Humphry Slocombe Berkeley

2948 College Ave, Berkeley
(510) 529-4611

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Nicole Kerr

Very good interesting and unique flavors of ice cream. They rotate about half the flavors every month or so, meaning constantly new flavors to try. Also they have vegan options.

Jasmine A.

I always come in and ask the woman if she likes ice cream... she says she has never had it because shes lactose intolerant which makes it hard to choose since no samples (COVID).
My fav is the velvet cheesecake. The rest are OK

Ali L.

the ice cream is so good but holy shit the worker is literally so rude. every single time i come in she has an insanely bad attitude

Connor W.

So good. Go here. Flavors are rich, consistency is great. The brownie was so [email protected]#ing good. In the display case they offer a variety of beautiful sounding, not entirely conventional, flavors. My favorites tonight included their peanut butter with fudge ripples and their salted caramel. Gentleman behind the counter was enjoyable company (I don't get out much these days). He was very friendly and helpful. Will definitely be going back and letting others know this place has the goods, nay- the greats.

Ashley H.

Saw Humphry Slocombe on Door Dash and had to check it out! They had a couple flavors to pick from off of door dash. They might have more flavors if you go to the actual location.
Door dash delivered the ice cream super fast and the ice cream was wrapped in insulated wrappers which I thought was super thoughtful.
I chose Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee and Matchadoodle. I tried the Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee first because I couldn't wait to try it. Safe to say it meant my expectations haha and that will be my go to.
On another night I tried the Matchadoodle and was happily surprised how good it was. It's a mixture of matcha ice cream and snickerdoodle. The matcha ice cream has little chunks of snickerdoodle. The flavors compliment each other very nicely. I would have never thought to out those two flavors together.
Once I have finished my pints I will be back for more...maybe sooner than I think haha


Great unique flavors.

samantha g.

Today was a rather blistering day. The temptation to enjoy a cold treat was simply too much. The pros: the server was so kind and friendly. The establishment was clean and practiced social distancing. The cons: The price of $4.50 would be justified for a sometimes treat, if said treat was amazing. Unfortunately the Tahitian Vanilla was far too salty for my taste. The cone was the best part about the ice cream. I honestly wanted a refund, but can one return ice cream? I miss the days of ice cream samples! I'm not sure about the other flavors and would be curious about the vegan options. I miss the ice cream parlor that was housed here before.

Denise M.

this is my family's favorite ice cream spot since their first location in south san francisco. nothing excited me more than when they opened this location a couple months back but i was finally able to stop by and see it in person. although they now sell their pints and safeway, whole foods and some other locations - they never had tahitian vanilla !!! we love that flavor and always used to drive to SF just to get pints of it. i thought they would have the pint pre-made here but they didn't so the employee had to scoop 2 pints for us.luckily they offered ice packs because we ended up getting 6 pints of ice cream to bring back for my family! we have had most of their flavors before (or at least the classic ones) and if you have not tried humphry slocombe you are missing out!flavors - tahitian vanilla - if you think vanilla is boring, this flavor brings a whole different perspective on vanilla ice creams. it has more of a salty kick to it. must give it a try !!blue bottle vietnamese coffee - anyone who has had this coffee ice cream claims it to be their favorite ice cream - including me. i am not a coffee person but this ice cream is AMAZING. it's rich, creamy, not overly sweet, and super decadent. strawberry blondie - their strawberry blondie is a strawberry ice cream with white chocolate blondies. i personally think the chunks make it that much better and the strawberry flavor is very good. i think they did a really good job with this flavor and i definitely want to try the other strawberry flavor. hong kong milk tea - i have seen this and always wanted it but finally put my hands on it. it's a numi organic tea with condensed milk and bites of almond cookie. i think almond cookies always complete an HK style tea time but the ice cream base itself did not really remind me of milk tea. but this was still good!black sesame - this is one of the flavors on the less sweet side - perfect for my parents. it is rich in black sesame flavor and super smooth! matchadoodle - i am a huge fan of matcha but really disappointed in the flavor of this pint. i think that the matcha is not rich enough but their house-made snickerdoodle cookie is really good. i personally would never combine matcha & cinnamon flavors together but it works if you are not a huge matcha fan. honey graham - house-made graham crackers and raw honey ice cream. this definitely has a good soft texture combo with the sweet honey ice cream. i personally do not love the flavor of honey but i think this is very subtle. it is on the sweeter side. price - they're usually $10/pint but they had a special offer where you can buy 2, get 1 free. we were planning on grabbing 4 pints anyways so might as well get another 2! i wish they advertised this so that they could get more business. price wise comparison - in-store they usually range from $6.99 - $9.99 so i thought this was a super fair deal and not off their store prices too much. i really like how they have fusion flavors and a lot of it is perfect for my family who doesn't love super sweet ice cream. of course they have a variety and we have tried their blueberry boy bait, matchadoodle, honey graham, and a couple more. i only got those in groceries stores and none of those were AMAZING besides the blueberry boy bait. we always stick to the classic flavors but i definitely want to try their dairy-free one's as well! highly recommend humphry slocombe as your ice cream shop.

