Great China

2190 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
(510) 843-7996

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This place used to serve up authentic Chinese food. Now no longer.My Ma Po Tofu had not a hint of Szechuan peppers, but lots of peas and wood ears. Bizarre recipe, certainly not authentic. Spice 3, which is cheaper, serves up a much better and authentic MPT.My other two dishes from GC were also Americanized, with corn starched sauces.Very disappointed.

Jenny Lee

Love their tea duck and the green beans were amazing!

Sarah B.

This restaurant has the BEST Chinese food in the United States. To be fair, I have not eaten at every Chinese restaurant in the USA, but I can confirm that this is true. I'm not even a huge tofu fan, and their tofu is great. I definitely suggest eating here!

LeeLee C.

COVID reviewSat 5:10pm, called the restaurant and nobody answered. Had to drive there to put down my order. Ordered PK roasted duck and double skin, their popular dishes. It's been awhile and we were aware of the price, turned out 2 dishes costed almost $100! Double skin large order alone was $36! Anyhow, the food was packaged nicely for take out. The roast duck was packed in aluminum box with wholes cut out on the cover. I love the thin wrapping and the skin was not fat at all. So even though it was a bit cool when we got home, it wasn't greasy at all. Double skin came with sauces on the side so you can mix accordingly to your own preference, I like that too. Overall food quality is great, service could improve on order taking.

Will I A m.

2nd time eating here. Both times we got the staple Peking duck and it was delicious."Ant climbed the tree" was great and very flavorful. The biggest disappointment was the black bean noodle. I don't know how but you a was bland. Not just lack of salt but no flavor. So disappointing. The Mung bean noodles were refreshing(cold fish) and very flavorful!

Yan X.

Lately when I discussed service of Chinese restaurants and moving companies with my friends. A really bad experience came to my mind. It happened in Great China. It happened last year tho.Some waitress pointed at me with her finger and yelled at me because she was unsatisfied with her tip. My friend asked me to quit all the tip since she was so RUDE, but I later paid her around 18%. I know 15% is enough especially after being yelled at. But the extra 3% was for making up for my mistake. I understood why she was so angry. She deserved the 18% tip and Great China also deserved this 0 star review. Cause at that time no one in the restaurant came to mediate this issue even if they noticed a waitress was yelling at the customers.That time I was new in US and became a 1st year student in Berkeley. One day, I went to Great China with my friends. Usually when we headed out for food, my friends pay with their credit card and then I PayPal them. That time, I just got my credit card sent by the bank so I paid the bill. That's the first time I paid the bill and I thought I gave the right tip. But it turned out I was wrong.That moment my only experience about tip was in UK. I used to go to summer school there. In UK, the rate of tip is 10% - 15%. I now know it's quite low compared with US. But that moment I didn't know it.So I signed that bill giving 10% tip since the waitress was quite indifferent toward us all the time. And then that waitress grabbed the bill and checked the number right in front of us...... and found out something was wrong.Maybe she felt disrespected and started to yell us and pointed at me with her finger, smacked the table and kept saying in Chinese that she should get more tip. My friends looked at the bill again and told me about the tip issue in US. So I changed the number to around 18%. And then she came and grabbed the bill and checked the number in front of us again......Maybe the manager should have told the waitress how to deal with tip issues without yelling or pointing at the customers with the finger or smacking the table......To be honest, your food is really mediocre among all Chinese restaurants ...... the inside decoration is nice tho......and the service is really bad......during the whole meal, the waitress just serve the dish and remove the plates without even asking "finished with this dish?" or anything.

Zhiliang Wang

Had lunch here twice, and I feel that I can still get one. The taste is okay. The environment is good.

Peggy A.

Omg. I hate to leave a bad review during these hard times, but I also hate being ripped off. What a huge disappointment after all the positive reviews here. Everything we ordered - "Spicy" Eggplant with Mushroom, Chicken with Mushrooms and String Beans (they left out the mushrooms), Beef with Mushrooms and String Beans (here, too, left out the mushrooms), Bok Choy with Shitake Mushrooms, and the Sizzling Rice Soup-- was TOTALLY flavorless, tasteless, bland, and plain gross!!! You will be sorely disappointed spending good money here. I sure was.

Consumer X.

