Himalayan Flavors

1585 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 704-0174

Recent Reviews

Sydney J.

I've been meaning to check out this place for a while, so when I saw they were participating in the recent Berkeley Restaurant Week, I decided to give them a try. I ordered the saag paneer with rice and vegetable samosas, and chose gulab jamun as the dessert (I believe the other option was a rice pudding). It was $15 before tax and tip, and ready in 20-25 minutes for pickup. They didn't give me a receipt so I think you'd probably have to ask if you wanted one. - Saag paneer and rice: it was decent, not really memorable though. (I should give the disclaimer that I've had saag paneer only a few times total in my life so far so I am by no means an expert). Ratio of rice to saag paneer felt fine to me. - Vegetable samosas: yummy! I think I'm becoming a samosa fan. - Gulab jamun: this was probably my first time having them but I really liked it a lot (partly because I'm a big dairy product fan in general). There were two of these balls and there was also quite a bit of sweet liquid or oil in the bottom of the takeout container. - Sauces: I apologize, I don't know the names and am not great at identifying ingredients. The food came with a green sauce that was mildly spicy (maybe cilantro?) and a brown tangy sauce that was sweet and salty (it was pretty strong so you could probably make it last a while). Overall had a good experience, so I'd be interested in trying more of their dishes. I know they sometimes offer Groupons.

Israel Lindsey

Very well kept and convenient place. They provide big meals and for economical rates. We enjoyed the meals a lot and the staff members were very attentive and informative. Will definitely recommend this restaurant.

Colin Zamecnik

Overly salty, really watery dishes. like poured water out from under my rice. Won't be back, waaay better Indian/himalayan places in berkeley

William W.

Clearly that same waitress was there when this person had the same experience as we did. We left because we felt strongly like these people were going to spit in our food...? I don't know if it was racially motivated, I have a very typical caucasian look & we just couldn't figure out what we did to bring on this hostility?

Aaronette K.

All I can say is HELLA GOOD! This is our new spot. Everything was hot even after 30 mins. The goat was super tender, my only problem was more bones then meat, but still worth the money. The butter chicken was oh my yum, loved the momos. The garlic naan was yum and the chicken tandoori was delicious yet just a bit dry. We will absolutely be back, probably next week. Try it if Indian/Nepalese food is your thang then go here and thank me later!! We ate too fast for pictures lol! Sorry!

Christian Jimenez

Great food and nice restaurant

Liz B.

After tootling through the Berkeley Marina, last evening, we decided to drive up University to see what there was to see and grab a bite. For the first mile or two,we saw numerous Mexican and Thai restaurants... but I wanted something unique. We came across Himalayan Flavors, and stopped to get take out. We ordered garlic naan, the veg momo appetizer (really yummy) and the house specialty, Nepali Thali with chicken. All really good, my fav was the momo...will definitely be back to try more!

Regina M.

We love this place. Warm welcoming feeling in the restaurant if you dine in, and prompt service if you order carry out.

Kosmik Owl

Absolutely fantastic. Stopped in while visiting from Colorado and had one of the BEST lunches I’ve had in a while. Sooo delicious.

Jean Lee

Restaurant was comfortable, warm and rustic. A few regulars enjoying their dinner. Felt like I had walked into a Himalayan Cheers.

Jean L.

Restaurant was comfortable, warm and rustic. A few regulars enjoying their dinner. Felt like I had walked into a Himalayan Cheers. Had the chicken chow mein and chicken jhol momo. The tomato chutney soup was spicey and tasty. The momos were good when they were hot but were heavy dense hockey pucks of dough when they cooled off. The chicken chow mein had dried left over tandori chicken pieces with light, chow mein noodles a little thicker than instant ramen. It was greasy with hints of cilantro and green onions. The chow mein looked good on Yelp but tasted like doctored up left overs. Both were adorned with edible orchids. The best part of the meal was the tomato chutney soup. Meal was average and priced well with a Groupon coupon but not at regular full price. If you want to have an inexpensive but satisfying chow mein, try King Dong. Their chicken chow mein is delicious with fresh, succulent and juicy chicken and their noodles are a cross between Shanghai & hand pulled noodles for a third less.

James Hoover

It’s hard to write enough good things about this place. Quite frankly, I can’t recall tasting this good so consistently. The owner is fabulous and the food is even better, if you’re in town this is absolutely a must! It’s my second time here in as many months, and I counted the days before I returned to the area so I could eat here again. Seriously, the food here is amazing.

Valentino Rivas

The food is always fresh and tasty, workers gives fantastic service. I love the cleanliness and atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Blue de leeuw

Food was awesome. Service was terrible. We had to get up multiple times to request things like forks, water and items we ordered that did not show up


Nice ambience, friendly staff, good NV options. Veggies guys may not find much options on the menu. Prices are in similar range to a standard mulgi cuisine restaurants... Good for people who are looking for Indian/Nepalese NV cuisine

Mapleaf K.

