Gordo Taqueria

2989 College Ave, Berkeley
(510) 204-9027

Recent Reviews

Anthony Fisher

Gordo is good. I like the Gordo plate. It's like a deconstructed burrito. Instead of everything chucked into a tortilla, you get to pick and choose your bites for a more selective experience.The dude twisting burritos tonight was on his game! So fast, clean, and precise. There's this other place, named after a smoked jalapeno, where you want to punch yourself in the face watching the noobs tryna roll a burrito.

Tina Bryson

Haven't been there in 15years, went recently and it was so cute and to the point. Food is yummy. Grilled chicken taco and burrito. Definitely going back.

Paul Garofalo

Always good. Fresh ingredients do to high volume turnover. Easy on the wallet.

Alina Goncharova

For a quick bite, this is perfect. The flavors are great. The meat has that wonderful grilled smell and taste to it.Favorite: Steak burrito + guacamoleAfter reading some other reviews, here are my Pro Tips for customers:1) Order ahead online (even from your phone just right outside the restaurant). Then get in the pick up line2) Follow their social distancing rules and only have 4 people inside at one time. Show respect for our essential workers and stop complaining about being asked to step outside ??‍♀️

Marvin Escobar

The food in this place has always the same taste and the food is always fresh. And they do not add oil to the meats and the rest of the menu.

Alexandra K.

can't say enough about the burritos and tacos at gordos! made to order, fresh ingredients, and so filling (honestly a burrito can be two meals). a go to neighborhood spot!


Tasty burritos. Always high quality. I like both the grilled chicken and carne asada super burritos.

susan eecschool

Horrible and rude people who stand around chit chatting and giving free food and drink to friends, then overcharge for what you - just a normal customer - order. I asked about a veggie burrito and what it contained, then was charged extra for what I had been told it contained! And they put in things like carrots - in a burrito!! - which I'm allergic to! When I told the chatty owner that i wasn't told there was an extra charge for what they said was included, she just copped an attitude and got very arrogant. Do not go here! They will cheat you, charge you extra and put stuff in they didn't tell you about. ZERO STARS!!

Nicola Cohen

I know with corona restaurant workers are more stressed but that's no reason to be rude go customers when you are the one who lost/did make the food but charged for it. The food is ok, but not worth the price or dealing with the check out staff. Being told" to get out" instead of asking me to wait for my food outside and cutting me off when I asked when it would be available, not ok.

Lee C.

I had the beef super burrito and the carnitas taco. One of the worst burritos I've ever eaten. Tortilla was just flavorless, thin, gummy, and undercooked. A disgrace to the word tortilla. And on the inside it's mostly rice. I really don't see what people are talking about here.The carnitas taco was decent. The only thing that saved this from being a single star.

Matthew Curtin

Ordered a burrito that was supposed to be ready in 30 minutes and when I showed up. I had to wait another 30 minutes in a line. The burrito was fine, but I missed the end of Sunday night football. Not super chill.

Jenn D.

Solid to-go burrito spot. Got the all meat super burrito. For the price, it's a great deal. I like the option to get a combo of all the meats. The only thing I wasn't a huge fan of is how much liquid is in the burrito, possibly from the salsa. Mine was dripping from the first bite and not tightly wrapped. So maybe a second foil wrap would be helpful. Other than that, enjoyed the flavors and the heat of the hot sauce mixed into the burrito. I recommend giving this spot a try.

Elizabeth C.

Best spot to eat tacos in the bay!! Excellent customer service they are all very friendly and outgoing.

Nathan D.

Fantastic burritos, super fast service, this place runs like a well oiled machine. If you ever really don't want to cook and are in need of a quick meal look no further

Jesse A.

The food is good it’s just that every time I order their tortillas seem to be pretty thin!

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