Juice Appeal

150 Berkeley Square, Berkeley
(510) 644-3200

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Jacleen I.

Goodbye Jamba Juice, hellllloooo Juice Appeal! This place offers a variety of smoothies, juices, and shots to fulfill any of your needs or cravings.My favorite at the moment is the Malibu Blast (or is it Tropical Blast...? I can't remember) smoothie. So refreshing! I also get a fresh ginger shot with cayenne pepper every time.The owners are really sweet and I appreciate them for being open during this pandemic!

Rowe Luis

Just came here for the first time today and so glad I did. Last time I didn't get anything because I didn't realize they are cash only. But wow the girl that worked here was really polite, friendly and pretty. She hooked my smoothie up! It was so delicious. I think they may just have one of the best smoothies I ever had, plus the service is exceptional...it's definitely worth keeping some cash on hand to stop here. I hope they will allow debit and contact less payment soon though.

charissa ong

My fav acai bowl place in the bay area esp the peanut butter one. I wonder why it doesn't show u in maps when u search for acai bowls but they do have it!! It's not too sweet unlike many others. Also the staff is great, they're just not super over the top enthusiastic all the time. Nothing wrong with being normal...

Joshua Moff

Was feeling a bit sick in the morning, ordered a 16oz “Earth” and was feeling back to normal by midday. Service was a tad lengthy only because they made my drink fresh! It’s raw juice so you get what you ordered, fresh delicious juice

Cal K.

I've been coming here for the past year or so and I've always had a great experience. The staff is so welcoming and kind to me each and every time I drop in. Not to mention the smoothies are ridiculously good and they have a wide variety of flavor and blends. My go to is the 'Coco Butter' or most recently the 'Pro Bowl' açaí bowl which is AMAZING. If you frequent the area and ever need a quick, affordable and delicious smoothie, juice or bowl...please be sure to check them out!

Emma M.

I have to give one star solely on one worker here, I have been a customer for many years. And I get a juice 3 times per week I would given 5 stars but this one lady that works here is rude, unfriendly, never smiles and has a terrible attitude. It makes you not want their business but I am too lazy to eat vegetables so I have to get my nutrients from here. Everyone else that works here are nice, friendly and even know you by name, any who this lady is an older Asian lady with blond want to be hair and fake color contact lenses and she looks demonic for some reason...her energy is super scary and I don't believe in any of that kind of crap.

Qian Y.

Great place for a 'light' lunch! The portion seems not that much, but makes me feel very full. I tried acid bowl and pitaya bowl, both are really nice. I didn't ask to put honey as the fruits were already sweet. Coconut and granola are must!

Elizabeth G.

This is my new favorite place to get my juice smoothie from. I love the vibe of the place and the staff is so chill and nice. You must have cash cause they don't take cards. The menu is broken down by what your looking for they have fruit smoothies and Creamy smoothie and veggie smoothie and peanut butter smoothie. I love this place and try to go every morning before I go to work.

Hao Chen

A great variety of healthy options to choose from. The serving speed is a bit slow.

Mike R.

Best smoothies in the Bay! Half the price & twice as nice! Service is always friendly, prompt, and patient. Such a great selection of drinks no need to create your own, whatever you like is probs on the menu already.

Jess T.

Smoothies and açaí­ bowls are good, and prices are decent. I've been here many times, and the customer service experience isn't stellar, but I still come back because they deliver quality products.

Carolina H.

Needed some energy and decided to stop by here before class. Ordered a Popeyes açaí­ bowl and found it really delicious!! Was a bit pricey but was a good amount. Would definitely come back again but remember this place takes cash only!

Leonor A.

The smoothies here are SO good! There aren't many smoothie options in Berkeley so it's great that this one is located right next to campus. The only downside is that they only take cash, but there are a couple banks across the street so it's not too bad. I come here quite often and love most smoothies, but I wouldn't recommend the banana Hug (pictured) as it doesn't have a banana or blueberry taste... it kind of just tasted like milk.

Arash N.

I'm allergic to a lot of different things and this place was great! I got the large 24 oz nutty buddy for $6. Normally it comes with soy milk but they let me substitute in almond. The drinking itself was very good, although the peanut butter was slightly overpowering. The owner was very nice and I loved the vibe in the store - very hip and friendly. Overall it was a bit excessive but I would recommend.

Victor Bessa De Oliveira

Great service and really good pro acai bowl

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