, answered our questions about the food and brought out our drinks quickly. I only wished they had more cocktail options, but it sounds like all their cocktails are vegan, and use house-made juices.

Jonathan K.

The vegan lasagna is one of the best I've ever had! They use The Butcher's Son's cheese which is the best vegan mozzarella on the market. Comes with salad. So good...

Gaya G.

This isn't crap fast food; this is the real thrill of culinary satisfaction. Don't come here for a quick fix; come here because you appreciate true food, from the source, no additives, no preservatives. Everything is made by hand, with care for the ingredients. So your food is fresh, and you can taste it in every bite. Ask about the vegan lasagna and vegan burger. Here at Collective Kitchen, bread for the bun is made fresh each day, as is the patty and all other ingredients. This is a place to sit, chill, take your best friend, a date, roommate or colleague, talk, and truly enjoy your food. Or come alone and sit at the bar and be treated by the artistic bar tender who makes a wizardry of drinks with fresh pressed juices. You can't go wrong here. Come sit, enjoy your food in style with great music and ambiance.

Amy D.

This place is pretty new and pretty good. It's got your basics that you'd expect, comfort food, but GOOD. Not overly greasy and bland. The spices are on point, subtle but unexpected combinations. I highly recommend the vegan burger. It's not crazy and overdone, it's just made really well. Also, got a fresh juice and gin cocktail and it was great, not overpowering and just really fresh. It's a good sit down place, although you order up front, it's a good place to take your time. Also really great vibe and decorations.


$12.01 for a nice bowl of basic roma pasta and red sauce with 4 meatballs was quite filling, however I believe there is something in the meatballs that is not healthy for me as I am currently having difficulty breathing...

Chris B.

I gotta say this is gonna be one of my new favorite vegan places. Fresh delicious vegan (and vegetarian) food, and full bar. The vegan lasagne is amazing!! Highly recommended.

gayle p.

Love this new vegan place. Lovely environment. Delicious pizza. Comfy setting. Real nice service. I've went looking for plant-based restaurants and this is one of my favs now.


Downtown Berkeley... the best food and cocktails near the freight or the rep. . . Enjoyed a great meal a few weeks ago with friends. The salmon was AWESOME!! . . Tonight I tried the burger ( though not on menu) with the best herb fries I have had in forever. . .

Vik K.

This is top-quality, organic vegan food. I love the rice bowls and juices! Great place where you can tell they care. Eat here now!

Maya Gordon

We had an amazing meal here. Best vegan Mac n cheese I’ve had. And the special burger was unique and tasty! We also had a great ginger drink. Food can take a while if it’s busy, but the atmosphere and staff were so lovely that we had no problem waiting (plus the food was well worth it as everything seems made in house!) Can’t wait to return and try more. Thanks for creating such an awesome place!

Jaime Currier

A place that serves artisan cocktails and vegan comfort food??? Yes please! We cannot wait to come watch Warriors games here, play dice and eat vegan Mac and cheese. Yes, yes, yes, all day yes.

Tera Neff

Staff was amazing. The food was awesome had the vegeterian lasagna. They were all very comforting, the homemade apple juice swept me off my feet! They are also very envoirnmentally friendly with their metal straws. This place is a hidden gem.

Thunder Goddess

Good prices funny staff. My kid loves te ravioli

Jerrica Bullis

Great food and very nice staff! Pizza is so good!

Virginia R.

A friend and I visited early evening on a Tuesday (maybe 5:30pm?). We had originally planned to go to Saturn but found it was closed when we arrived. We decided to stop at nearby Cinnaholic for a treat for later and asked for a Vegan friendly option for dinner that might be close. The ladies suggested a new place around the corner called Collective and recommended the pizza. The restaurant was easy to locate and had a simple menu of vegan comfort food options. The person at the register greeted us promptly and suggested menu items. We each ordered a slice of pizza and a bowl of the Mac n cheese to share. Our food came out quickly and WOW! I have to say IMO it was the best vegan pizza I have ever had at a restaurant! The crust was more like a Focaccia bread which was perfect, because it needed the structure to hold ALL THE VEGETABLES! I'm usually not a fan of a lot of vegan cheese on my pizza but this had the perfect ratio and no vegetable was over cooked. The crust also had a nice flavor! The Mac was also very delicious and was a very generous portion! I lived for that pizza though! Our server was also very nice and told me they were a relatively new restaurant. I really hope this place does well! They offered delicious food and great service. I will be back soon!

