Crumble & Whisk

6270 Overland Ave, Emeryville
(415) 237-3318

Recent Reviews

Jeremy W.

Ordered a NY-style cheesecake for a friend's birthday. Very easy to work with and phenomenal cheesecake. Next time I'm needing a cheesecake fix I'll hit them up.... curious about some of the other flavors especially the Puckered Up! (lemon)

Onur E.

I ordered two cheesecakes: the beet and berry, and the puckered up lemon. The beet and berry was probably the best cheesecake I've ever had in my life! It was not too sweet, had the perfect tartness, and wasn't too heavy. The lemon cake was also very good, but too sweet for my taste, but if you have a sweet tooth it may be perfect. Also, their crust is very buttery, again a little too buttery for me, but possibly perfect for you! I considered taking a star off for these personal disagreements, but half the people who tried these cakes said the lemon was their favorite (some also claiming "best cheesecake ever"), so I do think that Crumble and Whisk creates the perfect, 5-star cheesecake for you; you'll just need to find it! I can't wait to find more excuses to get fancy cheesecakes so I can try all the flavors!

Britney G.

Charles is a rockstar! He's known for his cheesecakes but our company was lucky enough to find him as one of our new breakfast caterers! Staff absolutely loves the breakfast salad that is offered: Potatoes, boiled eggs, mixed greens, avocados, and bacon! Yum! We also order pastries in the morning. Today's came with a special red jam - it tastes sooooo good! We look forward to ordering again in the near future. Thank you Charles for being timely and consistent in the quality of your work.

Joe B.

Live their cakes... I can't say enough. I get fat just thinking about it. Lolol There is a lot of love in these pies.

Tracy R.

Seriously AMAZING cheesecakes! I ordered these for our monthly office birthday celebration and they were a huge hit! Charles was so pleasant to communicate with and made the process of ordering the cakes really easy. He even personally delivered them to our office in downtown SF. The flavors and attention to detail in his decorations are phenomenal! Definitely the cheesecakes you want to bring to impress a party!

Britany M.

These are (by far) the best cheesecakes I've ever had. I found them by chance at the Lake Merritt farmers market, and have been hooked ever since. As someone who doesn't like overly-sweet things, I love how light and flavorful they are, without the extra sugar. The quality of ingredients is obvious, and they offer a wide range of flavors (lemon is my favorite!). Besides offering an amazing product, their customer service is excellent. They are always accommodating, even for last minute orders. This is a local business worth supporting!

Carole H.

These are the best Cheesecakes! If you like LIGHT, MELT IN YOUR MOUTH texture and DELICATE flavor. The crust is even LIGHT and perfectly CRUNCHY. Our niece who is a baker and lover of Cheesecake, was visiting from NY. I presented her with all of the flavors of the mini cakes for her birthday......she just opened her eyes wide and said, "WOW"! Charles went out of his way to meet me at his Berkeley bakery for an easy pick up of a sample box of 4. Then he gave me a Goat Cheese that was the absolute best ever, lightly whipped and herbed to perfection. Everyone left wanting more of everything. Thank you Charles, you have truly spoiled us. Carole

Jennifer D.

I am lactose-intolerant, so I ordered the vegan New York-style cheesecake for a holiday party and it was INCREDIBLE. First of all, it was probably one of the best cheesecakes I've had, period. It was rich and wonderfully flavorful. The crust was perfect. Secondly, it was creamy but still firm. It practically melted in your mouth. Thirdly, the presentation was beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. I had been seeing them at the Lake Merritt Farmer's Market every Saturday morning, but I often got there after they sold their dairy free items, but I was able to place an order for a cheesecake about 4 days in advance and picked it up from their kitchen the day before the party. It was ready when they said it would be, no issues at all. Absolute perfection, well worth the price for the quality and quantity. I don't think I'm going to bother spending time & money trying to get the right dairy-free recipe for dairy-based baked goods when a good alternative exists. If they can make an amazing dairy-free cheesecake, I shudder to think how amazing their regular cheesecakes are! They're saved in my contacts for the future for sure.

Lois B.

I picked up a mini traditional vanilla cheesecake at SF Ferry Building's Farmer's Market. Delicious! I am a baker and recognize quality ingredients. I will definitely travel to the Berkeley store to enjoy another cheesecake and try additional baked items.

Ali A.