Hands down the best Himalayan food I have ever had. Owner runs and operates and serves you with wonderful Nepalese hospitality. I will be back over and over again!

Tony King

Currently under new management. Food was totally different and disappointing. Service was terrible. On a cold night, they insisted on keeping the doors open, so we had to freeze eating food that taste Indian rather than Nepalese. I'm very sad that what was once a nice restaurant is gone forever.

nat h.

This review is for an Uber Eats order. I placed an order at 6:47pm for a scheduled delivery of 8-8:30pm. After waiting for nearly two hours, the restaurant canceled my order right at 8:30pm. So, I wouldn't recommend doing that. Frozen pizza it is.

Shazad S.

Great food. Tikka masala was fresh, flavorful, and creamy. Biryani has loads of chicken and flavor. Highly recommend this place if you enjoy fresh authentic food.

Abigail D.

Food sloppily prepared, amateurish, slapdash, one dimensional seasoning.

Ashwin Mudigonda

Easily, one of the best Nepalese/Indian place in East Bay. You know they do it well when the dishes don't magically materialize within minutes of ordering. They are prepared right on order and it shows. The momos are flavorful as was the chatpat, a dish with uncooked ramen that I had never heard of or tried before. The saag paneer was out of the world with its creamy spinach sauce and tender paneer cubes. The parathas were appropriately flaky and were a perfect complement to the sauce dishes. The Nepalese thali can be quite the spread and must be attempted only on an empty stomach! High marks for a clean and flavorful Indian subcontinental experience!

Money Tips

Worst restuarant ever .

Chaniel C.

This food was incredibly delicious!! Spacious, great for large parties. Food was incredibly flavorful. Kind staff members, nice decor. Can't wait to return with my friends!

Javed Ahmed

Keep up the good work.

Christine P.

The vegetarian thali was delicious

kristen b.

We love this place! It's been our go-to Indian/Nepalese spot for years. Lots of veg options and interesting Himalayan dishes (love the veggie momos.) Had a weird experience last night though- looked up the menu online to place a takeout order - himalayanflavors.com offered online ordering for pickup or delivery. I placed an order and when I got to the restaurant the waitress had no record of my order and said they don't have a website. The website had their address and menu on it and totally looked legit- just wanted to make sure others don't make the same mistake. Luckily it didn't ask for a credit card number. I'll be calling from now on just to be safe!

Manju U.

I ordered veg momos Togo as we were running late on Saturday - they gave me stale momos with the stale sauce .. both the momos and the sauce smelled so bad and I could not eat it as we were already far away from the restaurant we could not drive back to confront them on This bad quality - I have visited their restaurant and it was much better quality before. I feel bad to waste my money and time it took to detour and get the Togo

Lisa Hamilton

LOVE this place. Friendly service. Amazing food.

Harshit Agarwal

Very bad experience, they don't know how to deal with customers. Only one lady serving the customers in entire restaurant. They offer a deal on Groupon, but refuse to accept when you try to redeem. They said Groupon is accepted only on a day when 1) they have lot of customers 2) when the order is above $30. They asked us to first call and confirm if they accept Groupon on that day. How ridiculous. 1 star for service, 1.5 star for food.


The best Nepali restaurant in Bay Area!

Sharad Bhattarai

This is really nice and fun and delicious food point , where we can get South Asian food

Char O.

I was spending my birthday in San Francisco for a week and had to take a side trip to Berkeley for this place. It was such a beautiful quaint place with gorgeous artwork. I love the lamb, the flavors were excellent and just packed a punch. My boyfriend really enjoyed his meal too. The service was pleasant and we're looking forward to coming back.

Renu Chettri

Great food best selection of wine and very good service

Sabin G.

One of my favorite places to go for authentic Nepali food. The food reminded me of my home and the music had the vibe of dashain festive. Customer service is excellent. Food is superb. I recommend this place for the true taste of Nepal.

Rabindra B.

I really love food specially non veggie flatter nice combo .. presentation is incredible as well as service ..definitely will visit again.. thank you

Jonathan B.

Excellent food! If you have never had Himalayan food, the Momos and the Thali are worth trying! The service was fast and the food was incredible. I would go back here in a heartbeat.

SaNgee S.

One of the best Nepalese restaurant in east bay...highly recommended $$ Good food Friendly environment Affordable Happy me happy tummy

Early B.

Came here. accidentally and so glad I've found this place. Food was so good, nice, clean place and occasionally smells of incense. I totally forgot a staff name, can't pronounce it either. I think his name is Ganise? Ganesh? Anyway, he wonderful man good service. Momo dip in the sauce was delicous, Mix tandoori was so excelent. Highly recommended this place.

Diana S.

Very delicious food ,one should go and try .Awesome service, very clean and friendly environment...Definitely visit again...

Peter Gee

The entire restaurant smelt of amonia. The food has lost its charm.