Lynne A

Excellent service and the dinner was excellent. We shared a kale ceasar salad and I have the merguez sausage with orzo and zucchini. It was amazing. My husband had the roasted chicken with grilled vegetables. We were both very pleased. Our server was new but very attentive. We will be back. On my bill my server was rye toast? Maybe Ryan.

Keelia A.

Amazing, healthy food at AMAZING prices. Highly recommend, especially before word spreads and it gets overrun with people as I'm sure it will soon. We got rice bowls and pizza. Each ingredient tasted fresh and was cooked to perfection. Because it's a pretty new spot they're still working out a few kinks in service, but everyone was super nice and we had a great experience. Will be back again.


What a pleasant surprise. The kale ceasar was fabulous as well as the lamb sausage and chicken. Exceptionally tasty.

Morgan P.

Came here for the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce Spring Mixer and again for dinner a few weeks after. Both times everything was amazing. I got the Manzanita (one of their specialty drinks) both times I went and the rice bowl with kale salad the second time (my friend got the vegan Mac and cheese). Everything tasted soo fresh and amazing.


We had a marvelous brunch here— we enjoyed it so much that we asked for a copy of the dinner menu so that we can come back. I must begin this review by seconding the comment, below, about the DIVINE beignets. They were simply to die for! You must, must order some to begin your feast! Also, order some homemade raspberry jam to go with. You’ll be very happy you did! The menu here is innovative and creative, filled as it is with fresh and locally- sourced ingredients, and offering diverse and interesting combinations. (The prices are reasonable, given the very high quality of all the ingredients.) Everyone at our table ordered something different, and everybody clean their plate! I personally had corn cakes with avocado and scrambled eggs on top, with a puréed cilantro sauce on the side, and an arugula and cherry tomato salad. The service was friendly, prompt and fun.We are definitely coming back to enjoy another meal here!

Rachelle H.

My first visit to Collective will definitely have me coming back for more! I loved the friendly vibe of this place - which starts with the folks working behind the counter. The large open windows make dining here on a nice day especially great. More importantly, my food was great. I had the vegan mac and cheese which was shockingly good (for someone who is not a vegan and thus also eats real cheese Mac and cheese too...). Totally hit the spot. The breadstick that comes with it was so tasty too - flakey but still soft and perfectly toasty on the outside. To drink I had orange herbal tea which was garnished with a bit of lavender - delicious, tart, refreshing. I can't wait to come back to try more of their offerings!! One note for potential diners: this isn't "fast food", so don't expect your food in under 10 min. I was still in and out in under 40 min (order, ate, wrote this) so certainly good service, just not designed to be super fast like some of the take-out style restaurants near by.

Jaime C.

This is the place I've been dreaming of! A place with TVs for watching the game, that serves artisan cocktails and vegan comfort food???? Yesssssssss yes yes. UPDATE: Except both times we've gone in to watch a game, eat, and drink cocktails it hasn't worked out. The first time was because they didn't have streaming service to show the game, which is no big deal, but the second time the bartender was super rude and told us that if we ordered food and at least 3 drinks then she would turn on the game. That's exactly what we were planning on doing but the vibe was WEIRD and rude.

Joshua Tomblin

Great vegan and vegetarian options. Super friendly staff that's always kind. Would recommend to any vegan or vegetarian in the area. Tried one of their cocktails which was also very nice and made with fresh squeezed juice. I'm seriously addicted to their vegan Mac and cheese also.

Sammy S.