They take fantastic photos of their over priced bad quality cheesecakes. I ordered few small cheesecakes and I couldn't believe how these guys got 5 stars. Their products are NOT cheesecake. Those are flavored cream :( If you would like to eat real cheesecake, go to Whole Foods. They take great photos and they have superb photoshop skills. 5 starts for the phenomenal photos!! Update: dear Charles, I actually emailed my feedbacks almost a year ago and received to response. I would like to congratulate your photographer for those wonderful photos.

Emily C.

Absolutely phenomenal cheesecakes! I found their booth at the SF Ferry Building and got a sample. In the end I chose the lemon cheesecake and the texture was so soft and creamy with the perfect graham cracker buttery crust. I can't wait to try more!

K.C. M.

Ordered a New York cheesecake for my husbands birthday - his fav - and it did NOT disappoint. FANTASTIC! Placing the order was so easy, and everyone I spoke to was awesome, friendly, and fast. The cake was decorated with berries and edible flowers - so pretty! The crust was made of solid, crunchy butter - or some such wizardry. Just VERY great - all around.

sriram s.

I am very impressed by this company. I had a last minute surprise birthday for my wife and put an order in online and the owner responded via email on a Sunday and was available for discussion on the phone. Crumble and Whisk worked extra hard to get our cheesecake by 8 pm that evening, and it was a huge, huge hit. Delicious. The best cheesecake I have ever had, hands down. A stellar business and amazing cheesecake.

Emily S.

We ordered C&W cheesecake for our wedding and it was definitely the star of the show! Everyone went nuts for it, we even had to scold someone for taking a piece before we cut the cake! If you are looking for a unique and delicious wedding dessert, this is it! Even more, Charles went above and beyond to help us decide on flavors and make sure we got exactly what we were looking for. He also created the entire set up which looked amazing!! You can tell he has passion for what he does AND talent. Thank you Charles!

Danielle B.

Brownies = best ever. They were out of cheesecake today at Eat Real, so I got the last brownie. Excellent consolation prize. Will have to make a trip across the bay to sample the he cheesecake.

kim p.

Without a doubt, my favorite cheesecakes! I first had the pleasure of trying one at a Smitten x La Cocina Ice Cream Taste Off last year. Charles made a phenomenal ice cream using his signature beet & berry cheesecake as the inspiration. It was the best flavor and definitely should have won the Taste Off! Today Cuisine Noir hosted a wine and cheese(cake) pairing at Bloomingdales. Rosé wine paired with spicy Mexican chocolate cheesecake. Delicious! The chocolate wasn't overly sweet, allowing the spices to really be noticeable. The crust was my favorite part. Nice and dense and not at all soggy or mushy. The surprise was an herbed goat cheese cheesecake. I've never had a savory cheesecake before, but I'm now a fan! It was paired with Zinfandel wine, which I wouldn't have thought of, but it truly was the perfect pairing. The garlic, pepper, and herbs were a symphony of flavors. Can't wait to try the other cheesecake flavors!

Hilliary L.

I buy their mini's at the Farmer's market almost every week, and I have also requested a custom order. And they deliver quality cheesecakes that win over my husband for whom I buy the minies every time. I do not like cheesecake. I do not at all dislike these cheesecakes, and in fact the Seasonal Roasted corn is such a different and wonderful sensation of flavors that I actually do like it! So they win. Life long disliker of cheesecake has now been converted. P.S. the crust is the best ever. You cannot convince me otherwise.

Chanel T.

We ordered about 6 cheesecakes for a work event, and they were such a hit! Everyone raved about the chocolate espresso and the vegan cakes. And they were so beautifully prepared! 10/10, will use Crumble & Whisk in the future.

Kat P.

I don't write too many Yelp reviews (anymore), and reserve my reviews for only outstanding eateries and establishments--Crumble & Whisk is no exception, and should be the Bay Area's go-to for all things cheesecake related. I bought a green tea and avocado cheesecake on a whim, since I was pretty intrigued by both the contents and what I saw on the display. I was blown away: neither the avocado nor the green tea outbalanced each other, the cheesecake wasn't cloyingly cheesy or sweet (which tends to be a huge problem for me), and the crust is probably one of the best ones I've had. Additionally, Charles and his team also possess an inhumane amount of charisma that can probably sell you hundreds of cakes (which might not be a bad thing, after all). From looking at the other cheesecakes, it's apparent that a lot of time, energy, and love is put into making each product. The results speak for themselves, since my roommates devoured the rest of the cheesecake before I got a chance to return to it. In any case, I'll make sure to order one for any upcoming celebrations I have. If you're at the San Francisco Ferry Farmers Market on Saturdays, keep an eye out for a purple tent. You will never regret spending any money on this snippet of heaven.