2466 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
(510) 356-4598

Recent Reviews

Wanqiao L.

The fruit tea is so great!!! I love FRUIT T, really great place to drink some high-quality and healthy fruit tea!!

Victoria S.

Best fruit tea I've had in Berkeley to date. It's tucked away down a staircase in Sather Lane, so it takes a little effort to find, but it is most definitely worth giving a chance. The tea is strong and is blended with real fruit, so you can taste both flavors well. So far, I've only had the double berry with no toppings and the pineapple drink with passionfruit jelly. I highly recommend them both. I haven't heard incredible things about their food or milk tea options, though I will remain hopeful until I try for myself. Still, I give 5 stars for fruit tea flavor and impeccable service.

David Qiu

Hours posted are inaccurate, and I've been made to feel like human garbage in the span of a 3 second interaction:

Fan Z.

This is the best fruit tea place in Berkeley. This store use real fruits, not canned fruits, to make fruit tea. Their cheese mango is outstanding and their cheese strawberry is my favorite. Taro is also great. Definitely recommended to try all of them and you will fall in love with this place just like me.

Emma W.

Really nice addition to the booming Berkeley boba scene tucked away in one of Telegraph's quaint alleys! If you're looking for no line (which is rare in this area for boba), then go here. There are maybe 6 seats inside. We got the Double Berry and Taro drinks, which were both delicious and refreshing. Definitely recommend the Taro if you're looking for something denser, heavier, and sweeter though. It's really like you're drinking a cake. As usual, toppings are extra. I was particularly intrigued by their matcha agar which I think I'll try next time. Service is friendly and quick. They also serve some food items and snacks here.

Rose L.

1st time trying this, ordered the Taro milk tea, not bad but I wish it's more colder and it is soooo sweet. The boba is hard to chew, so hope for more soft boba. Their service is good and fast but I wish they can lower the sweetness cause it's kinda not worth $6

Sandy V.

Came here a while back, but I honestly love this place. So cute and small. Hidden too! The mango coconut is only thing I bought and it is to die for! I miss it and want it so bad but I live in Sacramento. I came back to this place twice in one day and it was MMMMMMMM still good! The price overall for it is 7 dollars, which is expensive, but we're talking BAY AREA here so of course it's expensive and it sounds like hard work(they used a blender from the sounds of it).

fang L.

I normally don't hang around the Eastbay area cuz I'm dat Typically inner city cat. Frisco baby yee. But damn I was in the mood for some Ice T with some Ice Cube in it, then I stumble upon this new spot Fruit T. I ain't hella picky about the quality of my ice tea except one thing- the sugar level. Cuz you know most of these ice tea and boba shops tend to dump in tons of sugar in their drinks even when you request to reduce the sugar amount. But damn this place had the perfectly balanced tea matching the citrus flavor of the lemon slices. It was hella refreshing for a hot day in the East Bay. Although I ain't a fiend for ice tea, but I got 5 on it everytime when I slide thru the Eastbay. Fruit T wish you all the best in the world! Ain't easy to make some paper as a small business homie! Trust me I know all about it. Especially when That prick leftist Gavin Newsom is in the office. Pro-criminals and undermine the hard work of all the blue collars who are the backbone of our economy! Good luck running a business in the most liberal city of the Bayarea.

Dorothy L.

This place replaced Tammy's waffle in sather lane. It's a bit hard to find if your not familiar with place but it's down a small stretch of stairs. Drink: I got the honeydew tea with boba and it was very good!!! The boba was a bit chewier than most but overall great texture and taste. The honeydew actually tasted real and not like artificial sweetener so a plus for that too. Overall, good drinks and I would def come here again :) Service: kinda non confrontational, the cashier didn't say anything besides just giving me the drink and kinda seemed like he didn't want to be there Ambience: very small but they have some tables and chairs!

Elizabeth E.

Great place to get real fruit drinks! Levels of sugar can be adjusted and the price are reasonable for the drinks' quality.

James L.

Berkeley has changed a ton since my graduation 2 years ago. Saw the sign for this place while wandering down sather lane and decided to give it a try. Got double berry with cheese, and it was pretty good. Hope this place can stand the overly hard competitions of the restaurant market in Berkeley.

Albert L.

Tammy's Waffles was short-lived close up abruptly without notice, but I didn't know about it until I return from vegas. You might miss this place because it's not located on ground or eye level it's more like discrete basement. Inside has one table and wooden counter plank along with single television. One guy behind counter does everything. This place is so limited to only 5-6 on menu at most the rest is simple inexpensive fast food made to resemble gourmet offering. Got a the Double Berry Tea after I was told real fruit are use no powder or artificial ingredients. Wow! This sounds good and somewhat healthy compare to other places. And you know what? Fruit T is legit, they sell what they say and keep their word. Drink wasn't too sweet made with real blended berries felt seeds stuck in between teeth not hard to get out just take a sip and it will release itself from surface. Although place may seem like a bit sketch being almost underground there are good drinks to be had here you know.

Tom D.

Love their fruit teas. With most fruit tea places, usually the fruit dominates with its sweetness (even after adjusting sugar!). But this tea place's fruit teas are really great. The honeydew tea tasted like real honeydew fruit AND had a distinctive tea taste too. Would recommend!

Victor G.

Fruit T fills Tammy's Chicken N Waffles' vacated space. basement location is on the Bancroft side of Sather Lane. just go down the concrete steps. standing board is at top of steps. offerings: specialty drinks, teas, snacks brew: jasmine green tea (L. 4.50)no ice/sugar -bland, slight jasmine flavored water -sugared drinks, eats better options here. drips: -ready within minutes -5 small tables for seating.

Kimberly R.

Wow! Loved the drinks! Tried the Lemon Wintermelon Basil Seed tea and is was super yummy! Great choices and fresh. Service was great and quick! Worth finding...

Oliver D.

It was pretty hard to find this place at first but it takes over where Tammy's Chicken and Waffles used to be (down the flight of stairs in Sather Lane) Nice that it's very close to campus. I came a few days ago and got the honeydew tea. It was more half-tea, half-slushie as they blend it with ice. They use real fruit and you can taste the honeydew chunks. It's hard to find a place that uses real honeydew instead of artificial powder, so props to that. It also has a good balance with the tea and sweetness. On a hot day, it really hit the spot. The downside though is that they don't have the typical boba-store toppings (like boba and lychee jelly, etc) and it's a little bit on the pricier side but I guess that's the price you pay for getting real ingredients. Overall had a good experience and a great drink. I think it's definitely worth a try but on the pricier side. I will come back to try the food options sometime.

Jessie C.

omg childhood memories...the sausage! YOU MUST TRY THE SAUSAGES!!! really tiny restaurant but they have really good comfort food that you would see on the streets of taiwan and japan. the tea was also very refreshing. price is acceptable and definitely will visit again!

Stephanie Z.

i've been looking for some quality tea made with fresh fruits until i found this store. the honeydew taste was so strong and i could taste fresh fruit bits. the store was honestly really hidden but who wouldve thought!

Michelle X.

found a new place opening after class. i decided to try their beef bowl and it was so good! the beef was very flavorful and soft. I also got the one orange tea because it looked so beautiful and it did not disappoint me either. new spot to hit after class from now on:)