1866 Euclid Ave, Berkeley
(510) 845-5300

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Zariyah Gabriela

Certainly a spot worth stopping over, the food is excellent and fresh, the prices are affordable and it is constantly neat there. Kudos.

Eddie S.

I love them and they have the most delicious crispy falafels that they slather in yogurt and hot sauce. I'm a vegetarian so the only other thing I've tried is the cauliflower wrap which is also delicious.

Angel Z.

Came here before Covid 19. Not usually a fan of Mediterranean food but friend was hyping it up. Said it was a great and cheap place to eat at.

Got their Mediterranean plate and I was not impressed. Took them 2 minutes to make my order, which is relatively quick. Did they just reheat and toss things together? Food itself just felt lacking. Falafels were alright, but a bit on the drier side. Hummus was very watered down and soggy; even store bought hummus tasted better. Tabouli and dolmas were not my cup of tea, didn't really taste fresh. Only saving grace was the salad. Tasted fresh and I loved the beans and goat cheese in it.

Would not come back. I would much prefer to go to Halal Guys in Downtown Berkeley or another Mediterranean place nearby.

Tiffie P.

I had just finished hiking the Fire Trail and decided to loop back through the campus to see the clock tower on the way down the hill before heading back to my car. I was stopped mid-stride as I passed Dyar, just because of the smells that was coming from the little shop. All of the chairs were stacked on the tables, but they're taking take-away orders and still accepting cash. The staff wore masks and gloves. For $40, we received: 1 kefta kebab wrap, 1 lamb kebab wrap, a side of hummus, side of falafel and 2 baklava. Everything was so fresh and so tasty! The meat was fall-apart fresh. The hummus tasted like it had just been freshly made and the baklava was still warm & flaky. I'm so happy with this find! This area in Berkeley, boasts a lot of great eats, this place is no exception.

Ed U.

** The following review reflects my dining experience prior to the shelter-in-place order currently in effect. ** If North Shattuck Avenue is Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto, then I'm not sure what Euclid Avenue on the north side of campus would be. Berkeley's Non-Gourmet Commune maybe? It's just a block long, and the businesses have changed over the years, but it's a familiar cluster of student-targeted eateries with the usual food groups - coffee, burgers, pizza, Mexican, American comfort. Aki has been there forever, and then there's this modest Mediterranean spot next to Menchie's Frozen Yogurt (review: https://bit.ly/39mGndh). I came here on my way home and thought I could get a quick bite with zero expectations on how good it could be. I ordered the $9.99 Chicken Kabob Salad, which struck me as a bit high if I was a struggling sophomore running low on instant ramen at home. Imagine my delight in finding such a robust salad bowl generously layered with chunks of grilled chicken and avocado slices over mixed greens (photo: https://bit.ly/3dxSDuu). My 18-year-old self would have been ecstatic. My current self was pleased with wizened winsomeness. FOOD - 3 stars...solid salad bowl with really just three ingredients, a tad pricey AMBIANCE - 3 stars...no frills but relaxing SERVICE - 3.5 stars...friendly enough, took a bit of time TOTAL - 3 stars...aimed to UC students but worked for me in a pinch RELATED - Exploring Berkeley? Here's a collection of places I've visited and reviewed: https://bit.ly/2CbVh8u

Adwait A.

Ol, it's hard to screw up Mediterranean food, but alas. The place was cold, pesto wrap was tasteless, and baklava too sweet and not crunchy :(

James Barter

Great student eastern Mediterranean food and lots of it at reasonable prices. Great flavors and plenty of meal choices.

Ameer Sultan

Amazing food clean place and very friendly people

Edward Oakes

Decent middle eastern food for a reasonable price. Usually pretty fast, but sometimes at peak lunch time they get overrun with orders so I would try to avoid 12:30-1:00.

Amir Sultan

Amazing food clean place and very friendly people

shawn hanna

Excellent mid priced lunch place with large portions. Grilled chicken was flavorful and moist. Fresh salad and really good hummus.

Suhas B U

Got the Pesto Falafel Wrap. Had to wait about 10-15 minutes since it was lunch time and there were a bunch of people. It was yummy and very filling. Would definitely go more frequently.

Anthony Aong

Seriously amazing place, great for lunch dinner whatever. Great value for the amount of food, and all the meats (chicken kebab, shawarma, beef, lamb, gyro) taste great. Not to mention they always give large portions, I'm very thankful for this place to be open on Northside as a college student.

Carol M

Delicious authentic food.

José Esteban Arcellana

Lamb kabobs the best west of the West Bank

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