Gioia Pizzeria

1586 Hopkins St, Berkeley
(510) 528-4692

Recent Reviews

el zilcho

Pizza is great but service is seriously hit or miss. If there's is a line forget about it and visit another time. Also, just a tip from experience, heat your pizza up at home to save the headache of them warming it up and having it take forever, only to be cold when you get home anyway.

Richard Lossing

One of the best pizzas in Berkeley. The Funghi is excellent, as are the other vegetable pizzas.

Desiree de Senna

Amazing delicious pizza. I highly recommend Gioia.I am so looking forward to the next time I go back.

otis oldman

These guys manage to do less service with twice the points of sale compared to the SF location. I ordered by phone to pick up. Upon arrival there was one long line full of people who had not ordered at the door and an idle employee at the window (no line) for pre paid only pick up. She would not take cash. Sorry, I refuse to wait in line while my pick up order gets cold. There must be a better system. The service here is not so good. I think I banned myself from this place forever!

Whitney Ng

Great pizza by the slice or whole pie!

Bahvee V.

I can't seem to find the post on someone who was asking about the best New York style slices. Gioia was one of the first ones mentioned so
I just had to try it. I'm sorry but if you serve this up in New York to any New Yorker you'll be out of business on a week. It's not a terrible slice of pizza but... for five dollars I'd like it to taste a little bit more like New York.  I was also  very disappointed in the weight and the overall finished product. I think that their crust is probably the best thing about this pizza although still very far from New York. They're not calling this NY Style, I think people in general are claiming that. I'm checking out Arinell's and I-slice soon. PS we won't get into the young lady at the counter... let's just say "0" everything including welcoming.

Sauharda Dahal

Their management committee is worsed for the gig drivers like us . We always waited hour and hours to get the order. They don't have mastered anything in customer relations and hospitality . The employees are hella bossy. I hope the owner will follow the guidelines to operate the store efficiently.

Blake Balmer

Love this little pizza shop! Definitely competes for favorite pizza in Berkeley!

Anthony M.

I know their pizza is good right out of the oven, but for delivery, I would pass on it.  First, because it is very thin, is arrived just warm.  Second, it came across very salty, perhaps because of the temperature.  Third, well done should be well char, just baked regular.  

I gave them a 4th star just for the cannoli.  Now, it isn't as good as mom's, but very close.  I would have liked a richer ricotta mouth feel, but perhaps my nostalgia was getting in the way.  Cudos for the shell, especially, a truly crispy homemade pastry, matching my mom's.

Gary H.

Been in this area many times for nursery, bakery, and farmer's market but first time trying Gioia and glad we did.  Pizza crust is not too thick and not too thin.  Sauce is tasty and I like the anchovy pizza the best.  We'll be back!

Steve G.

I first tried Gioia in the City and then I came to the East Bay and was very happy to find another location only 30 minutes from my new home. Totally worth the drive to get the best pizza in Northern California!

Melissa M.

I love the crunch of this pizza crust! I came here with a New York native and they said this is the closest pizza to a New York slice in Berkeley. I took his word for it and it was delicious!

Amarita S.

Excellent food but frustrating customer service ! On a rainy afternoon several of us waited outside in a line as 1 unfriendly & very slow moving server helped us. Regardless of calling my order in 45 min prior to pick up I was told to wait in line with others ordering then. Only one person served us while several others watched her & us in line. The one server lacked eye contact & some of the simplest expectations such as a basic hello. This is disappointing as the Hayes valley location is not  run this way.

Harvey Stafford

Have had lots of great pizzas here in the past. Tonight we ordered through Doordash 3 pizzas and Gioia only sent one. The delivery guy said the cashier insisted it was only one pizza but we were charged for 3! Phone is off the hook so haven't been able to get this corrected. Really frustrating. Would have given 5 stars based on past experience.

Anu A.

Big delicious pizza with yummy yummy toppings. This place is a 19 minute drive from my house but well worth it by the time I got the pizza home it was still hot and all I had to do was put it on my preheated pizza stone for 2 minutes. but only half of it fit because these pizzas are 18 inches! and that is just great, definitely enough for three people to with leftovers!

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