Country Cheese

2101 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 841-0752

Recent Reviews

Saeed R.

Located on San Pablo in Berkeley, this place maybe small, but packs a powerful punch! I lucked out by finding parking right in front of the store. When you walk in, it seems chaotic. Shelves everywhere with various items (like teapots and jams) for sale. Keep walking back and you will approach the sandwich order counter. I chose the "create your own sandwich" option. Prosciutto and salami on a soft roll with Gouda, tomato's, lettuce, and hot mustard. It was about $14 (but that was because I ordered my sandwich with salami). I would definitely recommend this place AND come back again.


Wondeful selection of a cheese and a wide variety of products available for bulk purchase

Janice Ricks

Sorry to hear they are closing

hector ramirez

Great selection !

kelley b.

Great Bulk! Great Items! Great Prices! I love this place and have been coming here for years for their sandwiches and cheese selection. But have recently come to love their amazing, and super economical bulk selection. And then discovered their AMAZING teas! I have bought several of my favorite teas - both common and extremely exotic. LOVE Country Cheese!!!!

Paul M.

Great location for some high end appetizers... especially when the French friends are coming over. Staff was helpful & pleasant.

DubR C

Wide variety of cheeses from around the world as well as many other specialties such as Baklava 😋. Friendly and helpful staff. Parking can be a challenge during peak commute times.

Keizzel C.

With build your own sandwiches/one meat sandwiches starting at $8 and specialty sandwiches starting at $9.99 don't miss out on Country Cheese! With Montagues being my old sandwich stomping grounds I was on the lookout for a new sandwich spot that was both affordable and delicious which led me to check out this place. Country Cheese is located on San Pablo so it's farther away from the Berkeley student crowd but there's quite a bit of free 24 minute and 2 hour parking in the surrounding neighborhood. Not only is this a yummy sandwich spot, but they also sell various cheeses, Beechers Mac n Cheese, and even cater meat/cheese platters. I got the Italian speciality sandwich ($9.99) with salami, mortadella, provolone, spring mix, pepperoncini, salt & pepper, red vinegar, and tomatoes on a toasted soft roll (they toast all their breads) and YUM! The sandwich was a nice balance with even layers for each bite and I paired it with a bag of chips they sell in the store and it was a great lunch. Feel free to enjoy your meal outside at one of their tables or the bench area they have in the back of the store. Staff here was friendly during my visit and I'm sure I'll come back to try one of their other speciality sandwiches! Be sure to check out the signs near the deli so you can see new combos they are trying out.

Erica S.

I bought $15 of Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk cheese- I've gotten it many, many times from stores and the Creamery itself in Pt Reyes. Unfortunately this one was expired. Yuck. There was no "Sell By" date printed on the wrapper (bad sign). Never buying cheese here again.

Zara Marin Franks

I've frequented this shop almost my whole life growing up in Berkeley. Their chocolate selection is out of this world and quality of teas incredible! Shirley is a true expert and travels to the source to hand pick her teas. Even though I no longer live in the area this will remain one of my most favorite shops in the WHOLE WORLD!

A Google User

Yummy sandwiches. Really nice people. Check out their teas and coffees.

tom fauquet

Yummy sandwiches. Really nice people. Check out their teas and coffees.

P. I.

One of the last mom-and-pops specialty stores in the East Bay, carrying a curated collection of fine foods and bulk items.You have to go there to understand!

Ugo R.

Since the parents retired, the daughter took over and almost double the prices. RIDICULOUS, GREED. And also they never want to give the receipt. HELLOOOO THIS IS AMERICA and not South East Asia. Get your shit together

Adriana B.

Best sandwich I've had in a really long time. At least from a deli, they have high quality productions and really fancy potato chips to compliment the huge variety of sliced meats. I feel like the $10 was steep for a sandwich on sliced bread, but I took one bite and realized that I wasn't eating the cheap iceberg lettuce most places serve. The meat was sliced thin enough to have a texture but not too thick where it just feels like a meat overload. The avocado was tasted in every single bite of the sandwich. I would return. I actually wanted to go back like a few days after I went. The cashier was also managing the store, I wouldn't be surprised if she was the owner. They have a nice selection of cheeses, chocolate covered nuts, beverages and a couple tables to sit down and eat inside. The multi grain bread was toasted to a nice texture, not too hard but not so soft that the mayo and mustard wilts the bread. I was actually impressed with the sandwich and how it didn't start to disassemble mid way through. Happy to have gone here it's definitely a gem and worth every penny.

