Everett & Jones Barbeque

1955 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 548-8261

Recent Reviews

Angel Robinson

I love Everett & Jones but my experience was so disappointing yesterday. I ordered a rib sandwich and it came with potato salad. First I opened it up and it looked and smelled great. As I began to eat the texture of the ribs was extremely hard like tree bark. The potato salad was awful it was so bitter and tart with no flavor and the potato skins just threw it completely off. I will never eat at this location again please don't waste your money here.

April Horton

Very disappointed! A lady sitting behind the counter said some rude things while we were walking in, but thought she was being funny. It wasn't! Anyhow, I ignored it and ordered. When we got home and opened our containers we were all horribly disappointed! We ordered two "3 ways" brisket, links and chicken. The meats were dry, macaroni was burnt, and the green beans were way too salty. We paid almost $32 for each combo (4 people sharing) and it was barely enough food to feed 2 people! We all feel ripped off and very dissatisfied. We haven't eaten there in years, so to have this experience left us all disappointed. I wish I had told that lady how unprofessional she was when we 1st came in and walked out that door to have saved us from wasting our money and time!! Never again!

Nita B.

Called in advance due to it being lunch time. Good idea! Lots of peeps there! Ordered ribs, link, Mac n cheese, n potato salad. I needed more bread with the order but otherwise food was good. The Mac n cheese and potato salad had interesting flavor I haven't tasted before

Sue C.

Lived 20+ years in Berkeley and although I was first a Flint's fan, once I tried E&J I was hooked. Now I've been in Santa Rosa 20 years and don't get much opportunity to get there unfortunately but today was an exception and I was able to stop by. OMG! IT IS STILL AS GOOD AS THE LAST TIME WHICH WAS SO LONG AGO I DON'T REMEMBER THE DATE. The best BBQ links and ribs. The most perfect potato salad that so belongs to this particular BBQ. I really truly love this place. It's sameness is a comfort in this ever changing world. Thank you Everett & Jones.

LaSheila H.

I moved to Manteca 20 years ago and this place was the bomb back then. Back then you could get your 3 way or 4 way with any meat of your choice. Don't make a difference if you do not eat pork, you have to still get the pork ribs. You can not double or triple the same meat. That was upsetting to me, but I didn't put up a fuss. I ordered the 3 way chicken, links and brisket, with potatoe salad and mac and cheese. I paid $28, and thought that was pretty steep, but I figured it would be enough food to share with my fiance. We would pay $14 per person easy for lunch else place. I could not believe my eyes when I opened my container. Barely enough food for one person. Also, they gave my ribs anyway, three very short ribs. They must cut them in half, I never seen that before. Not even a whole link, maybe 6 pieces, and they were not slices, more grounded sausage, and barley any brisket, which was mixed in with the ground link. The mac and cheese was horrible and it had a weird orange color. Potatoe salad was full of mustard. Yuk!!! They are skimpy with the sides also. Overall the same was good, but everything else was not good and they don't give you plenty. I took the 1 hour drive with this place on my mind the whole time. The girl that took my order did not say hello and she had a dry attitude. I didn't like my experience at this hole in the wall, but I like hole in the wall restaurants. Everret and Jones need to STOP RIPPING PEOPLE OFF OR CLOSE UP SHOP!!!

Latoya H.

I have been going here for years born and raised in Berkeley California I really have nothing bad to say except for sometimes their food is a little skimpy they can do better with the portions just my opinion

April Randall

My grand and I were visiting from New Orleans, LA. I'm born and raised in Oakland, California originally the food has always been outstanding as well as the service. My food was ready and the young man expediting the food held a 15-minute conversation with another customer who was departing after dining in so I watched my order which I had no idea it was my food was despicable. I will never visit the Berkeley location again. On a positive note. My grand (3 years old) enjoyed her ribs and potato salad.

Elijah Hope

As usual my brisket was off the chart thank you folks for all the love making my Friday top notch

Franco Dunn

Just the classic atmosphere where real bbq is served. No frills and the mouthwatering aroma of smoked meats.

Kate L.

$12.50 for a sandwich and no sides? Berkeley have you lost your dang mind? It smelled great and I liked the ambiance (one star for each), but I refuse to participate in those economics.

Coy Gibson

This is what a two-way brisket an ribs looks like

Harlan Johnson

The brisket was very thinly sliced and pretty stringy. The sausage was dry and rather bland. The sauce was great, and it made up for a lot, but it's not enough by itself. Food was about a 2/5, once the price is considered (30 bucks including a tip!), it's a 1/5.

Alexandria Sarten

Outstanding barbeque! Will gladly go out of my way to eat here again.

Wilton Brown

Nice environment and very welcoming service. The menu was fresh and enchanting. Will easily recommend this spot to friends. Convenient prices and large meals. Good job.

Lee Kennedy

I frequent this outstanding place once a month since I love the ambiance that is characterizes this restaurant. The personel is extraordianrillyremarkably cordial and qualified. The service is impressively efficient. Needless to say, the food they serve is exceptionaly good. I have been there more than once and I was always joyful. The pay is decent. I suggest this restaurant to to all.

Henry C.

This is a place that has a lot of history. There's some fun slogans on the wall and the counter top has pictures of famous athletes that have visited. There's limited seating inside so if you can't find a seat, there's plenty of seating outside. Street parking or shopping center next door. I did like that they cook in an old fashion wall smoker. I really enjoy spicy food so i chose "hot" (you have the option to select mild, medium, hot or on the side). I ordered BBQ ribs , brisket, sausage and chicken. It was all very tasty with good flavor. Hope this helps.

