Dorks Tec Cafe

1475 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 647-8123

Recent Reviews

Jeffrey Blumenthal

Great spot - the owner, Anthony, is super-friendly and helpful. He fixed my cell phone quickly and cheaply.

Janelle I.

Visited this place on recommendation of a friens in July and loved it. Anthony was so kind and very warm :)There was a great selection of pastries (bought one of each because I wanted to try them all!!) and have good espressos and the nitro cold brew is pretty good too!!Very relaxed and comfy layout to have meetings or do some work. Also features local artwork should anyone be interested in purchasing a piece :)Will definitely be back and hopefully I can bring some island fish next time I come through!!

Bridget Y.

If you're looking for excellent technical support and repair service, Dork's Tec Café is the crème a la crème in all the East Bay area. Anthony is not only highly knowledgeable in his trade, but he also offers the best prices for his services--you won't find better prices from major competitors.The other half of Anthony's business is his café, which he touts making the best cup of coffee around. I have to admit that Anthony's claims aren't too exaggerated. I've become a bit of a coffee snob and even can't resist grabbing a cup of coffee from Dork's when I'm in the neighborhood. Yes, it's that good.The café also has a wide selection of pastries from Grand Bakery. Couple your fresh brew with several goodies and you're in heaven. My favorite pastries are the russian tea cakes and meyer lemon lavender cookies (they're also vegan!). Every time I'm here, I can't help but take one of each back home with me. I really wish I knew how to make these pastries as good as the ones here at home. I could eat these for days.I 100% recommend Dork's Tec Café for the stellar service offered by Anthony. He does an amazing job working a hybrid tech repair shop and café. It's a bit of an unusual combination, but it's so unique and it works. It really, really does.

Austin S.

Only cafe open in the area right now, which was amazing for me because I don't have internet at home right now for work. Great place to study or work with speedy internet and bomb lattes.

Israel F.

Safe, clean, friendly, reliable with quality service/coffee. Anthony is an awesome dude and was the only cafe opened in the middle of my coffee crisis. He was very welcoming to me and my girlfriend and we will definitely be back to say hi when we're in the area again.

Yvonne C.

Professional Modern cozy place to have coffee and have your Laptop repaired. The owner Anthony is kind and helpful in any questions you may have in regards to Technology. The coffee is better than Starbucks & Peetes coffee. Great place to study and network or have meetings the pastries are delicious

Charlie Deist

This is a great addition to the neighborhood. I felt comfortable immediately when I walked in, and Anthony, the owner, took great care of me through the minor “trauma” of my laptop repairs. He went the extra mile and revived not just one but TWO machines I thought were long gone. Very relaxed setting for work, good tea and coffee selection. Plus printers and fast Internet.

Charlie D.

Anthony "the Dork" is the man! He rescued my computer from near certain death.. beer spills... not pretty. He put in the extra time and delivered an incredible value.Come for the repairs, stay for the coffee, art, and atmosphere.

M. N.

Thrilled with the help Anthony provided replacing my Macbook Air laptop's battery. Knowledgeable, informative, fast and friendly.Anthony told me by phone what to expect. Once the battery I paid for arrived, I could bring the laptop in and he changed the battery in under 3 hours, on site. He even lent me a box and put my hard drive in it for me while he worked on my laptop, since my job has some rules they like me to follow. They sometimes have a loaner laptop they can provide (free, I believe, but I didn't take advantage of it).No reason to go anywhere else.

Alexei G.

Talk about amazing customer service! I went in to get my phone screen replaced, not only is the price excellent, you get a loaner phone while you are waiting for your repair to be completed. The owner Anthony gets it and makes sure you are treated excellently. They also serve great coffee and pastries and have a full selection of computer lab services. Love this place.

D M.

Want a safe, quiet and friendly working environment at a coffee shop? This place is it. Super good coffee and always a nice choice of deserts. Wait if you have phone and or computer issues they can help too so you're all set.

Elizabeth P.

I brought in a laptop to Anthony that had a shattered screen. He fixed it with a dash of expertise, humor and graciousness. He's all business but human too. Later, we had issues with the audio on the same lap top and that too was fixed really well. He is generous and thoughtful. A wonderful find.

Bob G.

Went here today. Owner wasn't wearing a mask and the one customer there wasn't wearing a mask. I wish I had said something.

Simma Lieberman

Love this cafe. Anthony the owner makes the best drinks and frozen desserts. Just tried his Dork's Mango Ice. Amazing. Distinct flavor and refreshing on a hot summer day. It's special treat. Make sure you visit this cafe, bring you laptop for fast wifi and order a Dork's Mango Ice. You'll be really happy you did.

Nicole H.

In the middle of a phone crisis? STOP and go here! I happened upon this shop while on the way home from another cell phone repair store. They weren't able to identify the problem as they specialize in screen repair and were not able to give me more information to work with. Now my problem wasn't immediately fixable (potentially the logic board) but Anthony was extremely helpful and transparent. He did a free initial assessment and ran some tests which gave me a lot of useful information to work with. The atmosphere is very nice! Naturally, while waiting I eyed the peanut butter cookies. Totally helped Overall, a coffee lounge/tech repair spot well run by a very supportive and communicative guy. While Anthony wasn't able to help me wave a wand and fix my problem, he was gave great advice and support to potentially take further. A better customer experience than the shop I had just been too. Couldn't have asked for more!

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