Richard Sheng

For a small establishment, they have a tremendous selection of cheeses. My go-to place when I need something obscure.

Carl L.

Great spot for cheese and small groceries. They have the best pour-over coffee makers from Japan, which is such a key hookup. French press is over rated, if you want good coffee these guys will hook you up for cheap

Lana Frierson

Country Cheese has a lot of great products, different types of cheese, crackers, cookies, and pretty good sandwiches. They also have a variety of teas and other snacks. I highly recommend them.

Cynthia J.

Amazing sandwiches that put Subway to shame! I shop their great choices of cheese (like their name!!) and bulk raw foods. So friendly owners!!


This place has everything from boba to olive oil! Delicious sandwiches and great cuts of meat. I'm living around the corner and it's prices are better than most specialty shops.

Zane Maxie

Let’s just say I rather go to Safeway deli and get a better sandwich

Dan W.

This place is amazing! I want to buy everything in the store (especially the cheese because... obviously it's cheese). The sandwiches are fantastic and the people are super nice too. They clearly take a lot of pride in the food they sell being the best quality possible.

Gloria Tim

I love this place in Berkeley, it has so much stuff to buy. Fresh made sandwiches of your choice of everything. Lots of cheeses, samples too. Lots of bulk spices,tea,coffee, and other stuff. Wonderful German restaurant several doors away. Great owner and helpers, VERY nice and friendly.

In Between Lattes

Besides cheese, this place also sells spices, teas, grains and even olive oil, in bulk! They accommodate if you bring your own container/jar for a refill. Awesome place if you’re into zero waste/low waste shopping.

Cody F.

Just bought expired burrata from this place, seems like I'm not the only one who has bought old food here. I should've checked the sell by date but honestly I don't expect products to be a week past due when I shop I places. Also the store seemed kind of dingy and unclean.

Damaris M.

Review for the sandwiches- It is disappointing to see the decline over the past year or so. I remember when the sandwiches had a proper amount of turkey, however the past couple of sandwiches I ordered virtually had no meat (see pic). Opted to add $2 for avocado, and got a very thin layer of it. I though it was possibly just an off day the first time, but apparently that's how the sandwiches are now made since the next one I ordered was the same. I really hope they consider yelp reviews and adjust their portions. Not expecting a mountain of meat, but its sad that their sandwiches have less meat than Subway. The good- bread is very soft and fresh, veggies are also fresh. The employees are always helpful. The grocery has a great selection of cheeses and other goods.

David S.

I always walk out of this store happy. Good selection of cheese (of course), great pantry items, made to order sandwiches, teas, ready to serve items (all pretty great), and really pleasant people. Glad to have this in the neighborhood.

Lacey T.

Country Cheese just gets me. Wandering the streets and exploring all the little shops in Berkeley was giving me all the feels, and making me miss big cities full of culture. I fell in love with this area, and Country Cheese contributed to that in big part. It is like the perfect shop of all my favorite things: Coolers of cheese (a few varieties were out to sample), a large selection of chocolates, fancy coffees and teas (and like $100 packs of pu erh!), nuts, dried fruits, spices by the ounce, specialty baking supplies, even chocolate covered baklava (did you know that was a thing? Why has no one told me?!) We happened to arrive during lunchtime, and decided to grab sandwiches here. My general feeling toward sandwiches is a big, "meh." It is hard to beat a really great one, but the vast majority are mediocre at best. Happily, Country Cheese serves up the former variety. It starts with fantastic bread, and I opted to have the Italian House Special on a baguette (it is usually served on a roll). I am giving myself serious props for this because that baguette, while crunchy on the outside, was not too thick, and paired perfectly with the fillings. It was the epitome of Italian style sammies. I also had a bite of The Frenchie, which was equally swoon-worthy. These are not the gross, gigantic belly-buster type, but they were plenty big, and I only ate a little over half of mine. There are a couple bistro tables out front, as well as a large picnic table indoors in the back. They were consistently busy at lunchtime, and it seemed that most customers took their orders to-go, but it is nice to have the option to dine-in. As far as prepared food goes, beyond the 25+ varieties of sammies, they also offer coffee and its many variations, boba tea, smoothies, and I think they might have had a soup of the day. If you appreciate putting together your own meal this is still a dreamy little shop. On an alternative visit I might have picked up some fresh baked artisan bread, a couple varieties of cheese, maybe some fancy mustard, of course a treat or two, and various other picnic-y accoutrements. My only complaint was that the cashier (I think owner?) rang up a few chocolate bars for me, but they did not come up in her system at the sale price, and I did not notice until after they were paid for. It was only a difference of a couple dollars, and she suggested I grab a drink (there are myriad options here) and call it even. I wish she would have offered a refund, but she was so sweet, and I did not want to make a big deal. All this is simply to say that it would be a good idea to make sure items are the correct price prior to paying (which, ya know, is a good idea anywhere, ha). This is the exact sort of charming shop that I just adore. It is full of character, and there are so many treasures stuffed into the small space you truly cannot guess what you might discover. I WILL return someday.

