1235 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 526-6325

Recent Reviews

Karen D.

My husband & I were used to getting our BBQ elsewhere but decided to try KC's for a change and - wow! It was so good! I'm on a keto diet so I have to ask for no sauce on the meat. They put the sauce on the side (my husband used it and liked the taste). This means i'm in a position to know what it really tastes like. The ribs were cooked to perfection. They were meaty and tender and tasty without sauce. We don't really do sides, but the greens here were good. The only drawback is they close at 5 on Sundays. We didn't realize that the first time we went by. We got there at 5:10 and they were closed. But it was worth it when we came back!

Anne C.

Ordered brisket for lunch ($16), and the meat tasted good. Service was quick.

Menu Mystique

Superstar Chef driven old School southern style BBQ.

Dave W.

My wife got us the meal ticket and boy! It was not good the potato salad was very weird it smelled like pickles and tasted sweet like it had sugar in it and the beans tasted like cheap can beans with no seasoning very disappointing, And the meats was also bad the ribs was over cooked and dry the brisket was lacking seasoning and the texture was off and it didn't have a smoke ring the links was dry but the flavor wasn't bad but could still could be better the chicken was actually decent and tasted the freshest out of all the meats this place needs a boost in the love department who ever cooking can't love what they are doing I can make better bbq in the oven

Victor G.

KC's BBQ is in Meal Ticket's space. 2 flatscreens. dining room full of tables. menu on counter. offerings: catering, breakfast, lunch, dinner eats: beef brisket, lunch (15.95) -lots of beef brisket slices mostly dry, meaty, little fat. bbq sauce average. -mushy type potato salad -sweet tasty beans, actually good 3.5 stars good value. would skip next time. try the ribs.

Isaac Sellers

This restaurant is my preferred one. I go to a lot of restaurants but to this one I keep coming back again and again. The stuff is very warm and the cuisine they serve is so tasty. I never miss an opportunity to have a decent dinner here. Highly recommended.

Steve Bird

Exceptional place to get something when in a hurry. The service is fast, pricing is reasonable, awesome ambience. Keep up the good work

Marty West

My first visit. Tried ribs and brisket. Ribs and bbq sauce were outstanding. Some of my brisket was a bit dry but mostly tender and juicy. Mashed potato salad was good but flavored with dill which I don't care for. Daily special mac and cheese was ample, cheesy, bechamel-based and baked. I like this style of M&C better than soupy stovetop versions. Didn't try the two dinner rolls but they looked fresh.

Todd R.

I was crushed, when I thought you guys were closed. Went by about seven months ago to your old location to find it was boarded up. About a month and a half ago , by luck , I ran into your new place. Man , what a great surprise that was . I've been coming there since the mid-70s and would try to stop by every time I was in town . To my surprise, the only thing was different besides the restaurant itself ,was the dinner rolls , instead of sliced bread. You guys are awesome! Keep up the great food and service !

Kelvin M.

Hands Down the best BBQ in the area. I have been going here since the 80s when the mom and dad ran the place. Now it has been passed to the son, Patrick and the tradition continues. I went by there a couple of weeks ago and noticed it had closed (old location) but to my surprise it is actually open which warms my heart. I MUST go get my BBQ fix!! Thank God this place is still open!! and survives on!!..

Alvin L.

Was very happy to hear that KC had reopened. To then find out he has been reopened at this new location for over a year I was upset because I didn't know. I got there today before noon and it was a Latino guy in the back prepping the orders and not KC. To get home and see my brisket cut up like this I knew instantly things weren't going to be ok. I don't know if this is how he started doing it for this new location or the Latino guy was just lazy. The KC brisket I remember is cut in small piece and tender. This shit is so tough, a lot of fat and barely any BBQ sauce. If I didn't live all the way in Vacaville on would have took it back. Im not going to give up on this place tho and try it again and request KC make my order.

Kevin Jackman

I had an amazing time in this restaurant. We liked the wonderful vibes and the food. The staff members are very personal. I’m glad we ultimately decided to visit here.

Craig Jones

My new favorite bbq spot in the east bay! Meat is great, sauce is just ok

Manny W.

This has to be the worse bbq place I've ever experienced. Bbq roasted and looked like it was microwaved and the beef brisket was rubbery and had a funny aftertaste. Dont let me get started on their so called potato salad. ‍tasted like a spoonful of vinegar and mustard.i rather mcrib then ever eating a piece of meat from this establishment.

Josel D.

Best BBQ in the Bay Area! The meats are insanely flavorful, and the sides are on par. I'm used to no sauce Texas BBQ so I was a bit wary at first but damn, it was really good. I've been to almost every BBQ place imaginable in the Bay and in Austin, TX and I've never encountered better links/sausages/franks in my life. The only bad thing about this place is that it's too close to where I live for the sake of my diet.

