Cornerstone Craft Beer & Live Music

2367 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 214-8600

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Mandy Heuermann

We came here with a larger group later on a Friday night after work and I was pleasantly surprised that there was room for us, I thought it might be crazy busy at that hour. The back patio with fire pits is great and the bar is huge with lots of big tables so great for our larger party. The bar staff were very attentive and polite, great beer list and some great whiskeys for reasonable prices! I am old so it was a little louder than ideal for me :) But not surprising for a bar/music venue so close to campus. I would definitely go back!

Rachel DLM

Good beer selection. Lots of seating. If it is cold, bring a sweater/jacket. Whatever the temp is outside is what it is in there, from what I have seen. But I appreciate the fresh air.

Sergio Guadarrama

Very nice patio with fireplaces, wide tables and open space. Great selection of beers and ciders. Typical bar food with good quality

Elena Stepina

Because the didn’t refund my money, they spoiled my Friday night


Any burger that has mac and cheese and pulled pork gets 5 stars in my book! I went for lunch. Staff was super nice! Good food. Great drinks. Very nice venue.

Viola Day

Swanky. Really swanky. I liked it though. The decor is modern and attractive, the floor-plan is open, yet there are multiple sections with their own bars so you never have to wait long to order a drink. Seating is a mix of couches, tables, and high bars. The downside? I paid $7.83 for Trumer Pils.

David Herod

Great food and fantastic atmosphere. We were there for a small venue and it was great being able to relax and eat before the show started. We sat outside next to a fire pit to enjoy our meal and the warmth.My girlfriend had been here several times and always talked it up. Now I know why. Great place!


Went a few weeks back & was not disappointed. Bar & restrooms on bottom level, I think extra seating on top level but I didn't go up. Checked folx at the doors & masks were encouraged. Was a really good show. Would def go again.

Leona Stewart

I went and saw tribal seeds. This was my first time at this venue. I was surprised at how roomy everything felt after things got going. It looks small but it's a nice place to see a show. The beers were $6 and the specialty drinks were a little more. I don't know if the bar portion has the same price range. But it was nice to be able to drink affordably when you consider typical concert drink prices. The sound was hella good. I'll definitely be back for future shows.

Adrien K-B

I got to see several of my favorite bands live and it was a surreal experience. The venue is well ventilated, well lit, and overall amazing. Totally worth the drive from Roseville!!!

James K

A welcome addition to Berkeley (3.5 Green Stars)I haven’t written a review for two months – the guilt! Looking through my photos, I’m going to review places where I’ve been, in reverse order. First up is Cornerstone, and I have to say that I’m proud of this photo. A basket of fries and pint of Death & Taxes, sitting on my table in the evening light, took on the gravity and artistry of a masterwork by Vermeer or Degas. Anyhoo, after a solitary start with my beer and fries, it ended up being a big group – a post-lockdown work reunion – and I think everyone was pretty happy with their night.I like Cornerstone because it’s one of those bars where you’re more likely to mix with more people (within your own group or randos) rather than somewhere like Jupiter where people tend to not leave their seats. Not that I don’t love Jupiter – the two places are similar in some ways but Cornerstone adds a level of chaos (but in a good way!). Good selection of beer and food, spacious and pretty – what more do you want?I’m also giving the Cornerstone 3.5 out of 5 “Green Stars” for social and environmental impact, based on this:• Large emphasis on local draft beer, which is so much better than packaged beer from afar.• On this visit, the staff ran out of clean glasses and switched to plastic cups. Generally that doesn’t happen but hopefully it won’t become a trend.• The food menu caters well for vegetarians and fairly well for vegans.• No info is provided on social and environmental impact (e.g., food sourcing, staff benefits, etc.)• According to Glassdoor, a server/bartender earns around $16/hr plus around $10/hr in tips.Interested in writing green star reviews? If so, please check out the Green Stars Project.

Zachary Allegretti

Can't speak for the bar, but the concert venue is great!

Clover Lee

Great little venue I'd never been to before. Nice looking sports bar in the front, surprisingly large venue in the back. Not ADA accessible though. You have to get up a flight of stairs to get into the venue, then another flight of stairs to the "ADA seating", which was not reserved and I only got seats because I got there early. Staff seemed a bit impatient but there was a lot of people there.

Julian Aptowitz

Large performance place, with a large bar. Had a couple of beers (very large selection). Food was just ok. Enjoyed the cheese board.

Beverly Woo

SUPER CROWDED! interesting they didn't have bouncers up front checking Id's, covid cards,etc. it would save time for bartenders. Service not all that great.Chopped BLT salad was delish as well as the Mac n cheese bites.English Beat show was fantastic!!

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Cornerstone Craft Beer & Live Music

2367 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 214-8600