F. J. O.

The new owner is rude and disrespectful to her staff and customers. At first I thought it was just new owner nerves but it kept happening. I live right around the corner and I go there often. I have witnessed her talk down to people as if they are stupid and beneath her too many times now. It's a very unpleasant shopping experience, I won't go back anymore. It's really a shame because I like the place otherwise.

Sean C.

I occasionally come here to get one of their fresh made sandwiches for lunch. Their sandwiches are nicely sized, sourdough rolls arre fresh and crispy, and they use a nice amount of meat, cheese and toppings. Prices are reasonable too - $9 for a large enough sandwich that could feed two people

Bumble B.

I occasionally come here to get one of their fresh made sandwiches for lunch. Their sandwiches are nicely sized, sourdough rolls arre fresh and crispy, and they use a nice amount of meat, cheese and toppings. Prices are reasonable too - $9 for a large enough sandwich that could feed two people

Julia F.

I used to love this place but today I came in for eggs and some other ingredients for the brownies I was planning to bake. All of the eggs had a sell by date of April 1, 13 days ago. I opened one carton and an egg was cracked and looked very spoiled. I told the woman working there who did not seem to care incredibly much and said quietly they'd look into it. It makes me worried other things on their shelf are old. I walked over to Mi Tierra and gave them my business instead.

Gibran L.

I've been coming here for lunch almost weekly for 3 years ever since I started working up the street. The owner Shirley is a very kind and pleasant woman, who greets me everytime I walk into the shop. They have a huge variety of quality cheese, drinks, dried fruit, snacks and pastries. They sell all their items at a reasonable price. The sandwiches are always made with fresh ingredients and quality meat. I definitely recommend Country Cheese for those who live in the Berkeley area.

Jing W.

This is your place for cheese and deli sandwiches. The people work there are really nice. I will definitely come back and recommend to my friends.

Sung L.

I think the new owner has taken a lot feedback and the place has improved dramatically! The last few occasions I've stopped in for lunch, everything was impressive. The sandwiches are back to normal large size, delicious, and all the workers are very friendly. The drinks are great as well. While waiting for an order, you can sample their cheese selection and look around at all the fantastic local and international products they offer. It's a treat to find new quality items I've never seen before. Treat yourself to good food and take a visit back to the cheese shop :) Thank you for checking in to your reviews and listening to feedback. I'm glad to change my review back to 5 stars.

Cody Phipps

Service has gone way down hill since this new girl started working the sandwich counter, she has told me they dont have turkey pastrami when it's clearly infront of her, she's made rude remarks about asking for avocados which are on the menu and just now at 3pm she claims they cant make sandwiches because the owner isnt there....lmfao. Ive been going here for 2 years or so and today was my last visit, donezo. If shes going to be a lazy pos, be an honest one please. The sandwiches are good but not worth the horrific customer service they now have in place of the old crew. Good luck to anyone else.

Jesse C.

If cheese is your thing this is the place to be. Country Cheese has a wide variety of cheese from all parts of the world. Very reasonable prices. Lots of spices to choose from. Fresh deli sandwiches made to order

Bill D.

My pleasure for years! Shirley Knows Teas +! Thank you, Bill.

Libby Lee-Egan

I can't recommend the boba. They are supposed to be chewy and fairly uniform texture, but the ones I had today were disintegrating on the outside, crunchy in the middle.

Stephanie Y.

This must be a saving grace for this 'hood! A little market with a big supply of cheese and charcuterie saving the day for me and my last minute needs of a hostess gift. No price gouging either, SCORE! It does look like it could use a good clean and they didn't let my husband use the bathroom, but it literally sells anything you could want for a cocktail/dinner event. A great selection of cheeses with prices all over the board and some really good quality. A ton of upscale dry foods and cookies ( like my fave, Tate's), fresh Acme bread, a coffee bar, a deli counter in the back that makes up sammies (I did not try, GASP!), and so on. Totally legit. Totally useful. Totally awesome.