Flavors of India

3211 College Ave, Berkeley
(510) 658-3461

Recent Reviews

madd naddia

Good spicy vindalo


Wife complained that there was not much cheese cubes in the Paneer Tikka Masala. Mostly sauce. Sales assistant can hold a good conversation though.

Ariel P.

The best Indian food in Rockridge! I've enjoyed countless meals from Flavors of India over the many years I've lived in the area, and it's always been absolutely delicious. In terms of consistency in quality, ingredients, and customer service, they go above and beyond. We love the chicken tikka masala and vegetable samosas, and the naan bread is always cooked to perfection. I can't recommend this restaurant enough!

soumik biswas

One of my favourites from the other side of the Bay. One very nice thing is these guys keep changing their lunch menu almost every single days in a week.

Faye D.

The portion of food became smaller and smaller after COVID. There were only five tiny pieces of lamb in the lamb curry I ordered yesterday. They increased their price by 15%! Quite unreasonable.

Pool Peterkin

Fantastic spot to have something when in a rush. The customer service is fast, rates are fair, good vibes. Will come visit again

Andrea Y.

During Covid-19, take out from our favorite Indian restaurant has been an extra treat. Make it extra special when you put the delicious food in nice dishes and serve with Aperol Spritzers. Their food never disappoints and always comforts.

Ingrid R.

Delicious food and fast service. We've ordered the chicken korma several times and I highly recommend it. Delicious samosas and garlic naan too. Great local restaurant!

leslie e.

raw samosa dough...called to let them know and they didn't care. people can get sick like this........

Cade Berger

This restaurant is my preferred one. I go to plenty of restaurants but to this one I keep coming back again and again. The crew is very professional and the food they serve is so good. I am always happy to have a good dinner in this place. Highly recommended.

Rishi S.

Ordered takeout here. It was overall quite good. The fish pakoras is scrumptious, the samosas is palpable, and the paneer saag is good.

Leni W.

I do not understand how this place has so many good reviews. The food is terrible. It has no flavor. The saag paneer literally tastes like mud. The naan is soggy. We ordered our dishes medium spicy and they were so bland. I am angry that we spent over $50 for two dishes. And rice wasn't even included in our delivery order! I almost never write reviews, but I felt compelled to say something because of how bad our experience was.

Richard S.

Reliable, classic Indian food. My favorite dish actually isn't on the menu for some reason, but they've made it for us a few times: paneer butter masala. The paneer tikka masala is also solid, but the butter masala is slightly better. Great chana masala, daals, and garlic naan too. Haven't branched out beyond these "classics" yet, but they are good enough that we keep coming back.

Melisa G.

AMAZING!!! Best Indian restaurant in town. Their butter paneer masala is incredible. You must try them out - you won't regret it!

Doug G.

Food itself is so-so. But prices are high compared to other places, and the service is terrible. There's literally no reason to ever eat here with so many other better choices for Indian food nearby.

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