Hopkins Street Bakery

1584 Hopkins St, Berkeley
(510) 526-8188

Recent Reviews

Peter Connolly

Love their chocolate layer cake ?. And so did all of our guests!

Reddy Eddy

Not my first choice but,they are the only place to go in the area.

Leah Mealey

We accidentally went in a little after closing and the cashier was pretty rude to us but still ended up with one of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had.

Michael Hernandez

Great treats, especially the donuts. But lousy service.

Steven B.

Hopkins Street Bakery used to make the absolute best croissants. They were large flaky and buttery, But about 2 weeks ago everything changed. They are half the size, pasty and dry. - yuck. I stopped buying them.

krutarth sailor

Hands down the best cake I have ever tasted.


Every time I get a cake from Hopkins to take to a dinner party, people ask "where did you get this cake?" Chocolate-mocha cake is divine. They also make great Italian style filled donuts -- I love the custard ones.

John G.

Decadent pastries and custom cakes. The toll house cookies, the fresh muffins,brownies. Jelly and cream sugar doughnuts. Three different combinations of Pastie. As well as ham and cheese croissant. Unparallel to any other bakery . Fresh french baguette and brioche dinner rolls. Baked fresh every day. Open early and then another fresh batch baked around 1pm. Don't miss the fresh baked challah bread on Fridays only. And get your favorite holiday pies. Only for the holidays. Thanksgiving. The pecan and pumpkin pie especially. Order your favorite birthday cake for that someone special.

Ariana S.

First time here and the clerk made me not want to return. He was looking pissed and acted pissed the whole time. I had questions about the cakes and he wouldnt even speak up. He was extremely slow as well, looking like wanting the customers to leave due to his slowness. He was staring at the tip button when i was paying and Im not leaving tips for this kind of service and he turned worse after seeing no tip. I see im not the only one who experienced this. We bought a cake with couple of snacks and they weren't bad, but not to the point for me to drive there intentionally for a purchase.

Niki M.

Their mango mousse cake is *chef's kiss*. It's so light, you won't even feel bad if you eat a quarter of the cake by yourself. I ordered the 8 inch for my sister's birthday last year and it was devoured almost immediately (there's only five of us to eat it). For my mom's birthday I ordered the 9" and it's almost half gone in just one night. I called to place an order about five days in advance (I think they need at least 2-3 days for anything other than the 8 inch order), and pickup is really easy, I'm usually in/out within five minutes. Parking is terrible, but you can easily find free neighborhood parking within a 3-minute walk.

Works Plumbing

The Best Bake shop in Albany. Fresh, service & the owners, really nice people that cares for their clients.

Rima E.

I ordered both a cheese cake and a chocolate cake for my son's 17th birthday and I want to share with that both cakes with top notch quality! The chocolate cake was Dense! The chocolate in and on the outside of the cake was high quality! The cheese cake! Ah! I have never had a tastier one ever! Yes I recommend this place! Excellent quality and flavor!

Sarah C.

Poor planning resulted in 2 birthday cakes at our family dinner - better than zero cakes, right? One of the cakes was this beautiful cheesecake from Hopkins St Bakery. It was gorgeous AND delicious. Somehow this cheesecake managed to be both light and incredibly rich. Will definitely buy it again the next time our family wants a cheesecake!

Steve Brittingham

Best eclairs and cream puffs in the Bay area!!! And cookies, breads, muffins… everything incredibly delicious. But really, if you like eclairs, you haven’t even had one till you had theirs.

Beth Budwig

Delicious gluten free cakes, also delicious cream puff/eclair thingie.

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