Comal Next Door

2024 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 422-6625

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The dude in the front with long hair has honestly provided the best customer service I have ever experienced. The food is absolutely on point and it is always prepared fast and correct. Best Burritos in Berkeley no doubt about it ?

Krystyna Holder

Best burritos in town and exceptional service. A gem!

David Cronin

Tasty al pastor burritos. Son got the barbacoa which was nice as well.

silvia s.

Even my picky grandchildren liked the food! Easy to order and pickup.

Peter Connolly

Got the frozen chicken enchiladas. Heat em up in the oven for 40 minutes and you've got a great meal. When i bought them each portion looked kinda small but once they're cooked, you've got a gut buster on your hands. Throw in a side of chips and guacamole and a shot of tequila and you'll be in heaven! ?

Stephen G

I have been on the hunt for this place for what feels like forever. Simple, good, authentic, local Mexican food ever since I've moved into the area.So here it goes. Ordered a chicken burrito, no crema, refried beans with the pico de gallo add-on. It was just perfect. Imo burritos should not be served with non-refried beans because they fall out of the tortilla way to easily and are not usually as tasty in this package. Secondly, the pico de gallo was key here in keeping it tasting fresh.Onto the meat. This is where most other restaurants nearby fail here. It's usually too dry and basically flavorless. The anchiote marinade shines though here and the meat is perfectly tender, it's perfect.Next up is there cheese, there's lots of it on here and unproportioned well making it interesting with great cheesy goodness.There are french fries in here and honestly they were totally not needed but they didn't get in the way of me enjoying all of the deliciousness here. They used them sparingly and that is a great thing.The tortilla itself was nice and fluffy, not sure if it's actually homemade here but anyroad that is completely irrelevant. It does not detract from the flavor and that's good enough for me.The salsa provided moisture and deepened the flavor. It says it's chipotle but it's unlike other ones I've tried because the flavor of that particular chile is not overly poignant. Mostly it's there to accentuate the smokey flavor of the meal and it does just that. If I had to provide some criticism it would simply be that there was not enough spiciness to the dish so maybe some salsa on the side would rectify that.It is rare to find such flavors and this place succeeds on so many levels it reminded me why I love Mexican cuisine. Will definitely need to revisit and soon.

Misha W

They have not responded to my phone calls about an order made incorrectly. We had to toss the dish because our family member can't eat two ingredients that they put in the meal. The order slip and the tags were correct; whomever plated it, didn't follow instructions. Too bad we wanted to like Comal. We traveled 45 minutes to get dinner from them based on a family member's recommendation.

Isa R.

My favorite Mexican place, best burrito in the bay, cool staff, thank you.

Jennifer W.

I think we've ordered from here at least 5 times in the past month. We've been in the Bay area for a little over a year now and have tried MANY taco joints, but this place beats them all. I'm not kidding when I say these are the best I've ever had -- ANYWHERE. The ingredients and flavor combinations are 100% on point. The tortillas are the perfect texture: soft, a little chewy, and never dried out. And it's not just the tacos. My husband says the carnitas burrito is absolute perfection. The tortilla chips are crunchy, the right amount of salty, and stand up to the flavorful guac. Oh, and that chipotle salsa--I want to buy a vat of it so I can put it on everything! Why this place doesn't have 5 stars is beyond me. It's hands-down our new favorite restaurant.

Sagruilla P.

This has been our special occasion burrito place during Covid restrictions. Their burritos are perfectly flavored, the to-go margaritas are fun, and the salsas and guacamole are also tasty. The food and beverages are all wrapped up in a way that is not wasteful and yet ensures safe traveling to serve a great meal at home. One margarita order comes in a bottle, and one bottle has been enough for a generous serving for two adults who also have to fulfill functional parenting duties.For the quality of food, the prices are fair. This shelter-in-place time is hard, but getting excellent margaritas to-go is a plus.

T Nish

I live above you guys. You need to clean your stove exhaust. It stinks bad. I hope that's not your food and its just cleaning that needs to be done.

Kongie V.

I ordered this through DoorDash given the proximity and the 4.9 rating on DoorDash. WHAT A MISTAKE!A side order of Rice & Beans from an authentic restaurant is usually a big portion. Given that we paid $4 each for the side of rice and beans and got two little white cups of rice! See the pics. Beans on the bottom and rice on top. #GTFOHWTBSTheir Habanero is a cheap take on actual tabasco with a lower dosage of vinegar and one habanero pepper AND it costs $7! HELL TO THE NAW!We live in California where there is an abundance of local authentic Mexican restaurants - DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WHITE-WASHED Mexican restaurant!I blame myself because I was hungry and didn't think to search before I ordered food from this Chipotle-wanna-be-anglo-saxon-uppity-gentrified take on Mexican food. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS OVERPRICED GENTRIFIED PLACE. Should've stuck to my instinct and went to Taqueria Sinaloa!ARGH!!!!! me later.

Ed U.

** The following review reflects my delivery experience DURING the COVID-19 pandemic. **It's co-MALL. At least that's how Pati Jinich pronounces it on her cooking show, and it looks like she would know. Maybe it's kum-mel to everybody else, but I'll just pretend I'm from Oaxaca and hang with Pati even though I stripped out some key ingredients from the delivery order I made for Jamie W. and me. No cilantro. No rice. We're so disciplined even during a quarantine. OK, we're not. We eat doughnuts when our willpower evaporates.But not this time. Nope, we decided to try the veggie bowls and maintain our clear consciences. We first ordered the $11.50 Veggie Bowl with corn, zucchini, potatoes, poblano chile, black beans, cheese, crema, salsa verde, onion, and lots of lettuce (photo: It was delicious like a deconstructed veggie taco. Our second bowl was the $11.50 Mushroom & Spinach Bowl complemented by rajas which I believe are strips of poblano chiles (ain't that right, Pati?)It was mixed with pretty much the same ingredients as the Veggie Bowl (photo: What can I say? We're creatures of habit. This one was tasty, too, since they sautéed the mushrooms and didn't overdo the oil & vinegar dressing. We shared a side of the $6 Green Beans which was mixed with a Oaxacan pumpkin seed-arbol chile salsa (photo: Very fresh with the beans retaining a nice snap. I don't think they were grilled on a comal. Oops, I mean co-MALL.FOOD - 4 stars...really fresh with bouncy Oaxacan flavorsAMBIANCE - n/a...never been inside...somedaySERVICE - 4 stars...just what we wanted at the right timeTOTAL - 4 - In the mood for Mexican? Here's a collection of places I've tried and reviewed:

Jessica W.

Awesome bean and cheese burrito and amaro margarita!!! Oh my god, do yourself a favor and add the roasted peppers, rice, sliced avocado, lettuce, and chipotle salsa. The Joaquin Murrieta margarita has reposado tequila, Montenegro amaro, and bitters. It's amaro-forward, but you can still taste the tequila. It's so yummy if you're into that sort of thing. Can't wait to try the salads and tacos (and other margaritas).

Benita I.

Crazy good burritos! Thought the regular Comal was a little overpriced but the new takeout spot with burritos is SO worth it. Got the al pastor burrito and I've never had al pastor taste so good before - really packed with flavor you can't tell they use good ingredients and a good size too.

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