Comal Next Door

2024 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 422-6625

Recent Reviews

Max F.

Outstanding Al-Pastor pork burrito. Ordered as is and was not disappointed. Everything was fused perfectly together, cheese was melted, and the pork was tender and sweet. Every bite felt like a journey into Mexican heaven. I swear if only I had a Corona this would have been god-sent. Topped with some Crystal hot sauce or Comal's hot sauce makes it even better. Also, be sure to ask for chips as they are no joke.

Thehugaisfamily 0.

So i got to the restaurant and when I was ordering food I look at the guy that was in the kitchen and he was and sneezing and he also didn't have a mask that covers his mouth.

adrian b.

This place makes the best burrito I've had in the East Bay, maybe even the galaxy. It's at that tier where it doesn't really make a difference to me, which burrito slightly ekes out some other as the "best," but I will get offended and potentially make terroristic threats if you, for example, do a "top ten" list of best burritos and leave them out.

S M.

Love their salads and bowls. The green beans are also delicious. Had their burritos a couple of times and those easily feed me for two meals.

Emily K.

Comal Next Door is incredible. Great food and good prices. Couldn't ask for a better neighborhood spot!

Jason F.

Looking for a quick stop for an affordable quick burrito, soft taco, or other delectable Mexican dish to satiate your appetite? Then Comal Next Door is the place for you! What is really a brilliant idea from the owners of Comal the high-end Mexican restaurant and bar located right next door on Shattuck Avenue in downtown Berkeley. Comal Next Door has all the great food that Comal is know for without all the pretentiousness, the budget busting or the long waiting around for a table. Don't get me wrong, I love a good Happy Hour cocktail at Comal and wouldn't even consider coming to Comal Next Door if it wasn't for the crowds and wait times that Comal tends to attract, so Comal next door is the perfect alternative for Mexican food lovers on the go. Coincidentally, I came with friends on a Friday evening when many other restaurants, including Comal were packed with people and a group of friends and I were looking for a quick bite and a place to sit down an eat something. So Comal Next Door was the best option available and we could not be more satisfied. They have a lot of intriguing options on their menu, from burritos to bowls to soft tacos to tortas, it's all here. Since I was here for the first time I like to try a traditional dish that even staff would consider their signature dish, so I decided to order a burrito, the Beef Barbacoa made with pinquito beans, red rice, cheese, crema, chipotle salsa, onion and cilantro was their only beef based burrito they serve at Comal Next Door and at 11 dollars was a reasonable price point. It's a simple order at the counter, they give you a number and bring it to your table once it's ready, and in mere minutes our order came out. I thought my burrito, although on the skinnier size that I am used to was still juicy and flavorful, the meat was well seasoned and all of the ingredients made for a nice combination. The burrito combined with a tasty horchata made for a quick and casual meal for a total of 15 dollars. Would I come to Comal Next Door in the future? When I'm in a jam type of mood and need to get something on the go, you better believe it. They seem to be bringing the fresh quality food they serve at next door at Comal without the fuss and a more reasonable price point, and for that I am personally thankful they exist in the buzzy downtown Berkeley. The perfect place for college students and local foodies alike.

K. P.

Re-opened during the COVID shutdown. Ordered the chicken tacos, carnitas tacos, green beans, and rice and beans. Totally delicious. THANK YOU for being open during this difficult time! We need you and your tacos! Update: the veggie burrito is also amazing.

Mary B.

The better half and I are big fans of the quality and unique offerings of Comal so we thought we'd given Next Door a try. It delivers (figuratively and literally via third party services). Everything we ordered was on point: -Fried Chicken Torta, no slaw, add avocado ($12.50 + $1.50) - telera roll was fresh and buttery, savory chicken. -Al Pastor Burrito ($11.50) - beans and cheese melted together in perfect harmony -Hibiscus Lemonade ($4.00) - refreshing and sweet -Orange Pineapple Ginger ($4.00) - well-balanced, ginger was subtle -Chipotle Salsa 8oz ($4.00) - hot and fresh out the kitchen Highlights: friendly service, quality for the (higher) price, timely pickup, *and* Comal will soon be offering their menu items to to go as well. Lowlight: limited parking options in the downtown Berkeley area even during a pandemic but didn't stop many from tossing on the hazards and double parking in one of the lanes. Accessible enough so no one can keep us away!

Elizabeth I.

THE BEST BURRITOS IN THE EAST BAY. They were closed for a few weeks at the beginning of shelter in place and we craved them for literal weeks. Do yourself a favor and order them to go/for deliver right now.


I love the corn, zucchini and poblano Chile burrito. Very friendly service Excellent food Can't wait to go back

Kip Crosby

if you've never had achiote done right, you don't understand this unique brick-red Mexican seasoning. Try the achiote grilled chicken, whether as a bowl or as a burrito, for a truly taste-awakening experience.

