Gather Kitchen, Bar & Market

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Sapo Verde

The food is wonderful. But trying to order online for pick-up/delivery (we have to for health reasons) is always a crapshoot because their system is not always active.

Luisa T.

Stopped by today excited that they had vegan options. (Which they did!) Ate dinner with my partner and a friend. My friend and I got our drinks about 15 minutes before my partner and then the food about 20 minutes before my partner too. It showed showed up when we questioned our waitress at it. No one enjoyed their meal as the food lacked taste and seemed to have been ready for a while before being brought out. The service was slow and almost non existent. I believe part of it is because they moved to online orders from your table so there's less interaction with the staff. The ambiance seemed promising but the overall experience was a let down.

Yogibear C.

Good food and relaxed ambience. Ideal place in the evening to grab a bite and get a drink. We loved and food and ambience - selection of items were limited but the dishes were well made. Appetizers, small dishes and main courses were all good quality and tasty. The only factor that did not chime well was the service - it was confusing at best as we sat outside. Maybe the new regulations and lack of staff shortages are to be blamed but I have rarely gone to a place where service is so confused in setting expectations. I hope the situation was more streamlined indoors.

Frances Y.

First time eating dinner at Gather~ Gather's menu is kind of limited, not a lot of choices but generally the food is pretty good. The pizza is a must.

Mervi T.

Food was just okay for the price. Felt like you were paying for the ambience and the serving sizes were on the smaller side

Dani T.

Nice outdoor seating, though on busy nights it can feel very crowded/cramped out there. The menu is interesting and the food all tasted fresh. Service was attentive! f you are looking for dessert they also make a great soft serve ice cream. I especially loved how thoughtful they are with their COVID protocols. They had an easy system for scanning the menu and ordering through the website. Highly recommend!

Tomika I.

This review is late but necessary; I was not going to to leave a review but, this is 2021 & no one has time for poor service. ESPECIALLY people of color. I give my experience 2/5 stars. The ambiance + space very nice and clean. The service, not so much from front of the house. I understand that front of the house has to keep up an appearance or may be tir d from standing (I've worked all types of food and service jobs, so I get it) never should a customer feel like they are not wanted or bothering you. The girl standing at the door, had cute pants on, but kinda sucked attitude wise. She seemed annoyed that she had to wait for me to find the correct vaccinated information; told me I could sit myself + I never saw her again apart from the every now and then peek around the corner to "spy" or be "nosey" cause one the the cooks is a good friend of mine. I seated at the bar; the little market is cute. No one brought me a menu, water or anything. No one came to check on me. Only person to give full service was my friend in the kitchen + it shouldn't be that way. It doesn't matter who walks through your doors; white, black, orange, green, purple, whatever...everyone should receive the same service. There was a family that came after me that got great service, so it was really disappointing, but I'm not surprised. I'm a black woman in Berkeley. We all know nonPoc's looovvvee to act some kind of way but let's not forget Berkeley and Oakland we're Black + brown cities before gentrification. Overall, the experience was poor, had it not been for my friend in the kitchen providing a great service, I would have left on spot. Will I come back? Probably not. Do I hope you guys treat everyone with respect moving forward, absolutely.

Khash S.

Awful. I tried to find a better word to sum it up but failed. Here is why I think the restaurant was awful: - Taste and palate : Almost everything we ordered was badly designed. The taste profiles of almost everything was more concerned with putting impressive sounding names on the menu rather than ensuring a delightful palate. The pickled asian peach salad has a completely incommensurate dressing too acidic for what it requires. The roasted corn soup has so much turmeric that it overpowers the taste of corn or roasted corn that it tastes more like a curry. It was also very salty which sometimes suggest using salt to cover bad taste and I won't be surprised if that was the reason for the excessive use of salt. - Bad quality: while the salad was fresh, the bread that came with it tasted and had a texture of something that had been brought over to guests and taken back as leftovers to the kitchen plenty of times and was being served again. I am guessing the bread was from ACME which is a good quality bread but was buttered too much on one side with oxidized butter and left out so it had turned the bread into a chewy rubber. - Sloppy service: The printed menu was handed out but when trying to order many of the items were either unavailable or not available as described (wine in bottles instead of glasses as advertised). The explanation was that the menu is out of date and we should try again with the online QR code. Overall, a mean for 3 came up to over $120 for an experience that was awful. I thought about the last time I actually had such bad food and I couldn't remember when it was. This wasn't just a subpar or mediocre experience, it was as if someone didn't give a damn about what they are serving their clientele and it showed. Never will I ever set foot in that establishment. It insults my senses.

Pranamee S.

Unique pizza combos? Yes, come to Gather! Brunch pizza had potato, eggs and cheese. We loved it, the kids loved it. Yes, it is kid friendly too (ignore some other reviews that say otherwise) We went here for Brunch, had some good Mimosas and cocktails along with amazing French toasts, pizza, fries and more pizza! Parking garage is right next to this place so very convenient. We sat indoors but the outdoor was fancy and we want to go back again to enjoy that space some day.

John Alfonso

I didn't expect anything less from Gather. I love a good farm to fork restaurant and they did not fall short. My partner and I shared a burger, cauliflower and strawberry salad. Each item was so fresh and tasted food. The burger was seasoned well too. I'm regretting sharing the burger haha

Sayan Das

My friend and I had indoor dinner here. We ordered pizza and roasted chicken. The food was really nice.But the service is awful. The first waiter who initially gave us the menu never showed up to take our order. We then asked another waiter. The table wasn't set properly as well. Glasses and utensils were missing. We had to ask for them. And it was really difficult to get hold of the waiter. And again there was delay for checks and payments.

Angela Trevino

Customer service was great Fernando suggested several different items from the menu all of which were delightful. We will be back.

Yue Gao

The food was very impressive!! The classic breakfast is a perfect choice for brunch! Staff were friendly and responsive. Book a table if you can because we waited for 20minutes before there's a table! To summarize, it is worth a visit!

Misty Mulhall

The food was absolutely delicious. There were a lot of vegan options, even a delicious vegan pizza. The Pinot noir was delicious and the service was excellent.

Max Thompson

A nice ambiance and great food! The staff is very friendly and efficient.

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Gather Kitchen, Bar & Market

2200 Oxford St, Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 809-0400