Jose Savinovich

Some of the best BBQ I’ve had.

Pier-Olivier Hamel

Disappointing BBQ place. Brisket was super dry, ribs were good but only 1 of the 4 bones I had had meat on it (3 only had fat attached to them).

Kellan Faulkner

This place is my favorite. I visit a lot of restaurants but to this restaurant I constantly return again and again. The stuff is very affectionate and the food they place on your table is so good. I never miss an opportunity to have a nice dinner in this place. I highly recommend this place.

Jerry Kurtze

The bbq place is pretty good. I had there brisket. It was cooked great and tender. I had the hot BBQ sauce which was tasty with a kick. I will be back.

Alexa A.

AMAZING FOOD I knew there was an Oakland location but this was our first time at the small Berkeley take out location, which is super convenient because I live closer. I love how the ribs are always so fall off the bone tender

Vincent L Williams Sr

My first time eating at Everett & Jones. I had the beef brisket sandwich, the meat was good with the BBQ sauce was good also. Customer service was excellent also.

Roshawna Young

Came on my lunch break was in & out food was on point good customer service

Chief Solano

I don't have to tell you how good Everett & Jones is do I? Just go there now and thank me later. And call me anytime you go back so you can grab me some links?

Stu S.

Real wood smoked ribs and other very tasty meats! (Know there is real wood at the Berkeley location, not sure about Oakland) I usually get the four way and it is more than enough for my wife and my son. And I am not small eater! The sides are amazing and I especially like the corn bread. The spiciest BBQ sauce I get is medium. The hot sauce has A LOT OF BURRRRRRNNNN!! So, only if you can take it and you like the HEAT!! I can usually take the heat and love spicy hot food. But not so much with the hot BBQ Sauce here. I have been going to the Berkeley location for more than 20 years and whenever I am in Berkeley and I have time for lunch, I make sure I make a stop for myself or take a four way combo home for the family. Always a treat!!

Austin C.

I have been going to this location for over 20yrs..still haven't found a better bbq spot! I am one to travel all over the world trying different food. Anytime I want bbq I will make a special trip out to Berkeley just to have theirs! There is the jack London square spot which has more sides but I still love this spot and drive further just to have it. They are always customer friendly, have smiling faces, and are always great to chat with. I must say I'm a huge fan of their ribs and brisket! The potato salad is so amazing especially if putting some spicy bbq sauce on it, OMG!!! I just tried their coleslaw for the first time and it's definitely different than other places but would have to say for me it's definitely top 2! It's just different but sooo good. I know that all ppl have their different tastes in foods but you must give this place a try! Great smokey taste to food and the hot bbq sauce is so good! Swing through...you won't regret it!

EuWanda Sexton

This establishment serves real barbecue the way it should be cooked and presented. When I go to other places, my mind says " Nope! Not like Everett and Jones! Going back home to Berkeley"!

Ericka V.

Meat is amazing sides are trash! To be fair my sons dad and his nephew liked the mac and cheese but they also like box mac and cheese soooo. The beans were firm and just tasted lien bbq sauce the sauce IS really good but i don't want it on my firm beans. So the only thing i cares for were my links which were amazing. Also I heard the one on Macarthur has better sides i'm going to try it but the meat is amazing

Alex Buna

Awesome spot, Berkeley is definitely the better of all the Everetts. Foods better and the service is way more down to earth.

Antoinette Zamudio

Delicious! And the plates are a good amount of food

Ed S.

Really disappointing. 2.5 Stars. Maybe there has been a change in management. Ribs great. Potato Salad Fair. Coleslaw terrible (thrown out), BBQ sauce good, Bread Good. Could I purchase a couple Links on the side: NO. Servcie fast and polite. NOT a Re-Do.

Johnika J.

The qualifying there food has went done they use to be worth the drive from Fairfield and back but now I'll take kinders or CJ BBQ and save my gas idk if it's new cooks or what but they have definitely lost there touch I'm so disappointed

Phil J.

Wow, this is the real deal! I had forgotten what traditional old-school BBQ places are like! Nothing fancy. Wheat bred slices in a bag... That sort of place. Excellent ribs. Good baked beans.

Augustine D

This place is absolute fire. Hate on it if you want to but this is a badass business that deserves respect

Toddk Banks

I love this place but tonight must have been a off night order got smaller beans under cooked but one thing that stays the same is that tasty sauce if the above was on point they would get the full stars

Catarina G.

I was very excited to try this place for the first time. I got a beef brisket dinner with baked beans and Mac and cheese. The guy came out with my plate literally 2 minutes later after ordering. When I got ready to eat there was bbq sauce spilt all in the inside of the plastic bag. After trying the brisket it was dry and tasted old. The Mac and cheese and beans side dish came in a small side dish container. The beans weren't good at all tasted like they put too much brown sugar because it was too sweet and I love me some baked beans but the sweetness was over powering. The Mac and cheese was the best part of the plate and that was mediocre. I'm very disappointed for a 19 dollar plate and reading that this place was considered best bbq spot in the bay. Will not be coming here again.

douglas jones

It’s average wouldn’t drive out of my way to go there meat was cold and over cooked. Probably cause it was held at serving temp for to long. Sauce was decent.

Aristo Nice

Everything is awesome here. Family oriented. Love the bumper stickers. You always walk away smiling

Geoffrey Faubion

Too much of the social justice plastered throughout. I went in to order some delicious BBQ and was confronted by a patron who attempted to intimidate and decided to go elsewhere. Can't be free if you don't present and fight for freedom for all.

michael goins

Just left... Maybe the best bbq I've ever tasted.. Large portions..... Going back tomorrow...