Everett & Jones Barbeque

1955 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 548-8261

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F Moreno

They offer a nice range of fresh food. I love eating here. The employees are always super nice, prices are fair and the place is always clean.

Victor Nelson

Great place for barbrque; they actually were open on the fourth of July! They are fast with great service and good people.

Jesse Dean

Very very good food nice people fast service I've been looking for a good good barbecue spot for a while Everett and Jones Berkeley

Tim M.

Great Barbeque at a fair price! Many times having the word "Barbeque" in the name means the food costs 20% more. That's not the case with Everett & Jones! This is excellent food with a good selection. We had a variety of orders: ribs, brisket, chicken, and the sides: both beans, Mac n cheese, potato salad. Excellent! Beware the hot level Barbeque sauce! Very good flavor but it is spicy! Be prepared to wait in line, but the wait is worth it.

Gabrielle R.

This place is a joke! Homeless people out front. Overpriced sad food. I'll never be back after going 1 time. Save your money and check out KC BBQ instead

Iamher T.

The employees are always nice and the food is really good. This is cool spot to have a bite and watch an current game. The environment is always clean and neat, it's small, they also have a music box, and beautiful family photos everywhere.

M M.

Service is the absolute worst. If you want to feel like you're inconveniencing someone for doing their job; this is the place for you. Never had been to this location and won't ever return.

Corie G.

Everett & Jones is the best BBQ I have had in California . I am from North Carolina where we have the best BBQ so for me to have such a great review for Everett & Jones should show how good this place is ! I order the BBQ Chicken plate with Mac & Cheese and BBQ Beans with two slices of bread on the side ! I loved the hospitality in this place and the feeling it gave me of being back home. Definitely my go to spot when I want some good BBQ !

Daniel M.

Greatest barbecue ever hands down love this place great service great food Good customer service good atmosphere

Brianna B.

Great customer service and food is really filling. Friendly staff.


terrible version of Everett & jones 👎. by far the worst one I have been to. food was cooked with no love. so undercooked it was disgusting. I would avoid this one by all means. the employees are terrible as well. as if they don't care anymore.

Lady E.

NASTY MACARONI N CHEESE. First time ordered noodles over cooked. Where's the cheese little lumps of cheese weird burnt taste just nasty. Second time ordered ribs hella tough never again

Russel Javier

Great brisket, Mac and Cheese and potato salad.

Melvin Bridgewater

Excellent As Alwayz. Even Though It Was Crowded The Line Was Movin Quick. Thee Staff Was Efficient Courteous And The Food. PRICELESS

brenda scott

If you like barbecue, you definitely need to give them a try.... Delicious!

N K.

Excellent bbq and very friendly service. Everytime I get the brisket with that hit as Hades spicy bbq sauce. Yum


Charred small pieces of junk meat. This place USED to be awesome. Sounds like it was passed down the family line and this new generation just doesn’t seem to have their hearts in it.

Sonia V.

DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!!! So I just happened to be in Berkeley today and smelled the delicious smell of BBQ! Lately I've been trying to cut back on eating out because it costly, but I decided to treat myself. I order the Pork BBQ plate with the two sides. Of course I chose Mac and cheese and potato salad ($18.50) I got home and decided to dig in, the ribs were super dry, and chewy, the potato salad was sour, but the SADDEST thing of all was the Mac and Cheese, it was dry, not cheesy or creamy, salty but not seasoned. There was no flavor just dry salty noodles. Honestly took two bites off this plate and literally threw it in the trash. I threw $18.50 straight into the trash. This was the saddest bbq plate I ever had in my life. I really wish I could get a refund because I work hard for my money and it pained me to throw away a plate of food I paid for.

Richard M.

This is the least appealing E&J I've been to. Been to at least 2-3 others; been to this location a few times in past but it had been a while. It's not bad, don't get me wrong but it's not a destination I'd travel for; I just happened to be in neighborhood. My brisket wasn't bad, but I like my cuts slightly thicker. Hostess was super-nice. The only beverage they have is bottled water. Not special water, just a 10oz store-bought generic water. That kind of tells you something about the place.

Kelly Davis

Still thee best to me! Customer service was great, acknowledged as soon as you open the door.. the owner was there, and she’s always very friendly and pleasant..

Everett & Jones Barbeque

1955 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702