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Kylie B.

This past Monday (5/18), and with the help of ~10 volunteer delivery drivers from both Stanford and outside of Stanford, we were able to deliver ~500 meals--all of which were generously DONATED by ALL Bay Area Crepevine locations --to 5 different Bay Area Hospitals (Stanford Hospital + Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, St. Rose Hospital, Washington Hospital, Kaiser in Fremont, and the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center). It was so much fun and truly an honor partnering with Mazen's amazing team at Crepevine, and I absolutely recommend this business--not only because their food is AMAZING, but also because their team is so wonderful. Thank you again, Crepevine! Attached are the photos from Monday!

bob h.

Today, first day of lockdown, I was craving eggs and found Crepevine on Caviar. Had heard good things about it but never went, despite being only 6 blocks away. WOW. I ordered the Greek omelette and not only was it exactly what I was looking for, but I can't believe the generosity and quality! The spinach is so delicious and they give you so much - it's stuffed in there, pillowy and yummy, just like you would make it for yourself if you liked spinach! No skimping! Ditto the feta cheese - plenty of it. Home fries - delicious and a heaping amount! None of it was the least bit greasy either. Good English muffin too. It was perfect. And, Caviar is pretty great too - my order was here in about 20 minutes. I'm a new fan!

Daniel Mačuga

Best restaurant with Gluten-free offers in Berkeley. Highly recommended!

Amber T.

I haven't had a crepe in a long time and this place was fantastic! Definitely not my last time coming here. So delicious!! I absolutely recommend the Pacific Burger as well the customer service is superb and honestly made the experience 1000x more amazing!! Thank you!!

Jay M.

This is my favorite crepevine. I love coming in and being welcomed right away and there's never a wait. Food gets to you fast and our waitresses are always around when you need them. Food is always delicious and warm whenever I come! The only reason why I took a star off was because of the parking at this location, I always park at the grocery store across from them!


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Ashley H.

My friend told me about this place. This was an amazing recommendation! Stopped by this place just to get a crepe but after seeing the menu I can't wait to come back and try more food off the menu. I had the s'mores crepe and it was super good! It's a little much for just one person. I could only eat half. It comes with a side of whip cream and ice cream.

Ciera S.

It was my very first time coming to Crepevine and honestly I can say that it was a great experience. I had the tri-berry crêpe which had a wonderful tastes but I'm very simple with crêpes and it was just overwhelming because it was filled with fruit and Nutella. If you are into a lot of feelings then this would be a great go to. I also had a pasta with a creamy pesto sauce and chicken it was to die for I highly recommend it!!! I will be back !

Nathalie Muñoz Maciel

Wonderful place to have breakfast/lunch/brunch with great friends and family! Great customer service and great food!

Collene F.

My daughter had happened on this place & with my trip into the city to visit she couldn't wait to take me back to this restaurant with her. Bari Pasta was my choice, but honestly there were several items that caught my fancy, from the crepes both savory & sweet, to fresh salads & breakfast treats. At the last minute the pasta captured the lead. The portions for sure are take home for another meal, with amazing flavor! I love it when fresh organic offerings come together in harmony. Definitely coming back for breakfast. Wonderful!

Melissa S.

Amazing Amazing, really truly Amazing. Food is amazing. Enough food for two meals. Quality is beyond what I am used to from near by restaurants. I can't get enough so many options and every one is truly amazing. Wow I'm blown away. I read the reviews and they all dealt with parking or long lines. It's about the food and great service.

Jillian G.

The food and service was great! I randomly stopped in here for dinner one day and ordered some pastas and salmon to go, both pastas were great and the salmon was delicious. So my husband, baby and I came back for breakfast and had another excellent experience and loved our food. We will be back :)

Michael Farrell

Our go-to for breakfast or brunch. Sizable portions we often split. Good food, quick and friendly service. We go here several times a month.

Rodrigo G.

