Emilia's Pizzeria

2995 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
(510) 704-1794

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Candace T

I generally shun pizza, except for my husband’s or mother-in-law’s, which are white and Roman-style. The former ordering system was a hurdle, but we finally tried it tonight. The crust is crisp and flavorful, and somehow fresh and light. It’s got char but it doesn’t taste of ash. The toppings don’t make the dough soggy and it thankfully doesn’t reek of garlic or dried oregano. Thank you!

Gautam Jain

The crust was perfection. It's lighter and thinner than most thin crusts I've had and I much prefer this. Had the right amount of crispness and chew.Could have used more sauce IMO but the flavor was good. Cheese was just right. Not at all greasy or oily.Emilia's and GIOIA are now my favorite pizza places in the East Bay.

Fiona Goodman

I was so impressed with the first visit. The sauce and crust of the pizzas tasted great. The place was nice and staff are accommodating. Overall, I'm glad that we tried eating here.

Kevin Y.

Probably one of the best pizzas out in the Bay Area. They use Bianco di Napoli which is the best. The dough is truly the star though, super soft, but crispy on the bottom. Though the sausage was much better than the pepperoni.

Bryanna Davison

Ordering is very complicated and it’s cash only but the pizza is amazing.

Alexander Agadjanian

Good pizza but not amazing/not anything special (given the price and hype). Appreciate not going overboard on toppings but pretty obvious pizza didn’t have enough sauce and cheese. Not worth the hassle and cost. The man is also pretty rude and it’s almost impossible to ask him anything in person (eg asking questions that aren’t answered on the online website)

Ming Qi

Best Pizza i America...hands down. every time I come to Nor Cal and have to go to this plaze

Mark A.

Well. I had heard all of the hype and after watching Netflix's Chef's Table: Pizza for the last few days I was craving some pizza so decided to pull the trigger. The ordering process is... odd. It seems like a form from 1999 and not in a cool way. I understand not wanting to pay for Toast or whatever other systems are out there these days but this was just plain bad. Saying that, I physically watched the pizza cook remove the pizza from the oven and box it so it was fresh exactly at my scheduled pickup time which was great. The pizza. I immediately noticed upon picking up my box how light the pizza felt. This is an 18" pie. I imagined it would feel slightly heavy. Upon further investigation I understood why. There was a minimalist aspect to the toppings. A thin layer of sauce, sparse amounts of cheese and a few pepperonis scattered around the pie. The crust was phenomenal, a crispy undercarriage and chewy center that is best enjoyed hot. Although I did wonder how much the sparse toppings attributed to the pizza not having any flop. All in all it wasn't a BAD pizza, but I wouldn't say it was a GREAT pizza either. For $36 I was expecting a little more. I'll probably be sticking with Pollara or Rose the next time I have a hankering for pizza.

Niko Lahanis

Incredible Quality. A little on the pricier side but considering it’s only one guy I love the pies. Definitely a gem.

H R.

Perfect pizza - or it would have been. I woke up in the morning craving pizza - can ya believe it? I know. So I thought this is finally the day. I get up and load the alarm for 8:50 and I place an order by 9:03 (currently the system opens 8:55 and it takes a few minutes to finalize the order). I make sure I'm on time, but I was 3 minutes late because of an traffic accident clearing at the intersection. I got home within 6 minutes but pizza was cold. Great quality toppings, perfectly risen dough and bubbly crust, mice underbelly char (not burnt). It's a piece of true art. But the pizza was cold. I think made the mistake of selecting a pick-up time that's too early - I could be wrong about this, but I figure if you choose a later time maybe you get a pizza right out of the oven. Regardless, maybe a designated oven to keep the pizza warm might be nice - but I'm not the pizza-maker. Calabria pizza came out to just under $40 after the tip, size is plenty and justifies the price. I just wish the pizza was at least warm. I can only imagine.

Alexei B.

12 years since my first visit, and still the best pizza I've had in CA, on par with some of the finest in NY. Moreover, it's still a one man show, though you can now make a reservation and pay online, making it feel a bit less like a pizza speakeasy. Truly a one-of-a-kind NorCal gem!

Jolly G.

So, this is not New York pizza; unless we are using "New York" to mean really good pizza, which it is. This pizza is real good, y'all. The sauce is bright and tastes like San marzanos to me. The cheese is fresh and spread evenly. The crust is light, thin, and airy. It's got a real Neapolitan style to it. One pizza feeds 2-3 people. I ate half and was sad to stop. Now, I'm feeling my organs adjust. I got the Mike's hot honey, which was sweetened perfectly.

Daniel M.

This is the only place to get good pizza in the east bay. Period. Everyone was like "try cheese board try cheese board!" And it doesn't hold a candle to this guys craft. Just go here and enjoy actual quality pizza - closest pizza I've had to anything on the east coast.

Alok N.

Amidst the East Bay's (surprisingly) standout pizza scene (Rose, Pizzaiolo, Lucia, Cheeseboard) Emilia's stands out. Evoking New York's finest, the pizza is low frills (with limited toppings) and makes its impression through the quality of its ingredients. The dough and the sauce particularly stand out. The former is chewy - like a Neapolitan - but with more resistance. There is enough of a underbelly char that the pizza has a slight crisp, yet it's not brittle or hard like a cracker. The sauce is tangy and fresh, I wish I knew which tomatoes they use! There is the perfect amount of cheese: you taste it's presence, yet the takeout box dodged the typical oil stains. My buddy and I felt limber and light after splitting this pizza! (That's not to say we weren't satiated, but just not utterly defeated). We got the Calabrian hot sauce, which was fantastic and simple. I do wish there was more basil, but that's just a personal preference, not a sine qua non. I would recommend this place highly!

Anthony Brennan

Top level pizza, it tastes as good as it looks. Not the best ordering method or location, but understandable for a one man show.

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