2068 Center St, Berkeley
(510) 809-8282

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Karmanjit Singh

Waited 45 minutes to get one beer. First item of food for our table of three did not arrive until an hour into us ordering. One persons Bison burger arrived about 50 minutes into us sitting down, and they were finished with their food before the appetizer even got to our table. We also had to ask no less than 4 times for some water, to which out assigned service completely ignored (dude with the green hair), and another nice server heard that we needed water and rushed over to get us some. I understand that there is a server shortage, but there was zero communication from our server to our table, even if he came to us and let us know that they were swamped, that would be understandable. One hour and twenty minutes after we ordered, and still no sight of the food the rest of our table ordered.

John Alfonso

Eureka has several good appetizers to start off your visit. The truffle fries are a good choice but there are several others, too, like the macaroni and cheese balls, falafel bites, and other options. I found the service quite attentive also- the wait staff was right back at our table right when we needed them.

AJ Bishop

Good food and pretty reasonable price large beer selection as well. However service wasn't ideal and there was an incident with a homeless individual shouting and scaring people inside. Hopefully that's not a typical experience

Erica Stafford

Great service! Cool spot to grab a whiskey flight with chill college-ish atmosphere.

Taz Man

Was out and about today, and met up with my kids and grandkids and they suggested stopping at Eureka! Nice open feeling, clean restaurant, friendly staff, had tvs showing sporting events. Ended up trying a couple appetizers, and a few burgers, nachos, and the grandkids went for the chicken strips and a cheeseburger. Appetizers were tasty, we had Mac& Cheese balls, and their Truffle fries with sea salt and their special dipping sauce, both were tasty indeed. Then I tried the "Cowboy" burger, which came with bacon, cheddar cheese, and crispy onion strings, and was served with fries. Burger was cooked as ordered and was served, hot and promptly. It was very tasty and satisfying to the afternoon hunger. Added a Watermelon Hibiscus drink (light on the spicy) and was very happy, as it too was tasty. Everyone enjoyed their meals and all left full and satisfied. If in the area definitely would give them a look and taste. They have a nice menu of choices, and a full bar if you are so inclined for an adult beverage or beer. All in all, nice expierience today, our waiter and staff were friendly, service was good, food was good. So until next time, Bon Appetit and stay safe

itz jz

I had the Eureka! American burger. It was juicy and flavorful. They use thousand island dressing and if you like onions, you’ll have to ask for them. The fries were crispy and flavorful, too. Our waiter was great, too.

Manning Sutton

Eureka is really busy now, inside and out. Food is consistently good, the brussel sprouts are an excellent appetizer! A limited menu, but good enough (e.g., burgers) given all the Covid challenges. Beer selection is great, divided in categories for easier selection. Our wait person was genuinely friendly and indicated that she was happy to be working again.

Great Beer Now

I haven’t traveled in a while but just recently took a family trip to the San Francisco bay area for fun and adventure. One of our excursions was to nearby Berkeley so that my teenager could visit the UC Berkeley campus. Once finished, we were hungry and a quick check of the internet turned up lots of recommendations to Eureka Restaurant in downtown.Eureka Restaurant specializes in American food. They have a large selection of whiskey and a very nice selection of craft beer. I went for a beer immediately while the wife went for a specialty drink. We were seated right by the entrance, and it was wide open with fresh air blowing from the outside. They had heaters to provide warmth, which is good because this part of the country can get chilly, even in the summer. They even have outdoor dining and it’s rather unusual. It’s a standalone structure built between the sidewalk and the street, great for those who want to eat amid nature’s elements.With the food, they serve appetizers, entrees, etc and specialize in burgers. I decided on a burger and I was quite impressed. The cooked it perfectly and the toppings and bun all added up to an excellent meal. I can’t think of any way the burger could have been improved. The other family members were equally impressed with their food selection as well. Everything from the appetizers to the main course was just right.With parking, you can either park on the street or use the adjacent parking garage. We used the garage and when we left the restaurant, we noticed the doors had been closed on the garage. We wondered what happened, then realized it was because the garage had closed to new customers. Our car was still accessible- we just had to open a side door, pay for our parking, then as we left the garage door opened for us. Bottom line: Don’t panic if you leave the restaurant and see the garage doors to parking garage are closed. You can still get your car.Service was excellent at Eureka Restaurant. They were attentive and refilled our drinks in a timely manner. Summing everything up, it was a most excellent way to end our day in this Bay area city and it’s a restaurant that earns high recommendations to anyone looking for American food, beer, and whiskey.

Diego M.

First time going here. Had the Wild Child SO delicious!!! I had the American burger and side Mac n cheese balls. They have indoor and covered outdoor dining options too. Sorry I forgot post pic of burger was so hungry and it was so delicious I just ate it up .


Visiting Berkeley is usually related in some way to the UC- Berkely campus. It was for me and the family when we visit this Oakland suburb and once the campus visit was complete, it was time to look for a place to eat. We decided to tur to the internet for recommendations and ended up at Eureka Restaurant in downtown Berkeley. Eureka specializes in American food with a large bar area and a very nice selection of beer and whiskey, plus several specialty drinks. There is indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating is interesting- they have built a structure, right next to the street, for outdoor dining. It can often get chilly and they have accommodated this concern by adding heaters. Parking is either on the street or in the adjacent parking garage. I started off my visit to the restaurant with a glass of beer and when it came time to choose a meal, I decided on one of the burgers, since they were recommend online, and I was quite impressed! It would be difficult to improve on the burger, as most everything was just right, from the meat to the toppings, to the bun. They really nailed it, and it matched up oh- so- well with my beer. Eureka has several good appetizers to start off your visit. The truffle fries are a good choice but there are several others, too, like the macaroni and cheese balls, falafel bites, and other options. I found the service quite attentive also- the wait staff was right back at our table right when we needed them. My glass wasn’t empty for long. Eureka Restaurant has much going for it in terms of atmosphere. It’s great for sports viewing and it’s one of those places that is elegant, yet still casual enough for an informal gathering with friends and family. It’s a great stopover for a memorable meal in this California college town.

Joseph Russavage

Love test staff, food and drinks! Super helpful, kind and delicious

Adrian B.

We went to eat to Eureka bulexause of it's location, the first impression is a pretty restaurant but nos so tasty. We ordered the truffled fries and Mac n cheese balls, both of them delicious, also the wings, dry rub. Later we asked the cowboy and beet burguer and they were very good.

Jiří Kratochvíl

Absolutelly wonderfull atmosphere. Beer for 5 dollars. Excellent burger for 13, fries included.

Kat W.

This is a classic restaurant from my times as a university student. The truffle fries and burgers along with their affordable happy hour are a steal. I came here recently with a college friend and it brought back lots of memories from the past. The ambience is not too casual and not too formal. It's a nice and calm in between. Love the cowboy burger and their nachos as well. Highly recommend this place for a good time !

Lorraine Gaul

Such a great place to eat! They have amazing burgers and great drinks and definitely the best staff!

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