Joe F.

The chipotle salsa is red crack. I cannot stop smoking it - sometimes I eat it too. Great everything - I like the achiote chicken myself but it's all very good. I've been to Comal but like the casual and quick experience of Comal Next Door; I have gotten it delivered at least 50 times at this point.

Brian Hickey

I've been getting the salad and switching up which protein I put on it. Fantastic food, and it comes it really quick. There's communal tables.

Leigh N.

I walked in to Comal Next Door assuming it was a sit-down sort of restaurant -- totally missed the fact that it was Comal Next Door and not Comal the Restaurant (which is next door... yeah that makes sense now). The menu is on the wall, on your left when you walk in, but all I saw was the little menu by the register. I was confused, because I'd looked at the menu online, and I didn't see anything from the online menu on the little paper menu or the menu on the wall -- that would be because I'd looked at the restaurant menu, not the Next Door menu. Now you know that these are two separate places, and where the menu is at Next Door, so you don't have to be a dork like me. I ordered two mini corn quesadillas, one beef barbacoa taco, and a frozen (blended) margarita. The corn quesadillas were good, but not any different than what I would make at home; the beef barbacoa taco was kind of dry; the margarita was delicious, much better than the food. It was a very small sampling of their menu, so I may update my review when I've tasted more of the items.

Mimi M.

Well first of all... incredible tortillas. I try not to order a burrito, but jeez the tortillas are amazing. I indulge in CND burritos. First it was the chile relleno, I love a good chile relleno burrito. Now it's the chile verde tofu. I didn't know how much I loved chile verde until now, and it's tofu! Crazy. This reads as a vegetarian review, but IT IS NOT. I'm a fan of the meat. I haven't even mentioned the chips. Indulgent. So fried. So delicious. I try not to order them. I succeed... most of the time. All this, AND amazing service. We typically order CND through Caviar. We order a lot, and they've always been amazing. Just recently, Caviar decided to suck real hard (like they, and other delivery services do periodically), and our order was so many minutes late. I think it took an hour 40 minutes for it to be delivered. Anyhow, it came with a cookie, piping hot, and a note that they had remade it 4 times to ensure it was hot & delicious. We adore Comal Next Door for their amazing food, we will forever love them for their commitment to fresh, hot, amazing food & service. XOXO Did I mention how good their tortillas are?

Owen Haupt

Chill spot, unique menu. Will be returning in the future!

Sergio C.

I had a carnitas burrito today and it was delicious. I liked the side of the pickled carrots and jalapeños. Their hot sauce is good too. I'm taking a course nearby once a week and overall really impressed by the diverse eateries in the area. Way better than the options downtown SF where I live. I'll be back!

Larissa Benjamin

Always fast and great! Best veggie burrito. Kind employees too.

Henry Su

I can wait to try the tacos - chicken tinga and carne asafa. I also got the grilled cebollitaa and collard greens.


quick, limited menu extension of the main restaurant next door

Inwhan R.

Been here several more times after my original review... and I keep finding myself wanting to come back. The pastor burrito is still unbalanced imo, but I love the fried chicken torta. Also tried part of a taco and the chorizo breakfast burrito. Definitely not going for an authentic Mexican feel, so don't look for it. The fried chicken could/should be way crispier, but it is so yummy as a whole (nice spicy kick to it too) I really want to try the frozen margarita one of these days, but havent been able to justify the price since I look for a quick fix when I am here.

Steve B.

I placed a Togo order and it was ready in 5 minutes. The shop was very clean and neat Chicken Burrito 7/10 Chicken Taco 7/10 Food is tasty!


Grest tacos and fresh beverages right in downtown of Berkeley. Simple and delicious.

David Wetterau

This place has always been super fast and the food is delicious. I rarely ever can eat all of it, even though I always want to.

Sarvin K.

Went here on a Friday night for dinner for a few friends. The restaurant has a nice cozy ambiance to it. It's pretty spacious with inside and outside seating. We had to wait for our table for 25 minutes so we ordered drinks at the bar first. The margarita is a must! It was so tasty and fresh. We got seated and ordered chips and salsa, guac and the ceviche. They came out pretty quick. The chips are so tasty that we ended up getting refills. For entrees we got the fish tacos, tamale, and enchiladas. The enchiladas were everyone's favorite by a mile! We wished we ordered two instead of one as we were all fighting for the last pieces. The fish tacos were ok in my opinion but others enjoyed them. The only con of the night was that we had to wait 20 minutes to flag someone down to take our bill at the end of the night. The table next to us had the same issue. The server went on break without letting another server know. Other than that, Comal was a good night out eating with friends.

Victoria S.

