2181 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 843-8277

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Nannette Ergas Brown

Excellent pizza, good music & friendly staff!

Shannon L.

Excellent location, great collection of flavored ciders and the food is fantastic. If you like cider you should totally try the nectarine cider. We had Friday off and we're going to a concert at the Greek so this is a perfect way to sit ahead of the traffic and pass time before the concert.

Annette M.

Really great pizza and fresh salads. We enjoyed eating outside on the patio. Only issue we had was navigating the ordering process which recently changed to self ordering with a QR code for delivery to your table due to staffing shortage. Cant ask questions about the menu this way so we did order too much. Note large salads and pizzas are shareable sizes. Smalls are personal sizes. If you want refills on drinks or even waters you have to use the QR code again to reorder.... Which then took so long to come out that we had finished. If you need a to go box (because everyone ordered larges ) you will need to walk back into the service area yourself. All in all we would come back for the excellent food, they are doing the best they can w limited staff

James Armer

Best spot in Berkeley for great atmosphere and great food! They also have great music on Thursday - Saturday nights. Lovely staff too! Super lovely quèèr space also

Elizabeth V.

Solid 3.5 stars We went here to eat before watching a concert at the UC theater. Thankfully there was no wait on a Wednesday night - Although the patio was actually quite full so I can see it being busy on weekends. The patio was actually quite beautiful with a lot of greenery and some redwoods in the back with patio chairs that you can sit near. You order with a QR code on the table and they have runners that bring out the food to you. The runners were all really nice and gave us all the extras that we needed like toppings and napkins. There's a good beer selection as well so you can have pizza and beer (which is the perfect combination!) We couldn't decide on our pizza so went with half and half a meat pizza and a chicken pizza (Eutropia and Gaia). The Eutropia is more traditional and actually more flavorful than the Gaia. The pizza was a good size but a little pricey at $25; enough for 2 people to devour. I did read reviews that sometimes the pizzas are hit or miss in terms of how they are baked; thankfully our pizza was baked very well that day!

Peter Huddleson

The food was excellent and came out really fast even though the restaurant was fairly busy. Also, the service was courteous, friendly and attentive. We would definitely go back again when in the neighborhood.

Benjamin Samuel

I really like the patio area and they have live music. Pizzas were ok


Pretty cool little place. Almost like a hidden area behind some buildings. The pizza was very good. Also got the beer cheese and bread which was also good.To order you scan a qr code which let's you order and pay all within the same link. Every restaurant should do this. It was so easy. Great service as well.

Rachael R.

If you're looking for a super cool spot, you gotta hit Jupiter up. We came expecting some good pizza and beer, but our experience was so much more than that. The back patio/beer garden was enchanting with vines, verandas, lights and a European feel. They also had live music to top it all off. We ordered a vegan, gluten-free pizza, bruschetta, a hefeweizen and a watermelon kiwi hard seltzer. The gluten free, vegan pizza is, without question, the best that we've had. The bruschetta was tasty (a little too crunchy for our liking, but the topping was killer). The beer and seltzer were great! We look forward to many nights hanging on the back patio here. If you've never been to Jupiter in Berkeley, you've gotta go and make sure to ask for a table outside.

Marlene Youngheim Lombardo

Beautiful atmosphere, unique cocktails and fast high tech service .

Anand Muralidhar

Delicious pizza and the ambience is amazing!

Nnenna Umelloh

Honestly, my time has never been more insulted or wasted. Before I sat down, I asked if they accepted Google Pay. Instead of saying no and allowing me to go somewhere else, they led me on to believe that I could use Google Pay.First they said that Google Pay would be registered on the QR ordering system. It is not. Then someone manually took my order. On the printed receipt was a QR code to pay. The QR code did not work. I learned from management that the QR code printed on the receipt doesn't work. Plus, the register to pay also doesn't accept Google Pay. In short, this place does not accept Google Pay.The answer is no. Instead of telling me the truth, they led me on. I sat down, got comfortable and ordered my food. I ended up having to walk to the ATM to get cash. They wait until I get back and start eating to tell me that they don't provide change.This experience was completely disrespectful. It's definitely not worth it. This was a waste of time, energy and money. Instead of being honest with me, I was lied to and manipulated.I am never coming back here.

KW Mazer

Very good extra thin pizza. Fun indoor outdoor atmosphere. Kept quite warm under the heaters.

Hem Y.

It's more like a restaurant with some options of beers.. not like a brewery though.. Terrible service, not many choices for food, above average expensive for no reason and I'm not going back again.. Ordered pizza after struggling with the order app, came out after too long on the table and it was soggy, although burned... doesn't even make sense. Our server was terrible too. Wouldn't recommend to anyone...

Junella T.

Interesting spot. Live music on Fridays. Good beer selection. Very hard to find parking. Came here on a Friday night and it was really packed. We got on the waitlist early and ended up with a table on the 2nd floor. If you want patio seating you have to request it ahead of time. By the time we got in, the patio seating list was over 20 parties long. They had live music around 7pm, but I'm not sure if it's every Friday/weekend. Once seated, you order your drinks and food from a QR code and the site is through Toast. The only interaction with the staff is when they bring you food or drinks. This system was efficient and quick to use once you add a credit card, but also flawed. We kept getting served random food and beer that wasn't ours. Sometimes they would ask but a lot of times, they would just set down food we didn't order. The tables are spaced apart but not more than usual. It's actually pretty close in proximity. They do have all the windows open and the door to the back patio is open as well. The inside does become very loud even without the live music. We did check out the live music patio space after eating but there's not really anywhere to stand or hang out. There's a small space in front of the stage but you're basically blocking the isle and no one else was standing so we left after that. For food, I really enjoyed the appetizers more than the pizza. We loved the BBQ pork ribs, the artichoke & spinach dip, and the roasted potatoes. All of those had nice flavors and a little kick. We also liked all the sauces that were served with it. Each sauce had a unique taste and went great with everything. The appetizer we didn't really love were the chicken wings. They looked good, but they were really dry inside (even smothered in the dip). We got two full sized pizzas and while everything was fresh, the pizza was hard to eat bc it was limp from being so soggy.

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