Gordo Taqueria

2989 College Ave, Berkeley
(510) 204-9027

Recent Reviews

A N.

Food has been delicious every time I have come here during the last ten+ years. They have a simple menu (burritos, tacos, quesadillas, Gordo plate) with basic meat choices and a couple of vegetarian options, but the food could never be described as basic - it always tastes amazing. The staff are never overly friendly, they work hard and well together. The prices are very reasonable as well.

Doug C.

I've been coming here for years, and the food is as good as ever. But today the employees had their face masks half off (not covering their nose). And once they start doing that correctly, I'd really appreciate if they gave each customer wearing a mask hanging off a request to please, for the sake of all the other customers, adjust it to cover the nose and mouth. Until then, I won't be going back in the next couple of years!

Lora C.

More than a franchise, this location is our neighborhood gem. Staff is friendly! Food is consistently delicious! Simple, straightforward burritos, tacos, quesadillas at reasonable prices.


Tasty food. Wish they had salads but a very solid burrito. Also they allow take out of meat, guacamole etc, which is great.

Jamie R.

Decent burritos and super fast service, wish they offered paper instead of plastic bags.

Shoshana G.

Gordos is comfort food to me. I've never had a bad burrito from any of their locations and always can count on their delicious food to make my day brighter. I called, ordered over the phone, they said to come in 15 minutes, I did, went right up to the check-out, paid, and got my food. Easy. If you can, order directly from them so they get the money instead of a delivery app. I got the super veggie burrito, and chips with guacamole. Yum.

Prodigy B.

Every time I get a chicken burrito the chicken be burnt af and yall put hella chicken in it like wtf the burrito be good yall just put too much burnt chicken please fix that.

Marilyn M.

I've been going there for 20yrs. This is the worst burrito I've ever had. I'm not going to finish it. The first one was made incorrectly so I ask to make it over. Worst idea. The second one I now have is awful. I've been going to this location since I was in high school. The new girl needs more practice.

Noelle L.

To describe Gordo's in one word: SATISFYING! We moved to East Bay recently and have been trying to develop our go-to list of restaurants. Whelp I'm glad to say Gordos has earned the top go-to burrito stop! During the COVID-19 pandemic, the the shop was still open for take out, and we're so grateful. They are very conscious of the 6ft social distancing rules and placed tape on the ground to signify distance. Their super burritos are big enough for me to split into two servings or one massive meal. Ingredients taste fresh and the meat for the chicken and carne asada, which we often order, is always flavorful and delicious. Super burritos are ~$10, and well worth it. Gordos will definitely be a staple for us and always hits the spot!

Trevor C.

Good quick service with delicious tasting burritos for a great price. Mine was a good crispy quesadilla which I enjoyed! I would stop by again.

Jake L.

Came in for my typical super burrito with carne asada and, as usual, it hit home. They've been filling my burrito and crispy taco cravings for years and I can always count on a solid meal. Tip: Ask for them to grill your burrito at the end

hector hernandez

Good food, good price but a bit slow during rush hour

Melissa Moody

Top 5 spots to eat whenever I visit the Bay. Amazing quality and flavor burritos. Friendly folks!

Emilio N.

Great place to eat, very fresh and authentic. Friendly customer service and reasonable food prices. As you walk in the aroma of the delicious food hypothesis you, and maybe that's why it's called Gordo cause you will get fat the food taste so delicious.

Alan O.

Gordo's I go to about once a week or two, for a regular burrito plus sometimes chips and salsa. I like their portion sizes and simple clean flavors. You can taste the beans and rice, and their carnitas and shredded chicken are very tasty. Their hot sauces and pico de gallo are in the same style, fresh and simple. I can see where people want bigger portions, and if so get your Hollenbeck at El Tepeyac in East L.A. Done that plenty of times in my youth, but now prefer what they make at Gordo's. Reasonable portions, simple honest clean flavors, suits me well nowadays.

Benjamin Bloom

Gordo is the best! Far superior to chain Mexican food. They have a simple menu but great ingredients. The staff is courteous... A little rushed at times. Great local restaurant with amazing food.

Abdi Soltani

Excellent taqueria, really flavorful and well made, just know what you are going to order when you step up to the counter.

Jim Evans

Killer tacos, authentic Mexican food with great staff

Ruth Lean

I'm not looking for fancy but this place look shabby to me even though the pork chili Verde was pretty good, make me feel uncomfortable to be there.

Jane S.

I can't afford to pay for their lawsuit anymore. It simply costs too much, and you can see it in the lines. The lines used to be out the door at meal time. Now there isn't a wait because they priced everyone out with their lawsuit loss. At one point it was a daily habit for me. No question it's delicious and healthy. I've noticed the last few times being annoyed at the price. This is the first night I thought it ahead of time and decided not to go. Oh, well.

Kaila Pianalto

Awesome burritos. Salsa has a great flavor. Prices are very reasonable. Just be warned that they're cash only.

Sean R.