My boyfriend and I decided to try this casual spot after encountering a long wait for a table at its next-door-neighbor namesake, Comal. We left satisfied. Service was friendly and quick, and the food was tasty. Chips and Salsa: Chips were thick and filling and came with a side of two salsas. The dark red salsa was thicker in consistency and slightly sweet -- to me, it was reminiscent of barbecue sauce, though my boyfriend is on the fence about this label. The green sauce, however, provided a refreshing kick to balance out a heavy chip. Barbacoa bowl: I expected more food overall (the table next to us also got a bowl, and her food was over the bowl's rim -- perhaps she ordered a different meat option), but the meal was filling enough. The barbacoa was in larger, tougher chunks that I had to cut through... not bad at all, but I was expecting a consistency more like a fall-apart beef brisket. The flavors were enjoyable. Overall, a nice place for a casual, quick bite.

Matt Stefely

Great quality food in a fast-food setting. Staff is friendly. Can get crowded because it’s such a small space.

Doran I.

They get the worst meat pieces from the sit-down restaurant next door. I ordered a carnitas burrito and it was literally just fat. I ate half thinking I'd eventually get to the meat. Asked for another one, which they gave me without fuss, but it was ANOTHER all fat burrito. Can't go back to this place. Maybe just get tacos so you can actually see what's in it.

Justin Martin

Delicious (but very greasy) tortas; fast and quick service, casual setting

William G.

My favorite Mexican restaurant right now. The Chorizo and Chicken burritos taste so good, which I chalk up to the use of cilantro, onion, and chipotle sauce. The Chorizo burrito in particular is amazing, the egg goes so well and the chorizo is very juicy. Definitely would recommend for a quick meal. The horchata is also really good albeit a bit sweet.

Mark Watson

This place would have got a better review if I did have huge chunks of fat in the taco. Leaves me with less than half meat on the tacos. Other than that the meat is tender and good flavor. The jalapeños are HOT and I like spicy foods, but those were Hot.

Igor Liskovets

Great tortas (fried chicken was awesome) and good tacos

David N.

Volunteering at the Berkeley Humane Society's fundraiser at Fieldworks Brewing, I made tacos carnitas from the fixin's provided by Comal. The event started at 12:00 and the delivery arrived at 11:45. Plenty of time to set up. Everything comes in sealed containers. Meat, small white corn tortillas, Chilie Verde salsa, cilantro, and onions. We kept the meat in a hot box warmer and it stayed nice and most. Sampled my mistakes. Haha! The green salsa is the real deal and the carnitas were so flavorful. Delicious!

Charles Griswold

Great food, workers paid a fair wage that they don't accept tips

Comensal A.

On a recent visit to Berkeley, we stopped in at Comal Next Door for a quick lunch: burrito, salad and a beer. The burrito, a carnitas, was excellent - rich, substantial and delicious. Staff were friendly. The décor is pretty Spartan, of course. Limited beer selection. All good - I'd go back if I'm in the area again.

Albert T.

My gf and I got the Al Pastor burrito and Carnitas burrito respectively. Both were disappointing. We had heard great things about this place but the burritos lacked flavor. The tortilla is on the better side quality wise but overall the burrito is mediocre at best. There isn't any tang, or spice or zing. The only flavorful notes i got were from the raw onions, not the most pleasant. ( I couldn't even taste the cilantro, i LOVVEEE cilantro). The meat, although tender was dry (the al pastor in particular) and maybe not seasoned because it was, guess what ... flavorless. Afterwards, I did not feel that satisfying fullness that other hearty meals may provide. I felt empty inside, not emotionally, but physically, in the stomach region to be specific. I would say try this place out for yourself and form your own opinion, doing that in life is important, forming one's own opinions through experiences - not going to comal, that is not THAT important.

J P.

This is probably my favorite burrito spot in the Downtown Berkeley area. I usually either get the Chorizo burrito or the Berkshire Pork Carnitas burrito, and both have always tasted really delicious, fresh and filling. The cashier is always friendly. There is also self-serve water in the corner. The only downside to the place is that it's fairly small (but a lot of places in Downtown Berkeley are small). So if it's really busy and you want to eat inside, it may take awhile to get a seat. But I will keep coming back for their delicious and fresh food.

Kendall L.

Great food and friendly service! I forgot to order a burrito without cheese, and they remade it for me for free even though they didn't have to. Their agua frescas are amazing too!

Gay H.

Being from Tucson,AZ I have to say this food was excellent. A little of taste of home in the Bay Area. Very friendly staff and quick service.

Catherine K.

I have nothing negative to say about this lovely spot. All the goodness of the original Comal but much more affordable. My favorites are the carnitas tacos, guacamole and chips and potato egg chorizo bowls. The aguas frescas are thirst quenching and deeply satisfying. The service is swift and the crew friendly and helpful. Love Comal Next Door!