Emilia's Pizzeria

2995 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 704-1794

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Jason Patlán-Wong

They don't care to share how to order if you haven't already pre-ordered online, but instead punish you for not knowing in advance by saying that they're all sold out while they continue to curb out pizza got others who are a part of the "Special People"...Not sure how to get on the Special People list, but I'll try...

Hillary M.

There is something about a simple, perfect pizza that is so special. This is that. You may be intimidated by the ordering process, but don't be, after your first time, you will feel like you won the lottery, and then with each additional time you will realize they use this system because Emilia's Pizzeria is truly a one-man show and this system works. Use the callback system on their website -- you submit that you want to place an order for X pizzas and they will call you back later that afternoon to confirm the order. Done! This is simple, delicious Neopolitan pizza. The crust is just the right thickness, the sauce is simple, the cheese delicious and the toppings are nothing crazy, but exactly what you want. We usually get one Standard (like a margarita) and one speciality or custom. This time it was theO.G., which is a Standard pie plus sausage & red onion. YUM!

Spaceman S.

I don't usually buy into the hype but this one is real. Not sure what black magic is going on behind the scene here but the pizza is absolutely addictive. Sure the ordering system is a hassle and availability is often limited, but have you tried standing in the line at Cheese Board to buy lesser pizza? We're about to move from Easy Bay to Marin, and Emilia's is the place I'll be making the drive back for.

Julia Y.

Look no further if you're itching for some authentic, Italian-style pizza. I hail from central Jersey and grew up eating good pizza from local Italian pizzerias for high school lunches or pre-sports games snacks, so sniffing out delicious pizza is what I do. Emilia's is a solid choice! The pie dough is thin and soft, and actually delicious just to eat by itself. This was rather necessary because the tomato sauce layer was thin and the cheese at times sparse such that one is left to nibble at dough for some bites. However, there are these great melted dollops of creamy mozz on parts of the pie, which add a lot of flavor and deliciousness. I don't think these pies are actually worth the ~$30 or so (including tip), but hey--if you're looking for authentic Italian pizza (not the thick, hard, flatbread-style pizza pies), at least you've found the right place. Logistics-wise, Z. ordered online at 9:30 (we got the callback at 3:40 or so, only to find out that the O.G. (onion and sausage) was sold out because the sausages were out.) We opted for the onion + pepperoni topping instead which was totally good with us. If you are looking for a specific order, seems like ordering at exactly 9 am is the way go (evidently, ~75% of all their orders are made between 9-9:01 am.)

Roland L.

Although this opened after i graduated, still not sure how i missed this place. Best crust on a pizza in the Bay Area. Crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle, the crust is better than most of the NY places for foldable pizza. Definitely worth the complicated process for ordering (trick is to go online at 8:55AM and reserve).

Leily P.

Good- the site is confusing, you have to click into it to select a time to pick up your pizza (not just refresh the front page like I did for several days). Crust is very good, just wish there was more tomato sauce. Pizza was ready exactly at the expected time- lots of metered parking right in front so picking up was not at an issue.


Emilias pizzeria is absolutely fantastic. EAST BAY AND BAY AREA LISTEN UP. IM FROM PHILADELPHIA AND THIS PLACE HAS BETTER PIZZA THAN SOME PLACES IN NYC AND SURROUNDING EAST COAST!! A MUST HAVE! Quality is there on everything. The tomatoes are unbelievably sweet. Mozzarella is fresh as could be and the dough is unbelievably soft with a crunch on every bite. I couldn’t recommend this place enough to anybody and will definitely be stopping by many more times. I’ve tried a lot of the Renown pizza places in the Bay Area but I’m sorry Emilias. You 1 THOUSAND PERCENT TAKE THE CROWN! Phenomenal food ??❤️ ?

Megan K.

I was NOT into my time slot.I was NOT into how good this pie was. It was stupid good. What is in that crust?!

Sean B.

Best pizza in the bay. Like eating a baby angel. Took me back to New Haven and NYC as a little boy. Chewy crust, amazing flavor and everything was just perfect. Don't want to recommend too much so I can still get a time slot.

Nick S.

Had a great experience with Emilia's. Went through the callback system, and the pizza was ready at the exact time that I scheduled to pick up. Pizza was incredibly fresh and easily some of, if not, the best pizza in the Bay Area that I've had. I ordered the standard pizza; the dough was light and airy with the perfect amount of char, sauce was pure and not messed with too much, and the amount of cheese was lagom (Swedish word for not too much, not too little). I plan to come back here a lot more.

Dannylo A.

Pros:Some of the best pizza I ever had. Got half Pepperoni and Cheese and half mushroom and onions for the wife. We both really enjoyed it and specially because of the price. pretty cheap compared to other spots of this quality. Cons:I found the ordering process to be too much of a hassle and too be honest, it might be the reason I don't order again. Having to save your spot online at 9 am and then having to wait for a call back so you can make your order doesnt seem worth it for me. Dont get me wrong, the pizza is delicious which is why im giving it a 4 star review.

Ian Hall

Pizza is the best in berkeley but its very difficult to get a takeout order at a reasonable time. I used the callback system twice recently right when it opened at 9am and was only given options to pickup after 9pm

Decime Ale

The best pizza in the bay.

Jordan H.

I was really looking forward to trying this place after reading a few reviewers declaring this was the best pizza they've ever had. Unfortunately, Emilia's didn't live up to the hype. Firstly, I never experienced a more complicated ordering system. Online ordering opens at 9 am. I advise logging on precisely at 9 am, as I waited until 9:45 on my first attempt and they were completely sold out for the day by then. On my second attempt, I logged on exactly at 9, was placed in a que, and was able to submit an order by 9:15. Emelia's will then call you back in the afternoon between 3:30 - 4, where you tell them what specifically you want to order and then they give you a pick-up time, which is not really flexible. They told me 8:20 pm pick-up. Great. I understand it is a one-man show, and that is part of this place's appeal, but all the hoops and jumps to place an order weren't worth the trouble for me. It is also pretty pricey at around $30 for a pie with toppings. Cash-only (you can't pay by credit card online). Taste-wise, it was solid, quality New York style pizza. But I wouldn't say it was the best pizza I've ever had (or the best NY pizza I've had). It's good. But for all the trouble it was to get a pizza, it better be pretty epic.

brett Schweinberg

I've lived across the street for a year and a half and managed to get a pizza once. It's apparently a rather eccentric dude who doesn't need to make money and loves making pizza slowly. The pizza is quite good, but not amazing. When I was 20 I would have thought it was cool and set a timer on my phone to call at 4 p.m. to get a pizza by 8 p.m. Now, I just find it unbearably pretentious. Good for him and all, but I'd rather have a place I can just call up and get a pizza when I want one.

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