Does Gordos even need recognition? If you're from the East Bay you grew up with it and have loved it for years. I'm going to rep some of their less ordered items to offer pro tips to those who don't know. The quesadilla... Admittedly I usually get a burrito but I'd say Gordos arguably has the best quesadilla in the Bay. It's pretty much a "quesaburrito" and you can get whatever you want in it. The grilled tortilla and melted cheese brings the whole thing together. Is it messy? Hell yes...Is it worth the mess? Hell yes. On a first date? Hell yes.

Garrett McCarver

Super chill staff, excellent comida.

Ade Mann

That grilled chicken is magic

Valerie Pietrasz

Ask for your tacos crispy before you order! Either way you order though, the food is messy and delicious with generous portions. They have very limited seating, so plan accordingly.

Oran Schwinn

really good burrito! fast service!

Howard A.

Today I had the super asada with pinto beans and all the fixies I had guacamole sour cream jalapenos salsa and hot sauce it was so fantastic burrito kinda soggy I think that would have made it less soggy as if they were to use refried beans all in all it was a fantastic burrito but beware 52 charge you for the bag that they put the burrito in

Matt R.

Burrito was alright, found a large chicken bone in it. The cafeteria style preparation that happens here and other places isn't the best in my opinion. Quality doesn't seem to be the same as other fast casual Mexican restaurants. If I'm in the area again, I'd most likely go back to the Cactus Taqueria as I find their food has been good for a long time and I know what to expect.

Victor M.

I ordered a Super Burrito w/grilled tortilla. They only grilled 2 sides. Than when I open burrito and showed them. Their mistake they said I was rude. Folks grilled tortillas taste so much better. Than a warm soggy 20 tortilla. I even topped them. Than ask for a refund. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. I WASN.T ASKING FOR MUCH!!!

Emilie Conrad

Boiled chicken burrito. Extra hot sauce. CriSpy corn taco... Extra hot sauce. Simple staple. College Ave preferred location.

Jan Tross

Nice steak flavor of the super burrito

Chris Mctigue

Good food but no parking

Gretchen B.

Outstanding Taqueria in Cute Rockridge Neighborhood My boyfriend, an Oakland native, took me here today and I could not believe how good my cheese quesadilla was! It was hot and fresh, on a crispy, slightly oily corn tortilla, with creamy pinto beans and rice, guacamole and sour cream. Every ingredient was perfect. 3 employees worked together to form a super efficient burrito making line and were friendly. And each of our meals cost less that $10! I even loved the atmosphere with the simple wooden sign and the comfortable woven leather stools. I'm very picky about food, and I think this is one of the best Mexican places in the Bay Area!

Gregory F.

This place I stumbled upon the first time by pure accident. I had seent his place many times as I drove by it or walked past it on my way to my uncle's house. I was walking around on college ave after an appointment if I remember correctly as this was a few years ago and was waiting for my uncle to come home so I could visit him. I got hungry and decided to give this place a try. It was amazing. The burrito was soo yummy. I also got a Quesada, and it too was gooey cheesy awesomeness. The burrito was soo good, it was crispy and full of flavor. The chicken was well seasoned and all the intermediates were yummy, each bite was like biting into a warm blanket of heaven! I washed the food down with an ice-cold Mexican coke. Sadly after a couple of years, I had forgotten about this place. Life got busy, what can I say. Earlier this year during the summer I was dropping my car off at a Tesla repair center in Berkeley with a buddy. They told us it would be a few hours, so we got an uber and went to DMV as I foolishly thought that I could get my Real ID quickly. My friend laughed at me but we went anyway. So after a couple of hours of waiting, I got my ID and we were both starving. So I jumped on Yelp to find a place for us to eat. And this place came up, then I remembered how good it was but wasn't 100% sure it was the same place since I didn't remember or know the name of the place. I told my buddy I was pretty this was the place I ate at years ago and we took an Uber to here. I instantly recognized the place and knew it was the place that I ate at. This place is almost a literal hole in the wall, that is super tiny with only a few small tables. I am happy to report that it is still excellent. The burrito was everything I remembered and better. I think they have approved overtime and I didn't even know you could approve on perfection, but apparently you can! My buddy who is very picky about his burritos also loved the place. Now that I know the name I will never forget it again and when I visit my uncle I will get early, buy some books from Dark Carnavial, get a comic or two from escapist comics and grab a burrito from here! It is easily my favorite Taqueria in Berkeley. I highly recommend the Chicken Super Burrito and Quesadilla. Their carnitas I hear is also excellent.

jack simmons

Might as well go to chevy's for what they charge.

Marc T.

A great go-to place for understated bites while in Berkeley. Beat the lunch crowd in the morning to catch the meat as it's coming off the grill.

ben n.

Bland meh food, when a taqueria can't make better burrito than Chipotle, something is very wrong.

Michael Densmore

The best tacos I've ever had.

Fred Freeman

Excellent spinach wrap vegetariano burritos!

byron Figueroa

Very good taqueria I love it