Came here after taking a cooking class across the street in the evening. The clam chowder we ordered was an absolute abomination of a dish. It resembled a broccoli cheddar type mass with tomatoes in it. We would've understood if it was Manhattan style, but it was nowhere close to that either. Also ordered the chicken BLT, and that was just OK. Overall this place would not have been anything worth writing a negative review about, but the "clam chowder" was so inanely terrible that it warranted this review. If you end up here, just don't order the soup of the day.

Macie A.

Came here for brunch with the family and was surprised to see so many veggie options, YESSSS! I was even more surprised to see they offered various gluten free options which included pancakes. We got the chilaquiles, the gf pancake stack and the Parma. Everything was delicious although the chilaquiles were Americanized. They were pretty good though compared to other spots I've had them at, the chips were fresh and crisp and not soggy like served at even the most authentic Mexican restAurant. But I was expecting a little more kick..The staff was very friendly accommodating, will definItaly be back to try their dessert crepes

Lucía Palomar Martínez

So my friend and I decided to come here and he was very happy , because we came in and we saw that they have a lot gluten free stuff. Gluten free means a person who is ALLERGIC to gluten ( everything that contains wheat) therefore ; CELIAC. He ask for couple of pancakes Gluten free , with some coconut and bananas . After 15 minutes they decided to bring us our cup of water and 20 min later , the pancakes. In the regular pancakes,( mines), you could see the awful not fresh at all strawberries , with my pancakes not cook enough as well. In addition to that , gluten free pancakes were contaminated , cooked in the same board ( we check this later ) but uncooked as well . He spend all the night throwing up and even worst ; he past out for that. GLUTEN FREE IS AN ALLERGIC. And they don’t care , they just care about making money . Everything was contaminated. I have to add that we live together and I could see how he just eat an apple before this and he was perfectly fine after coming here . VERY DISAPPOINTING.

Kathleen P.

So yummy! Such friendly gals working and cooking! Walked by this place a million times but went in for lunch today. You can seat yourself, they hand you an menu, bring you beverages then when you're ready, go to the counter to order. No giant glut of people lining up, you can decide on what to have in a relaxed manner. We had very different menu items but both came out together and were excellent. I had the Jamaican crepe with added mascarpone and walnuts which was heavenly. My lunch mate had a green salad with grilled chicken tenders. Sounded ho hum but the execution was spot on. "It tasted like whoever made it really cared," was her reaction. Chicken rubbed with some tasty seasoning, zesty peanut chile dressing, and greens so fresh they smelled as if they were just picked. Truly a wonderful lunch experience.

Randall Cook

The menu is universally tempting, but is actually hit or miss. In my group we loved the fries and fish tacos and spaghetti with meatballs, but the omelette was a little bland and the salmon pasta was not liked. If you come here watch out because the portions are HUGE! While I loved my fish tacos, I should not have eaten both in one meal. I was so full I skipped breakfast the next day and ran 3 miles instead. If we go again, we will definitely be splitting plates. Maybe then we'll have room to try one of their tempting sweet crepes.

Nofel Naoman

Good service. Cute sitting. Great brunch food! Definitely my go to for brunch food.

doc m.

Great gluten free options and fast service on a random Tuesday night. Note that the regular fries and sweet potato fries are NOT gluten free, but the homestyle potatoes are. We tried the Tuscan and the California GF crepes...both were excellent. If you can have gluten, the regular fries are thick cut and crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside--delicious! We'll definitely be back to try more stuff.

Patrick J.

Good food, if a little pricey. The salads that come with each crepe are pretty impressive!

Nate R.

