Fieldwork Brewing Company

1160 Sixth St, Berkeley
(510) 898-1203

Recent Reviews

Jason Miles

It was a wild scene and the beers were flowing instinctively like the salmon of Capistrano

Mark Crowdis

Lame - Fieldwork started selling in the Napa farmers market. I was excited to try some new microbrews. Bought two. One was a little flat and the other was completely flat. Went back and asked for another single beer for the completely flat one. Guy at the farmers market says at first that he did not have that one so he could not replace it and I said I would take another. He said he would have to talk to his manager and that the manager was not there. If you cannot stand behind your product and support your customers, you don't deserve them. Recommendation, go elsewhere. There are so many great microbrews in all of NorCal!!!


A really nice neighborhood brewery; friendly to dogs and kids. Ample outdoor seating, with a nice amount of indoor accomodation (parking can be tough when really busy). This place has a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for sitting down with friends and having conversations. The beer was good, but not everything was a hit. There was a really diverse selection so probably something for everyone in your group. Service was excellent and the restrooms well maintained. If you're in the area, this is a place you should really check out.

Krystalina Rattanavong

Was a fan of the selection of sours. It varied from tasting like raspberry chocolate ganaches, to strawberry lemonade, and even cherry jolly ranchers. The staff are friendly and the outdoor seating has a beautiful garden. The vibes and drinks are definitely on point.

Franklin Trust

It's just great. Try their new sandwiches! Also BEER! SUCH GOOD BEER!

Dave Monk

Amazing, large selection of beer. Fun atmosphere inside as outside. Friendly staff. Did I mention the great beer?!!

Chris Bell

Catering to reservations and online ordering instead of customers in line who were there first is a poor way to show customer appreciation

Jose Pazypuente

Two flights and not a beer that wasn't absolutely delicious and made perfectly to it's advertised style. Solid beer this place.

Ion 11 N.

Uber friendly and SMART staff.
And a sheet-ton of different Beers.
 The place is freaken heaven for craft beer lovers.
 Oh and ladies will love the reall cool and artistic designs on the Beer cans.
 YES, Beer cans!

Joseph T.

Outdoor seating has returned to Fieldwork! It's been back for a couple of months, or close to that time frame. Definitely plan ahead and make reservations. Especially on the weekend and since the weather seems to be getting nicer.
Tons of beer styles. They do have bites to offer and have to have a meal purchase with your order. Chicken, pork belly and vegetarian sandwiches. We had the chicken and pork belly.  Quite tasty!If you're not hungry, they offer frozen pizzas for you to take home.
Not sure how long ago this're no longer able to bring in food from the outside. Not sure if this is a Covid thing or permanent.

Auni Moin

Great service, amazing beers! Just wish they made more BBAs ?

Genelle G.

Such an awesome brewery! We've never been but always loved when their drinks were on tap at a bar we go to in Walnut Creek CA, (hops & scotch). Great sandwiches, the JEFE sandwich was too good. Such friendly workers and so welcoming. We can't wait to go back and try more hazy's!

Melissa D.

Great beers but the sandwiches are just ok. Five stars for the service, beers, ciders, and dog-friendly patio. Our server was so great and I wish I got her name! This place is amazing and has another great brewery around the corner. This is a hell of a way to spend the afternoon during COVID. Great find!

Michael T

Great beer and service. Love the curbside. Smooth and convenient.

Yenni H.

Went here while SIP. Wait time was quick for a Saturday- we got a table in about 20 minutes? Staff was very friendly. We initially got a small table for 3 people and asked if we could switch to a bigger table and the server sanitized the table and we were switched very simple. Also they serve "frozen pizza", yes.... frozen. You need to buy a food item while you're there so if you decide on getting frozen pizza just know that it is actually frozen and you need to take it home to warm up and eat. Besides that they offer sandwiches. I honestly thought they were going to suck lol but when the sandwich came out it was warm, crunch and delicious on each bite. Yum! Definitely recommend the sandwiches :)

Also, we wanted more oranges and the server got us a whole plate. She was super sweet! Thank you for being so kind to us!

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