Super stoked to be writing this review! I was soooo excited to find out that a new vegan/vegetarian place hD opened! My partner and I went in last night and it was suppper cute inside! Everyone that works there is really nice especially the owner :) We ordered the vegan Mac n Cheese and the vegan Pizza! It was SO good! The MAC was incredibly creamy and the sauce was thick and had sooo much flavor! I could t get enough! Served in such cute dishes too. The pizza was amazing and bursted with flavor! The crust was crispy outside and soft inside AH my mouth is watering just thinking about it! We ordered two drinks and they were both delicious. Would highly recommend giving this place a try! :)

Mina F.

I am a Berkeley student, and it's rare that I'm motivated to write a Yelp Review, but this place is so incredible you should definitely come and try it out if you are interested in Vegan/Vegetarian food. What was so amazing about Collective Kitchen is that not only is the restaurant impeccably clean, but the food is also healthy AND affordable. It's so rare that you get all three, let alone two of those. I really see the Collective a part of the movement that makes healthy eating more accessible. I love the superfood bowls as much as the next person, but I can't afford them very often - let alone while I'm in college. I ordered the Vegetarian Pizza and Lasagna, and the Soup of the Day. Vegetarian Pizza was super delicious and a smaller portion (but is priced accordingly), and the Lasagna and Soup were huge servings and also very yummy. The bathroom was also very clean for those who care (lol).

Dan L.

Had a great lunch here today. Excellent food at good prices. I had vegan pizza and calzone (not yet on the menu). Both were fantastic, especially the calzone which had a great crunch to it. Stylish but relaxed atmosphere and lovely people. I didn't have anything from the bar, but the drink menu looks delicious. This is definitely going to be one of my go-to places for eating in downtown Berkeley.

Dubl A.

Nice place. Super spacious and comfy. Parking garage nearby super cheap Food is good Filling and healthy Not a gut bomb Loved the fresh juice too Will come back for the cocktails I like that they have organic and vegan options Nice job They make it easy to customize the dishes too


Picked this restaurant due to online menu and proximity to Zellerbach Hall. A friend and I had brunch before a Sunday matinee performance. So happy we tried the decadently perfect beignets first; I would have been sad if I'd been too full to have them after my meal! ;-) My friend had the chicken and waffles and said it was wonderful. I had the baked egg shakshuka (Moroccan-style tomato + harissa sauce, two Coastal Hill Farm eggs, zucchini, rainbow chard, feta, grilled baguette): it was incredible! The harissa sauce was out of this world.We had a reservation, but the restaurant was packed with people who had just shown up. Our server was slammed because of the number of people vs. servers, but she maintained an excellent attitude, and we had a wonderful experience. I will definitely go back if I'm in Berkeley.

Colin C.

Excellent food! Very tasty and fresh! Loved every bite. Come in and support the new restaurant. Definitely will be coming back in the near future.

Jaime C.

This is the place I've been dreaming of! A place with TVs for watching the game, that serves artisan cocktails and vegan comfort food???? Yesssssssss yes yes.

James Davis

Really tasty vegan mac n' cheese. Vegan pizza was a little carb heavy for my liking because of the bread but did not disappoint. Glad I came. Great 80's music and people too!

Nicolo Massa

What's your business number?

James D.

This place has amazing vegan mac and pizza. The staff are super nice! And awesome atmosphere.

Colleen R.

Good food but very few menu options and some of the slowest service I have ever experienced. Came here for lunch as a group and the food came out at different times, and we didn't get all of it for about 30 mins. As soon as we got our first round we decided to order more pizza and it took at least another 30 mins to come. We ended up just leaving. One person ordered a soda and it didn't come until we were halfway done eating. I would have come back but the food is just not worth the wait. Edit: turns out it was ready and they just didn't bother to tell us. Apparently they may have forgotten who it was for and went to the other two tables in the restaurant and then just left it up front on the counter. Also worth noting that we were the only people in the restaurant when we walked in and that the only person who ordered something remotely complicated got served first (polenta dish, everyone else ordered a rice bowl, pizza, soup, and lasagna). Total time spent in the restaurant was about 90 minutes, with maybe 15 of that being actually eating and the rest just waiting.