Imm Thai Street Food

2068 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 898-1123

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Christine H.

No matter how many times we decide on a place to eat at, it seems that the inevitable choice is some Asian place (with the exception of an American brunch). Imm Thai has probably one of the highest ratings for a Thai place in the Berkeley area (didn't bother doing specific logistics comparisons, but yah know). There's a good reason why. We ordered the following: -Pad See Ew Beef (perfectly sweet and savory, came with a generous amount of beef and veggies) -Roti Dip (pretty small portion; roti was pre-cut and not the typical "rip it yourself" kind; the dip was a good mixture of sweet and savory) -Kua Gai (much lighter seasoning than the Pad See Ew; came with a generous assortment of proteins: egg, chicken, calamari, and shrimp) Service was alright. Indoor dining requires proof of vaccination. Place is smaller than expected (maybe fits around 12~15 people). But, there is a some outdoor dining space available.

E C.

Wow, the flavors here are amazing! But the Yelp waitlist time is highly inaccurate. When I checked in, it said the wait time would be between 8-18 minutes but it took almost 45 minutes to get seated. I've been to other busy places that have much more accurate wait times. Sweet chicken and crispy pumpkin were really good and I highly recommend! Portion sizes are decent too.

Frances Y.

One of my favorite Thai restaurant in Berkeley. The duck o eta rice is really good and the portion is just right as well. If you come on weekdays dinner the lines aren't very long.

Lillie Ngai

My favorite is Su Kho Thai...A hot and sour soup base with rice noodles, ground pork, pork, crispies. Great for a cold day like today.

Felicia L.

I can't believe it took me until my last year at Berkeley to discover Imm Thai! Their food is amazing and they're honestly my new favorite Thai food place in the East Bay area. I usually either get their pad kee mao or curry. I really like their pad kee mao because it has lots of vegetables, as well as protein in it. The curry, on the other hand, is SO flavorful and their use of spices is honestly immaculate. When I get the curry, I usually also get an order or roti on the side so I can dip it into the curry too. It's so flavorful, you definitely need lots of rice to balance it out. 10/10 for both dishes! I usually place my order online and then swing by to pick it up. It's the most efficient this way in my opinion, since Imm Thai is super busy most of the time. Would definitely recommend! Prices are pretty fair for the Bay Area too. Imm Thai doesn't disappoint!

Mariam M.

I finally found the best Thai food so far in the Bay Area (at least for me) after moving from NYC and saying goodbye to my all time favorite Thai place. Seriously you Yelpers, you did your job- thank youuuu. I know this place was legit because they were able to perfectly execute the pad thai. I can't say how many times I've tried at diff places in the Bay Area- it's either bland, overly sweet, has carrots??, too many sprouts- list goes on. The pad thai was perfectly cooked- I would have asked for a lime on the side and some chili paste. I even tried it with the tofu- tofu was perfectly seared. We ordered also the fried rolls- FRESH and so good. And finally, the basil rice- I'm not sure if the order came out wrong or whatever (it was plain white rice and some sort of ground chicken stir fry) but they quickly rectified and came back with most flavorful basil rice with chicken. Even my husband was like this is just equally as good as our spot back East. The ones we've had here so far- either bland, no flavor, too spicy, etc. I would come back again if I'm craving Thai and yes, this means I'll cross over the bridge if I have to. I honestly felt it was authentic :)

Jasmine C.

Came on a Friday night and put our name in the table for Yelp waitlist when we arrived. We were 10th on the list and it was ~20 min before we were seated at a table indoors. Solid Thai food! I got the Kana Moo Krob from Kitchens specials- it was crispy pork belly with Chinese broccoli and garlic. I really like the flavor and the portion was good for the price ($10!)

Kristin O.

So delicious! We moved here from San Diego where we found the BEST Thai restaurant in the city. We thought we'd never be able to find a Thai restaurant that could take its place. Thank you, Imm Thai Street Food! Everything I've tried there was so tasty. Special shout out to the fried pumpkin! Great pad thai, Tom Kah soup and rice dishes! Great service and nice people, who checked for vaccination cards () Highly recommend!

Lawrence T.

I love thai's really hard to miss, especially if you get the basic dishes lol. Of course I got the beef pad thai and it was amazing -- no surprises there. Also went ahead and got the moo ping pork appetizer and the egg rolls. Both fantastic. Now...the star of the the thai ice tea is SOOO good. I hadn't had it in so long that I forgot what it tasted like. The thai tea + pad thai pairing had my taste buds singing. Definitely coming back for more!

Andrew S.

We had to wait about 30 minutes to get an outside table, but it was worth it. The food comes quickly and was fresh and hot. The Pad Thai was delicious and I loved the spice level of the curry. I will definitely return when I get back in Berkeley.

Amber T.

Long and innacurate wait time. Said 5-15 mins we waited 30 mins to be seated. Rude service. Asked for hot water with lemon, came back with lukewarm water and lemon juice in a cup? Asked to reheat the water and she said no. Food was good otherwise.

Sydney R.

This is my only go-to Thai restaurant in Berkeley. (One of my Thai friends actually agreed with this statement.) It's always super packed, so I highly suggest you to make a reservation or adding yourself on the Yelp waitlist in advance. Servers aren't particularly nice but they are always efficient at getting things done. Their pad se ew (with tofu) is a must-order, although everything else is pretty good as well. I also love getting their Thai tea with my main. We got their mango sticky rice last time, and it was just ok. They have outdoor seatings after the pandemic started, which is pretty nice and adds more seating. However, it's right by the street so it can get pretty loud when cars pass by. Tips for vegetarians/vegans: remember to ask them to take out fish/oyster sauce and shrimp paste because almost every dish has it (I believe red curry can't be adjusted so I just don't order it). Be specific so they remember. Definitely give it a try if you haven't already!!

Curtis C.

Ever since visiting Bangkok and Chiang Mai a few years back I've been I search of a street food dish called Kana Moo Krob everywhere in the Bay Area. I was thrilled to see it is offered at Imm Thai Street Food! We ordered: Pork larb - tons of zesty flavor with lots of basil, onions, and lime juice with ground pork. Green curry with chicken - eggplant, red peppers, potatoes, and chicken in some of the best tasting green curry I've had in the area. Kana Moo Krob - a small portion, but the crispy pork belly paired with the just right sized Chinese broccoli spears served with rice was awesome! Prices were reasonable for the size of the portions and about average for the area, but the quality of the food made the cost well worth it. Except the $3 can of Coke. There was an electronic waiting list out front where they said they would call us on our phone when our table was ready. We waited far too long so I asked the hostess how long it would take to be seated and she walked us right in. So check in often as you wait.

Shambavi Krishnamurthi

New favorite Thai restaurant in East Bay! Absolutely loved the wanton pad thai (light, crispy and unique spin on pad thai), pad kee mao and spicy tofu! Generous portion sizes. Will definitely be back.Service was quick, friendly and attentive. Recommend making reservations or adding to the Yelp wait list to avoid a wait time for larger groups.


Fantastic, good portions, fairly quick service even when the place is super busy. About as good as it gets.

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