Gecko Gecko Thai

2101 Milvia St, Berkeley
(510) 665-4811

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Min C.

Perhaps I should come at a softer angle with all that is going on with the world, but I definitely came away with disappointment at this last visit here.While I wasn't particularly craving Thai at this point, but it's always a go-to option for me. So after getting groceries at Trader Joe's and then rejected by the bus, I immediately pivot to securing a dinner takeout and decide that it will be Thai given my nearby options. I land on Gecko Gecko since I last did takeout at Plearn. I arrive to find the door propped open and a green sign refers to a QR code for ordering. I peek inside but was not successful in locating anyone so I guessed they are only taking online orders. Thus, I proceed online to create an order and somehow get stuck on the checkout page. I poke my head back in to this time find staff sitting behind the counter. Perhaps blinded by frustration, I could not help but to feel like they weren't very interested (did they not notice me and my large grocery bags move about for minutes?). I ask if I can order in person and the staff person says sure. Hm... I would say it was not the most pleasant beginning to this experience. Anyways, after all that, I finally get my Pad Se Ew ordered and in minutes it comes right out. Honestly, I was a bit torn between efficiency and potential freshness of the food since it was out so fast. As for the actual food - unfortunately there was no redeeming factor. It was under-seasoned or put quite bluntly, bland. What really did it was a seashell(?) piece that I crunched on when I was halfway in. Not going to post a picture here but just saying my protein was chicken and had no mention of seafood. So goes the other half in the compost - and no regrets there knowing it was a mediocre dish.Mind you, this is not my first time here and I can't recall any notable - good or bad - memories here so I want to believe this was an unusual experience. However, having been a resident in this neighborhood (actually, just a few blocks away) in the past for some years, I guess that speaks some truth to why my equally Thai-food-loving self in the past did not frequent here.

John M.

We were looking for some Thai food for delivery recently when we were in Berkeley...boy, there sure are a lot of Thai places nearby! We selected Gecko Gecko because of a recommendation we got and we're glad we did.Door dash order was quicker than we even expected.And, the food was great! Our order was a bit boring, but we just wanted some good standbys, and we were not disappointed. We ordered the Drunken Noodles, the Sauteed Wide Rice Noodles, and the Crab Meat Fried Rice. All were great.Maybe post COVID-19 we'll visit Gecko Gecko in person...but, at least this time, we enjoyed a great meal at home!

Dan Clark

We've eaten here many times, and have had consistently good food. Good service as well, they always get us out in time for our theater shows.

Colby Stanton

This place is wonderful and roomy, the meals was enchanting and the rates were very fair. quickly, efficient service and very attentive staff. I highly recommend this place.

Legend Gallegos

This place is worth visiting. They have big portions for reasonable rates. Regularly well organized and with fantastic atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Rita C.

This is a reliably fast and good enough dinner choice very close to Berkeley Rep Theater. The menu includes not just customary Thai choices, but items suitable for picky eaters, like Grilled Salmon salad, which includes avocado and slivered almonds. Both times I have come here, the place looked and sounded crowded, but they found a table for me, took my order quickly and delivered the food to my table rapidly.

Lindsey Hendricks

Delicious food with a friendly staff. Very accommodating of kids.


We had an early dinner in order to make it to a 7 pm play. Let the waiter know that you have time constraints. We had Northern Thai Crispy Rice Salad with no spice--this was the best dish of the night; Classic Pad Thai was good; Cashew Ginger Chicken Sautee was so so, needed more flavor; you have to order jasmine rice separately; we also had Thai Ice Tea. Service was prompt, ambience was okay.

Annie T.

Overall 3/5 -- I consider it a very average Thai food place, especially when there are so many options in Berkeley. Did not regret giving it a try once, but would personally not come back again. Food & Price (2.5-3/5): Very average, mediocre food in my opinion, especially considering the price. My partner and I came and ended up with close to ~$18 post tax+tip for each of our dishes. The cooked entrees don't come with rice, which is another extra $1-2. The pad kee mao wasn't too bad, but wasn't the best that we've had in Berkeley. It probably could have used more flavor and spice. The eggplant mixed vegetable dish tasted fine, though it was very very oily and didn't taste good enough to me to justify the price. The portion size was decent though. Ambiance & Service (3/5): The service and ambiance were both fine! Nothing extraordinary, and nothing that stands out as a red flag either. It's nestled away in a more quiet corner of downtown, and didn't seem to have that many guests at once. Our food took a bit of time to come, even though there weren't that many people who were waiting for food. It was pretty quiet and chill -- seemed like a place to go with some people to catch up or have a casual conversation over dinner. I didn't have any outstanding issues with the food or the experience, and wouldn't necessarily warn people against giving it a try (perhaps they might enjoy it more). I personally would not come back again as I just think I can find better Thai food at a better price elsewhere in Berkeley.


Met my cousin for lunch on her recommendation? Not too busy on a holiday, so had a great time catching up with little background noise. Pad Thai was quite good & my wife’s curry was also good.

Amy B.

Always good. My favorite is the crunchy rice salad! No long waits and service has always been pleasant.

Darren H.

Everything overall not bad. From the service to the food everything was either average a bit above average. I got the drunken noodles which was a bit lacking in flavor and the noodles were a bit too soft. The extra vegatables fried along the dish tasted as you would have expected. Portion size was a bit lacking (especially for the price). I've definitely found much more quantity for a couple dollars less. In general if there were no options for Thai food and I really had a craving I wouldn't shy away from this place but considering how many great options exist for Thai food in Berkeley, I don't see myself coming back to this place even though there are no glaring issues. But to be fair the atmosphere and service was decent and accommodating.

Michael Sugden

I had the eggplant curry with butternut squash and chicken , which was excellent.

Tsuji Nobuya

In my opinion, green curry in this restaurant is the best one in Berkeley

J Foster

It was delicious. The service was great.

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