I hate to be a "Karen" but as a broke college student who just escaped the disappointing menus at the dining halls, where, tragically, they make better pancakes then the ones I was served tonight, it's hard to think that I actually spent money here. After my group spent over $80 between us, we left barely having touched our food, and I do not exaggerate when I say that they literally glued our pancakes to our plates with slightly burnt chocolate chips for no apparent reason. My friend described the way the pancakes looked quite eloquently -- "why does it look like your pancakes are pooping?" They also messed up my order and I had to wait 20 minutes for my correct order that wasn't even edible, or honestly, morally correct. The food was inedible, and I though paid with my credit card, I tipped in tears. Lastly, and perhaps most, unfortunately, the fries were cold. "I think I just experienced trauma." ~ my friend summing up our evening at Crapevine, Berkeley.

Suhas B U

Ate the Triberry. Crazy vibe, crazy food, great service, friendly staff. Loved it

Raghav Singh

Lovely food and atmosphere! Would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants a nice meal!

Manuel Martinez

I love this place! They give fantastic food, they have a nice menu, The chef in that restaurant is a specialist, I like a lot trying all their dishes. The dishes are consistently of high class, the service towards the customers is good. I often eat in this place and I was never disappointed. I recommend it to all.

john&mewife Martinez

Great service friendly staff and the food was so yummy. Great place.

Jo Louie

If you like crepes, you will be swooning about this restaurant. Coffees and fresh juices too!


hi mga beshies, this food is so delicious. must taste this delicious pancake.....your mind become blown away because of the taste of this food..taste is now!!.. thank you


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Deisi Sotelo

I had the fish tacos and it was really good. The atmosphere was great very attentive waitress. Would definitely be back.


Decent selection, passable quality, very good staff.

Dave B

Thanks for the great review! We've reached out in a private message, so be sure to check your inbox.

D Ferguson

Great food! Reasonable in price! Didn't care for the standing at the register to order and then being seated at a table.

Stephanie C.

3.5/5 I go here for brunch when I don't want to wait in line at the other brunch places around campus. The sweet crepes are my go to. Favourite crepe is the Berkeley which has strawberries, bananas, Nutella, and vanilla ice cream!! Not a big fan of the omelettes. The eggs don't have the light & fluffy or creamy texture I prefer.

Nicole G.

Love this place! Not only is it one of the only (maybe actually *the* only) places to get gluten free pancakes in the area, but the staff is always incredibly friendly and kind. My son is gluten free and we were never able to let him have pancakes when going out for breakfast. He would look longingly at the other kids' having pancakes while he had eggs. First world problems, I know, but still. Since we've discovered their amazing GF pancakes, we've come here for special occasions like Mothers Day and my son's 6th birthday - which happens to be today! When the staff saw that it was his birthday, they came out singing with a yummy GF crepe and party hat! They were so sweet and genuinely wanted to help him feel special. I think that even if the food was just mediocre, we'd still come here for the friendly staff. Luckily, we can also get yummy food!

William G.

Ordered the San Francisco savory crepe. The taste wasn't bad, but unfortunately crepes are just inferior to omelettes. It was kind of hard to eat. The Siena sweet crepe was better, so I think crepes are just better suited to desserts.


Interesting place from the outside, and we both love crepes. But, they are not crepes, just thin pancakes with whatever filling is on the menu. While the crepe came warm, the filling was cold in places.. . Portions are big because they include fired potatoes and a (wilted) salad. But without the tastiness of a true crepe, it was just an ordinary meal.

blessed 1

The food was wonderful and the atmosphere was very relaxed and chill. Great place to take the family. Tenzin was a great host.

Gel Z.

Great spot to hit up in the Gourmet Ghetto for breakfast or lunch. Ordered delivery from here and it came within 15-20 minutes. The Petaluma egg special was great, very hearty and rustic. Comes with scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes, mushrooms, sausages, and a salsa fresca. The spaghetti and meatballs were great too, huge portion for a kid's size item. The s'mores crepe, hands down, was my favorite. The ooey gooey mushroom melts right in with the chocolate on the crepe, and the ice cream with it makes it heavenly!

Aaron Ruddick

The place is friendly and nice! And the food is amazing and reasonably priced.