Happy Donuts

1041 Gilman St, Berkeley
(510) 524-9816

Recent Reviews

Albert L.

Happy Donuts shop are mostly family owned and operated selling old-school classic donut. You won't get stuff like cronut or anything trending maple glaze bacon bit is as close as you'll get. This particular shop is pretty funny whenever I go the lady is yelling at the man I assume her husband. I don't know what they speak or what was said, but it sounds like cambodian, laos, or thai. I mean what did he do prior to me coming in?

Valerie Church

Favorite donut place good coffee great fresh donuts reasonable prices still friendly staff

mainline florida

Not much on aesthetics (the building that is), but wonderful people and service and very tasty happy donuts. I especially like that the very nice lady working the counter had her degree in donuts (Donut Philosophy, Ph.D., of course). They really know donuts ?

Lora Condon

Doughnuts are excellent; not too much frosting and, very, fresh. Service is great and, friendly.

Sharlene Stewart

They charge to much for basic donuts

Nancy Bachman

Excellent selection, great service

Justin Thewlis

Good pho

David Flores Sr.

Great service and good donuts.

Chloe Verron

Always super friendly and fast! Great breakfast muffins!

anna schlosser

I've been coming here for about 25 years! Still delicious, the staff is still so friendly, and I will definitely come here for coffee and doughnuts. Chosen over the hipster coffee shops everytime.

Joey Mobuster

Ok super cyber cool!

Rich McCartney

Donuts and coffee. A great start for any day

Tony D.

My favorite donut shop for sure. The donuts are just a buck and the people are lovely- they slide a couple of donut holes in your bag for good measure (at least they do for me, I don't know about you uggos)

Hi Im english You know who I am

If you like doughnuts and live nearby this place is pretty good

Andy Stevko

Amazing how much love can be found in such simple ingredients. Fresh donuts, coffee, and sandwiches.

rachel aranda

Good quality donuts. Fresh. Great selection.(sorry no pics of inside) I was so impressed with the selection! Old fashioned chocolate is my favorite. I was hungry so I also ordered a ham and cheese croissant! Very good, made to order hot and crispy!! If you're in the area and want a donut happy donuts will make you happy!

Marie Ramirez

First time here and the doughnuts was Delicious the customer service was great and I will definitely be going again.

Lorenzo H.

One of the better donut places I've been to. I only had their apple fritter because they were out of cinnamon rolls but if the fritter is an indication of their other donuts then Yeaa this place is great!! My friend got their sprinkle donut and he loved it so I guess they're pretty good. It's crazy cuz all donuts kind of look the same in the area but they're not all the same. The fritter was nice and glazed the outside was crispy and the inside was nice and moist and doughy.

Diana R

Great donuts, good prices, nice people!

Brigido Cruz

Good doughnuts nice selection. The place could be a little cleaner but the doughnuts and service are worth it.

La B

This place has some of the best donuts!!! They are worth a try. The entrance is on the side street so make sure you park accordingly.

Peter C.

Excellent, fresh, tasty confections. Got a glazed donut and they included a couple of free donut holes. The glazed was huge, but light Ava airy. Staff was all smiles! This place looks divey on the outside, but it's worth the visit. Everything in the display case looked so good. I gained 10 lbs just looking. Yumm.

Christine H.

Stopped here on the way to Tahoe and was pleasantly surprised by the great customer service! Ordered a plain cheese and egg bagel and was given extra donut holes free of charge to top it off! They accept cards and the Americano I ordered was strong and tasty. Old school type of establishment that you don't come across too often.

Alfonso V.

One of the best Donut shops in the area! I love the sandwiches and always great service! Very clean and great view of the city street! Amazing parking and room for the whole family!

Nellie J.

went here the other day the donuts were really good and fresh !

Alice R.

I just really love this place. It's your typical local doughnut shop, where the regulars can be seen stopping in every morning. It's a family run spot with fresh doughnuts, hot coffee, snacks, and some fruit options. It's always warm and cozy and clean inside, and the woman who works the counter always greets you with a huge smile and a welcoming warmth. I come here maybe twice a month but by my second time here the staff had already learned my name and knew my favorite order. Their ham and cheese croissants are delicious, and they'll sneak free doughnut holes into your bag if you order something salty for breakfast. It's right next to a dollar store and the parking lot adjacent can be kind of grimy but don't let that fool you- this places is a little treasure.

Manuel Perez

Love good people, very good service

Local 926 President

They're donuts . Actually I stop by there to pick up donuts whenever we have a meeting in the area. Freshly made, decent price and fun staff


The best place to go for yummy good donuts!!

Marck N.

This is my go to donut shop when I have a craving for an apple fritter. I guess it is the location, as it is an easy drive to get to from my place. Or before going to work, or after work. The apple fritter is large and heavy. It is a meal in its own right. The fritter is filled with small apple pieces throughout the fritter. It is glazed all over, so I also get my sugar rush too. I should try the other donuts, but my eyes always head toward the apple fritter. From there, my stomach says "apple fritter" for the final decision.

Kenneth H.

I give it 3 stars only because of the young lady that works there in the morning. Very polite and respectful. She also remembers your order. The old lady that works there is not a likeable person. Her attitude stinks.

Keith White

Nice place with friendly staff and owners. Prices reasonable and donut selection is decent.

Timothy S.

I have not tried all the donuts made at this little gem, but the ones I have tried (glaze, plain, chocolate covered) are fantastic. One that they make is their chocolate cake donut which is just out of this world it so good. You can either get it topped with almond bits or just plain chocolate. Either one is just deelish and will set your tastebuds soaring for the day. Check 'em out by all means. Parking is easy too in the huge lot.

Kai Soo

Good donut place went at 10pm and they if you get a filled donut they are generous with it

Animah Raashaan

Great glazed buttermilk, free wi-fi and okay coffee...hold on. You had me at buttermilk...

MsSilky One

Best donuts in the bay area. Good community helper offering opportunity for the needy to earn a good breakfast without having to loiter or solicit customers. Compassionate and kind owner.

Scoobert D.

I would say four out of five stars they are not the holy Grail of donuts but they're pretty damn good and they were open 24 hours The croissants were absolutely delicious and these other yelp reviews must be really old because they definitely upgraded everything

Lupita ruiz

Feeling Gross right now!. ..bought my lunch there today around 12:30...1 pm..find my self throwing Up my lungs OUT!!! Chewing hair in a Donut! I call to let them know, "owner was a dirty talk. ..he said: I didn't see a hair! He didn't prapare my lunch it was a old lady there. Of course he didn't see the hair. Got got me really upset was he didnt apologize! " hair, hair on the food : /

Christine U.

It sounds from other reviews that the doughnuts here aren't consistent, but I've been coming on random rare occasions for a few years, and every time I've been, they're always great, so I guess I'm lucky. I just now ate part of a glazed donut and part of a cake doughnut, and they were both yummy. In fact, this Happy Donuts seems to be the only place for miles around that can make cake doughnuts the way they were when I was a kid. The display case was also well-stocked with a variety of flavors, even though it was 5 pm; lots of other doughnut places in the East Bay seem to have empty shelves later in the day. The ambiance here isn't anything to get excited about, but most people don't plan to spend a lot of time hanging out in a doughnut shop. Every time I've been, I get the same male clerk, and he's always pleasant. The final cost for three doughnuts was $3.15.

craig griffin

Always fresh coffee and dounut's