1235 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 526-6325

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Nate P.

Great place good eats! Very flavorful spicy BBQ sauce. Would definitely go back. Reasonably priced for the amount of food you get!

Lawren F.

Customer Service was great. However, I wasn't super impressed with the taste of the food. The ribs and the link were super dry and inedible. The brisket was good but a lot the food overall lacked flavor. The potato salad was really sweet and the beans were whatever. I was really hoping the food was going to be good based off of the reviews . I honestly don't know what to say.

CiCi M.

I came here during the pandemic. I ordered online for in person pick up. I ordered the 2 way combo with ribs, potato salad, beans, and bread. I loved the bbq sauce, juiciness of the ribs, and he beans. The bread was a simple roll. If I'm ever in the area again, I'll come by to try the other items on the menu.

Donald Anderson

Very good service. Thank you!

Alexis W.

I gave them 4 stars based on the MEAT only. The meat is very good and tender. I got a 3 way combo with the beans and potato salad. I tasted one bite of beans and potato salad and straight to the trash it went after that. My co-workers tossed theirs too. The BBQ was excellent, it was hard to believe the sides went so far in the other direction. Would I get BBQ here again? ABSOLUTELY!!! But I'd do without the sides or just make my own.

Irene L.

Shared the three way combo and it was so good! The meat was truly fall off the bone and was definitely enough for two people. The ribs were my favorite of the three and disappeared very quickly. The smoky flavor of the bbq sauce was really good and I also enjoyed the mini sides it came with.

William B.

I really wish Yelp did half stars as the experience was more of between 2-3 stars. The service was 5 stars and everyone was super friendly and the food was ready super quick but unfortunately the brisket and ribs were very dry. I could maybe understand if it was the end of a long day of service but I was literally one of the first orders that day. Luckily, there was plenty of sauce to go along with the food. While I appreciate how quickly the food was ready, I don't foresee myself coming back here.

Anne Gross Ayankoya

Always so Tasty! The Brisket is delicious...

Daron Wilson

Taste like it’s fresh out the microwave

Rebecca Liberman

The ribs are to die for! Fall off the bone tender and perfectly slathered with bbq sauce. Their links are also incredible. I could happily eat both every day for the rest of my life!

Liztastic C.

Ordered take-out! Beef brisket, links, beef ribs and chicken. Everything was so good. The ribs and brisket were over the top! The baked beans are bomb, as is the potato salad. The spicy bbq sauce is so good and perfectly spiced. Solid tasty neighborhood barbecue. Highly recommend. I will be back!!

Danielle T.

We ordered "The Crew" X2 yesterday for 7 people and it was a mountain of delicious food with plenty of leftovers. Everything was cooked to perfection and the spicy Bbq sauce was yummmmmoooo! Used some of the leftovers to make a breakfast burrito this morning. Also, I wasn't too excited about the sides (I came for the meat), but the potato salad and the beans hit the spot. The only negative is that the food is now all gone.

Kay H.

We love this place! The hot links are ! Their bake beans are my wife's favorite. Recently, we order The Crew for a small picnic we were having and it feed 6 people. They packed the to-go bag perfectly. They put plates, napkins, etc. in two paper bags. I can't wait to have another picnic and well be ordering from KC's BBQ again.

Chino Sierra

It's ok , the spicy BBQ sauce was pretty good, it made my brisket taste better. Thier hot links tasted more like a sausage. Not to sure if I would stop there again

Gracie Conda

Celebrating this black owned business with their tasty meals and beautiful vibes!

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