E-Z Stop Deli

2233 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 548-9544

Recent Reviews

Julio Eduardo MF Lee

ordered the cold chicken & asked to have it heated, cashier said he couldn't do it (presumably because of the current "pandemic"), but was able to take the phone & the charger for the customer in front of me to plug it in & charge it for them?

Nedda S.

WOW all I have to say is EZ Stop is one off my favorite places to stop by in Berkeley to grab any snack. They have cool drinks and juices, ramen, fruits like bananas and apples, rice crispy treats, brownies, fresh coffee, and FRIED CHICKEN??!! MAC AND CHEESE, mashed potatoes, potato wedges, BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS, chicken tenders, 2 piece chicken + a side and buscuit for 3.99 GET OUT!! I mean honestly, nothing around the area compares when it comes to market/deli type stores. This is coming from someone who is native to the area! EZ stop has always been here to stay amongst all the shops that have came and went and I hope it holds up during this very tough time. Go check it out! Even today when quarantine has EVERYONE on edge, these kind human beings don't fail to provide excellent service. Also if you're vegetarian, they're avacado swiss is delicious. Don't hesitate to ask about sauces yumm!!

Anis R.

I was BLOWN away at how good the fried chicken wings and mashed potatoes were! The staff have such a helpful and cheerful attitude and I always get a good vibe when I come into this spot. Not only is it a mini market but also a great place to stop by for a sandwich or some delicious fried chicken. I would recommend this Delhi to anyone who loves food served with a great attitude!

Daniel A.

If the line is more than 3 people deep do not bother. Walked in today and the line was 5 people deep and one person was working... I'm not fucking waiting around and decided to walk out. Wasting people's fucking time..

Michaela Duphay

ive been coming to this place for years and all i have to say is they are family in my eyes . everyone always smiling and has a great attitude. the sandwiches are the best in the bay area.... looking for even better food they own the place next door .

Dubzy Tse

Pretty procey tbh but good people and food

Shameka Stewart

Great prices

A Rich

No parking anymore. The sandwiches are okay, but the prices are reasonable.

G Gordon Worley III

you can get just about anything here

Marco A.

After having a bad experience at Jupiter, was walking back to my car and i remembered this sandwich shop here from years ago. Walked in and immediately greeted by sam the owner and quickly asked me what i needed. This could possibly be the worst sandwich i ever had, but based on he customer service, im giving this place a 5 out of 5 stars Update: Just took a bite out of my sandwich and it was the best ever, if i could give it a 6 stars i would! Very satisfied customer, will be recommending and returning as well

Lindsay K.

look, it's krispy krunchy, and you ain't got to cross the bridge to get it it...they are super friendly, and they got a beverage to go with it. win all around. will be back. 6 stars :)

Chino Henderson

Good people, good market, good deli.

gretchen S.

Omg! Chef recommended the pastrami with Swiss cause it was made "with love" so so so good! Added Zappos chips and almost considered a "40" of deogonizer.., Jesus. Love this place!! Go go and go again. Delicious and reasonably priced! Clean, yummy, happy environment

Ronnie A.

Went here during Berkeley Sunday streets. Was walking around with the family and noticed they served krispy krunchy chicken. My kids love the stuff so we walked in. Cashier was very friendly and polite. They serve a lot of other foods as well, from pastas and salads to burgers. Inside was very clean and there are plenty of tables. Place was half full and the workers were constantly cleaning and bussing tables. Food didn't take that long to come out and was made fresh. If you haven't tried krispy krunchy chicken i recommend that you do. Nice crisp Outside and juicy inside. Seasoning is perfect. We also had the fried shrimp and garlic fries which were good as well but not really stand outish. I did see a lot of people order the fried fish though which i might try some other time.


Great deli! I have been coming here for quick lunch since the mid 90ies - never disappointed

berkeleysauna .

Great deli! I have been coming here for quick lunch since the mid 90ies - never disappointed

Hollywood06 California

Very friendly people!

John Gibbles

Great food friendly staff

Diane Wells

Small place with lots of choices

Evan Wong

Sandwiches snack galore galore

L A.

meat ravioli was obviously old and tasted rotten. spoke with the owner, his response was to call me darling and tell me didn't know what I was talking about. Disgusting..

Adrian Merry

Solid. Great people, cheap sandwiches

Nikhil V.

What happened to this place? I stopped by recently for my usual veg sandwich and the sandwich barely had anything in it! Not only that I had to repeat myself 3 times in terms of what I wanted included in my sandwich as the employee may have had some comprehension issues...