Jasmine C.

I am forever still mourning the closure of Ici's here where Humphry Slocombe took over, but I guess if it had to be taken over by any ol' ice cream shop, Humphry Slocombe would be a decent substitute! I've only been to the Ferry Building location before this but back in May, I placed an order for pick up of their ice cream cake and this location was closer to me in the East Bay... oh my gosh the cake is MASSIVE but so delicious! I got it for my husband's birthday and surprised him and while I was in the store, I picked up 3 pints of ice cream, Buy 2 get one 1 or some deal like that! It was pretty worth it :) I got Secret Breakfast, since you can't buy that in stores, blueberry boy bait, and vietnamese coffee. Blueberry was the only one I hadn't tried before, but secret breakfast and bluebottle coffee are also both in the ice cream cake layered on top of a coffee cake and topped with a yummy strudel! It was really frozen and difficult to make the first husband basically had a huge knife stuck in the cake trying to make it through haha, but if you let it stand for a little bit before cutting into it, I think it may be easier. Also the cake tastes better when it warms up a little so it's not as hard! You do need to pre-order the cake 72 hours in advance and can pick up in stores--no delivery right now during covid. But also, if you can make your way out to the store, check Whole Foods frozen aisle! There's more flavors in store, but some classics are at WF, including Viet coffee. I wish the stores carried Secret Breakfast but then I probably would be eating WAY too much of that all the time....hehe :D To be completely honest, I think the scoops in store are a little overpriced--like $5+ for a small cup, but the pints are more worth it if you know what flavor you like!!

Dilys S.

Delicious. Friendly, clean during the pandemic. Lots of creative flavors including blue bottle coffee, elderflower etc. tried it for the first time, loved it. Perfect for grabbing one to go and consume outdoors

Pranay Singh

Really love the ice cream HS produces but this review is a 2 start because of the shop on college ave. They have the worst punctuality TWICE I've visited them well within business hours to find the shop shut with a closed sign up front. As a business owner myself I'm disheartened by this attitude that lets customers walk away with such a bad taste. I hope this review brings attention because there is a problem to be solved here. Please invest in tools to better manage time of your staff. A big time Humphrey fan

Angie C.

July special of Brown Sugar Kitchen's Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream Sundae is AMAZING -- I've been coming here once a week to indulge and it never fails to please. Service is great and since it's pandemic-season there is never a line -- just grab your sundae to go, easy and SUPER TASTY!

Brittany D.

Nothing embodies a warm summer like ice cream.Definitely couldn't pass up a chance for a scoop even during COVID times. My new favorite flavor: cookies + graham. Who knew olive oil would pair so well with cookies? The olive oil was light-bodied, owing to its subtle flavor. I think the cookie chunks dominated the overall flavor, but added to the variation in texture quite nicely. The creaminess of the ice cream rivaled that of Salt + Straw, the purveyor of some of the finest and creamiest ice cream I've ever had. I was a huge fan of cookies + graham, which surprised me since I never really cared for many Humphrey Slocombe flavors to begin with (they always seemed too outlandish for me; case in point, secret breakfast).Since this flavor is probably offered for a limited time, I know when I'm back it may no longer be there, so I hope that there's another flavor that'll impress me as much as this one did. No pressure, but the next flavor definitely has a tough act to follow.**fyi no samples are given at this time

Grace L.

If you're craving an ice cream to treat yourself to, Humphry's does not disappoint. The Honey Graham ice cream is my absolute favorite and their Hong Kong Milk Tea is also SO GOOD. I've ordered pints of these flavors and have come close to finishing the whole pint in one sitting- very dangerous if you do not know how to portion control. The Black Sesame flavor is also a crowd pleaser and if you really want to treat yourself, make sure to order a scoop with the waffle cone. C'est tres bien!

B L.

I have tried Humphry in SF and bought it a few times at the grocery store. Decided to stop by for some dessert a few days before shelter in place. Can I try a sample? server: no Can I pick 2 different flavors for my single scoop (since I can't try anything)? server: no Just terrible service for overpriced ice cream. Ugh, I miss ici.

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