My son wanted a genuine "kao ya" (Peking duck) meal for his birthday so I ordered it from the only place that purports having the real deal. Unfortunately, we were all sorely disappointed. I take my kids to Beijing every year where they eat an abundance of "Peiking duck" so I am aware that our taste buds are biased. I also know not to expect the exact same quality. However, the duck was just a real miss. The meat was dry and unflavorful and cut into odd sized pieces - some mere shreds. The pancake wraps were dry as well. We also ordered the smoke duck. That meat was even drier! The worst dish of all, unfortunately, was the Braised Cumin Lamb. It was the oddest thing I've ever had with that name. The meat was (you guessed it) dry. It had a ton of jalapeños (no, those aren't usually a part of traditional Northern Chinese food) and yet wasn't spicy or flavorful. The dish was really just worth not wasting my appetite on. Overall disappointing dinner and will have to pass in the future. A real bummer.

Donna Young

This was my first time picking up food there I researched it look at the reviews and I called yesterday to make a pick up low and behold I to wait another 15 minutes and I was just thoroughly disappointed in the Peking duck for the price of 46 almost $47 is not worth it at all in any shape or form the case was okay it wasn't fantastic and also even though she was nice enough to give me these bones death from the carcass cuz I was planning on making soup from it but I was thoroughly thoroughly disappointed and just not going back again there are Peking duck is not worth the price and also as soon as I got to my car after I just picked it up from the window to where I was parked there was no crispy skin anywhere to be found and then I suggested the hair like wool why I called back an hour after I said look it's really disappointing she's old put the skin in the oven so I did that it is not the same you cannot put skin back in the oven to crisp it back up it's not the same so anyway I just know that it's just not worth it I'm not going back I'm going to try out another place This Is Not What It Seems for it I don't mind if it was $36 like some places but to charge 47 bucks it is just not worth it and also I ordered three lunch special so hopefully they taste good because for sure if it's not then I guess I'm not making that track for Marin County all the way to Berkeley for that

Ethan N.

Likely my favorite Chinese restaurant in Berkeley. The authenticity is unparalleled for the area. I can't express how hard I searched for good Chinese food in this area. The servicing sizes are certainly hefty. The sizes definitely make up for the higher-end prices. But in my opinion, the quality more than makes up for it. You just can't find comparable quality in the area. I would highly recommend trying Great China.

Francesca S.

@greatchina_berkeley 's most popular item: Peking Roast Duck, paired flawlessly with their plum sauce and thin crepes.Double Skin: a mung bean noodle salad with an assortment of seafood and other toppings mixed with a soy sauce and hot mustard. It's colorful, light, and has just the right amount of kick from the hot mustard.If you grew up with Chinese food like me and are looking for something different, check out this dish and give it a try!Combination Fried Rice: I still remember the first time I had Great China's fried rice and how blown away I was. While most fried rice is meant to be eaten with other things, Great China's fried rice can be a whole meal all on its own. Each bite is addicting with a variety of flavors and textures. The amount of meat they give is also quite a lot, which as a meat lover too, I really appreciated.。。Great China Berkeley, CA Peking Roast Duck Double Skin Combination Fried Rice

Larry L.

Had a take-out feast on August 8. Ordered all of our favorites - Peking Duck (of course), Double Skin, Sautéed Crab Meat with Steamed Buns, Salt & Pepper Spareribs, Sautéed Snow Pea Leaves, and Garlic Fried Rice (free if you pay with cash). All dishes traveled well, but we did re-plate a few dishes and had to reheat some of them (we live 30 miles away). We asked for and got a duck carcass (and made some delicious jook).I think this is a good "special occasion" take out dinner, although definitely a splurge. We ordered a day ahead and picked it up right when the restaurant ordered (5:30). There are a few parking spots right in front for pick-up orders. Overall, a nice takeout experience.

Shari N.

Well, I have no pictures to show. A testament to how amazing this place is. You can't even pause to take pictures because you want to dive into the sautéed crab, chicken salad, garlic fried rice, and string beans with tofu. Everything tastes like heaven. We have eaten in the restaurant and it is busy and bustling with a long line. We called right at 5 for take out and we already had to wait over an hour to pick up. When we got there, it was full of people picking up their take out. Delicious, felt very safe with employees in masks, and the containers were stuffed full of food and cleanly packed. YUM!

Jocelyn L.

Pre-COVID: This place is the most authentic Chinese restaurant in Downtown Berkeley. The food comes freshly cooked and still steaming hot, and nothing is too salty or has too much oil. The serving sizes are large and worth the slightly pricer cost. I ordered the Peking duck, highly recommend! It tastes exactly like the Peking duck I had back in Beijing: crispy skin, steaming pancake wraps, and sweet bean sauce.The decor of the restaurant is a very classy red and black, which adds to the open floor plan and large windows. The downside to this place is that the wait time is always really long. Typically I have to plan when I want to come here so it's either right when the restaurant opens for dinner or during a weekday lunch hour.

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