Yo La

Swishes are too much but these guys are cool

kushy kota

Swishes are too much but these guys are cool

Amanda Turner

Good food, friendly staff.

scary hairy plays

Its name says a lot il say that

Martie S.

This is great deli! Sandwiches deli salads good service. The customer service. The price value. Moi bueno

Aaron Bee

There are much better sandwich places, and convenience stores, you can go to in just a three block radius. But the owner is nice.

Susan P.

Love this place and I've been coming here since high school. Love the staff, always so kind and happy to be there. The area is shady but they do well with what they have and my sandwich is always done right. Thank y'all for staying authentic.

Joseph S.

If your in berkeley on Shattuck make sure you try them out! I had the scrambled egg and bacon sando on a soft roll at the @ez_stop_deli with the hottest salsa they had..the salsa made the Sando, really spicy loved it thanks great service, very friendly people the cashier was nice also the guy preparing the food was a cool fellow I'll stop by again soon for their EGG SALAD sando I'm on the hunt for a all around good egg salad sandwich!

Michelle R.

If you're looking for something quick, cheap, and good tasting, this is your place. I stopped by to pick up a cheap schwarma wrap for R as we were driving to Napa. I needed something he could quickly eat and wouldn't complain about. Got the wrap here. Owner was nice and I was in and out in like, 7 minutes. I saw a lot of people come here buying liquor and that was about it.

Mike G.

Last Sunday, I ordered three sandwiches and one pasta salad. While the pasta salad was decent our sandwiches had dry and flavorless bread, cheap deli meat, and bland cheese. It is by far the worst sandwich I've ever had the misfortune of paying for. I've gotten better subs from Subway, and if that doesn't scare you off this place than nothing will.

Jay H.

I used to come here alot about a year ago, for the roasted turkey sandwich specifically. They used to make one of the most juicy and succulent hot roasted turkey sandwiches I've ever had in my life, and the lady who used to work here was always courteous and provided excellent customer service. I loved this place! But today I went and ordered one and the guy who made it, this old white haired heavy set dude provided the opposite experience. This was early this morning, around 9:30ish. His customer service was terrible, made it seem like he had very little interest in making it a good sandwich, and the "roast turkey" is no longer really roasted turkey. The guy this morning used some of the driest heated up frozen patty tasting meat I've ever had. It was disgusting! The cold and dry without enough condiment, the guy didn't even communicate toppings at all, he just started throwing stuff on there like it was an inconvenience to him to even make the sandwich. At the end I noticed how dry everything was, and I asked for a bit more mayo on the sandwich and this guy walked off. Thankfully the cashier was awesome and she helped me out with professional customer service. She's the only positive I had throughout the entire experience. A disgusting sandwich, it's not even roast turkey anymore! I felt cheated to be honest given what I was expecting and remembered from a year prior. This nasty guy didn't even wear gloves or wash his hands. I hope this guy wasn't the owner, because if he is they need to have a health inspection soon. This place used to be one of my favorites, but I won't be returning anytime soon. Calling that roast turkey should be a crime, that's called false advertising in my book. Gave me some processed super dry patty that was sliced up instead of the real turkey chunks of meat they used to use.. disgusting and dry is how I would describe the entire experience. Not just the sandwich, but also the customer service.


Hot Sandwiches have microwaved meat. The macaroni and fish are frozen foods kept warm on a hotplate. They need fresh ingredients. Cashiers are nice but not the owners.

Amber N.

its great they open early but i rather wait 2 hours for smart mart so i dont spend 2-3 times mores. E-Z stop is expensive compared to smart mart and def dont go for alcohol as trader joes is about 50% cheaper than E-Z stop deli. so go to traders or smart mart if you want to save money, but id you dont mind throwing away money/ paying extra go to E-Z stop. another example can get 6 splitarillos for 2.50 at smart mart. for 1 swisher its 1.10 at E-Zstop.....

Kristin P.

Excellent choices in salad options for 6.99 or less! A great deal for this area where salads are $15 or more at a restaurant. And the quality of the food is very good!! They don't use canned ingredients!! Amazing guys behind the counter! Even gave me a sprig of basil to "spruce up" my salad on the way out the door! Absolutely will return for more.


While living in Berkeley, Ca. in 2015 (not in 2017), this was my lunchtime spot for great food and friendly service that made it easy to return, while there were similar choices close by. Love this place!

Nawabhat C.

Good foods and fresh, friendly services! Actually I don't very often eating Sandwich but I really like this place that you can get a great one And I would recommended here because you will come back again if you looking for a good sandwich and great service, thank you Salem! You are 5 stars servicer

Thitinan P.

I liked the bomb sandwich that made by Salem and he did it so good and he was so friendly with a smile. I would like to come back again for sure.