2114 Vine St, Berkeley
(510) 944-7010

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Jennifer Newberger

Delicious, fresh, nutritious. The beautiful colors and textures of the falafel plate left me completely satisfied. First your eyes will feast, then your taste buds.

Gianna Mautone

YUM! The food is SO fresh and made with love. Deeply nourishing meals.

Julie Mikos

Really good falafel sandwich with loads of fresh cilantro and some mint for a twist. Fun Berkeley sidewalk dining experience. I was drawn in by the loud fun funk music. I'm sure their neighbors aren't to appreciative of the thumping music, but it made for a fun experience.

Monica Medeiros

Very delicious lunch and very quick turn around. I got the salmon plate, which was perfectly cooked. I felt it was a generous portion and very nourishing.

Zachary Obstfeld

Exquisite food. Recommend the lassi, chicken sandwich, and lentil soup. I'd like to explore more of the menu but since these items are so flawless it barely seems worth it. Suppose my only complaint is that I possess just one stomach.

Anna Azimi

Cutest walk-up window serving fresh and colorful meals with in-season ingredients. To-go only but easy to grab and eat on the benches across the street.

Saher D.

Fava is the best! The food is amazing, the staff are so friendly, and the vibes are always spot-on for a sunny Friday lunch. Whoever puts together their music playlists needs to make them publicly available! Ok, back to the food. My go-to order is a pint of lentil soup and a chocolate tahini cookie. The dill yogurt on the soup is my favorite. If you ask, they will provide chopped chilis on the side for no additional cost. These add a great spicy kick to the soup! Also don't forget to grab a cookie. You won't regret it.

Stephen Hokanson

This is one of my go to lunch spots. Their hours of operation are sort of limited and primarily in the midst of the work week, but the brightest flames burn out first. Super fresh, healthy Mediterranean style food a la California. Every single thing on the menu is excellent.Who knew broccoli could be so tasty? Who knew a red cabbage slaw could usurp an entire meal? Who knew a boiled egg could melt in your mouth like custard? I didn't really care for tabouleh before FAVA, but wowow theirs is good. When I eat here, I genuinely feel better for the rest of the day. Physically and mentally. Their focus on fresh and healthy ingredients absolutely shines through in the eating experience. Wholesome, in a word.Try the soup. Try the salad. TRY THE MANGO LASSI RIGHT NOW. The desserts are simple but yummy. Try everything. Every cent spent here is a cent well spent. This is a to-go only place with no seating. If you want to sit somewhere in the Neighborhood, you can walk into the tunnel to Sunnyside Cafe where there are open tables, or walk over to Saul's where they've got a free public patio, or go to the Tables in/around Peet's. I've never seen anyone get in trouble for doing this.

Morgan Lambert

Delicious high quality Falafel. Lots of fresh herbs little bit of spice in there. I wish there was a little fresh tomato and a little little sliced red onion, however very good

Omar Ali Mohammed Al-kendi (iiSmiley)

The falafel was fire ?!It was probably one the best falafel I have ever had in the US.The salmon was great, and I loved the fresh herbs and vegetables that come with it.

Jett P.

I ordered the falafel flatbread and tahini cookie, both were amazing. The cookie was large so get it to share! The ingredients in the flatbread mixed perfectly and tasted extremely fresh.

Vicki L.

Excellent falafel bowl. Fast and friendly service. Easy online ordering process with suggested modification options - greatly appreciated!

D G.

Wow! I had the falafel flatbread sandwich. First rate. Middle Eastern food with California/Ottolenghi flair. Fresh ingredients, lots of wonderful fresh herbs piled on top--dill, parsley, and mint--(instead of the usual overly dressing-drenched coleslaw), lovely pickled cabbage, but not too much, and wonderfully tasting crunchy and "meaty" falafel that was neither oily nor leaden. My recommendation is to order the sandwich as they make it and see if you like it. If you want to tweak it you can (the online ordering menu allows you to do that after you make your selection). When you go back a second time you can decide how you want to make it to suit your specifications (e.g., add hummus, subtract harissa, etc. for example).

Kit Lai Pine

My first time to Berkeley. Our daughter took us to Fava for a taste of the good food in Berkeley. We ordered soup, marinated beets with goat cheese, falafel with pita bread and salad with salmon. All the ingredients were fresh and very tasty. Good service as well! A must in Berkeley!

Acid B.

First of all, love love love the fresh produce and fish. It's like it jumped out of the ocean/farm and briefly skimmed the kitchen on the way to my plate. Super flavorful and thoughtful combinations of textures in their salads and roasted veggies. It's like having a low key but secretly swanky meal. The red cabbage thing is to die for and their falafels are a hit at every meal. The one single thing that has got me not making this 5 stars is the salt. Sometimes the fish is perfectly salted, sometimes it's oversalted. Sometimes the lentils are nicely seasoned, sometimes overly salty. Same for the roasted veggies. And if you had leftovers, next day that saltiness feels almost too much. I'm not sure if it's getting tasted before it goes out or measured ahead of time, but I could use much less salt in my Fava deliciousness. Still isn't gonna stop me from coming back. But I hope they read this and pull back a little.

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