Sierra G.

Ordered on uber eats, didn't get my ribs or potato salad in my order. The brisket and hot links had a weird grainy texture. I'm so disappointed!

David K.

Kc has the best ribs ever. Not to salty, not overly done, has good pull but not ridiculous fall off the bone, ribs are meaty. I also appreciate the brisket they serve is lean flat cut only, I dont like the brisket cap. Order the sauce on the side if you're into sauce control.



Brandon Y.

Awesome spot for groups to come and share a BBQ plate! Stopped by here after a Cal football game with a large party, and we opted for the crew, which was a TRAY of BBQ ribs, sausages, and chicken - we were bummed out that they were out of brisket at that time, since that's what I typically want from a BBQ spot. The tray also came with Hawaiian rolls, beans, and potato salad. The salad I enjoyed, and the BBQ was pretty good - tangy sauce that was just a little kick to it. The cost when it came down to it was pretty good split among everyone, and beers are only $4/bottle. Would be down to come again to try their brisket!

Richard H.

Before the old location burned down, KC's was pretty legit. I tried the new location and I felt like they were trying too hard to cater to the younger crowd. They have a small brunch menu and the food is way more bland than what I'm used to. I could barely taste the smoke and the sauce lacked . The sauce was too much like a spiced-up ketchup, and the portions were very small, especially the sides. The tiny Hawaiian roll was lame.

Michael Harvey

Good thing the food is better than the service. Upon entering the establishment and approaching the counter I'm greeted with Yeah and What. The person ordering before me received their food within 5 minutes of ordering it took another 15 minutes after watching them receive their food that the person that took my order ask me if I ordered anything!!! Been going for years and this was my 1st bad experience. Customer Service Is Key!!!

Weston Hendrix

This spot is worth trying. They serve big portions for reasonable rates. Always clean and with excellent ambience. Will come back again.

Peter McKay

Good value and tasty meats the beans were really great. Solid place for a quick bbq fix.

D S.

Great food, huge portions and good service. There aren't many good Bbq restaurants around here but this one I would suggest.

Dominique W.

I hope this hasn't happened to you. I went to KCs this afternoon. I placed my order with the cook. There was no one at the register. After bagging my order he left me and two other customers alone in the restaurant to get whoever was supposed to be handling the money. The cook came back , alone, and then made a call. We continued to wait. We all finally left empty handed. The person who was supposed to be handling the money never appeared. Bad business.

Jeff A.

Great sauce, great meat, and great prices which, for Berkeley, are hard to beat! We had the chicken and brisket--all great. Really liked the beans too. Very friendly place.

A W.

We used to visit the Meal Ticket regularly so decided to try this which opened up after the Meal Ticket closed. The service was very pleasant, which is a great plus. I got the 2 combo with brisket and links, bbq sauce on the side. Sadly, both meats were dry. Am guessing because it was a slow lunch (there was only 1 other table occupied), maybe the meat had been sitting out too long? The sauce did help mask the dryness, but overall, it was mediocre. My friend had the half chicken and she said it was very flavorful and she would come back again for that... ... unfortunately the both of us ended up with upset stomachs later in the afternoon. Sad to say, we will not be returning.

Carla Williams-Namboodiri

I met a good friend for Sunday brunch, and while enjoying my mushroom and spinach scramble, I ordered the two-way ribs and brisket. I was unsure if we would get to eat the food that day, due to a prior family commitment. Tuesday evening, we opened the takeout platter and feasted. The meat remained fresh and flavor rich, after warming briefly in the oven. The brisket was so special and the ribs fell off the bone. The sauce is a treasure. Visit for the brunch and take home lunch!


Service was fast and friendly. The food was outstanding as usual

Thomas M.

Great spot. Was craving BBQ, and found this place. Located on a busy street, so street parking can be a hit or miss. I ordered BBQ ribs, half chicken and everything was delicious. Rib brisket cooked perfectly, not too overcook, very soft and tender. Chicken was very moist and not dry. The bbq sauce is very good, compliments the meats. Prices are very fair, and portions is generous. Customer service is very attentive and friendly. Definitely will return!

Donald R.

We saw the sign for KC BBQ as we drove past, and we were in the mood for good BBQ. Although it seemed a bit pricey, we decided to give it a try. We got the large order of brisket, BIG mistake, no pun intended! My leather sandals on a dry day walking in the desert had more moisture than this brisket. We've cooked a few briskets in our day, I don't know how a piece of meat can cooked to be inedible. The chicken my wife ordered was okay, not over cooked, it was moist, a very small half chicken and it had no BBQ smoke flavor, as though it was not seasoned before cooked. The tiny sides of potato salad and baked beans tasted like they were straight out of a can. The roll was tiny, cold and hard. My wife wondered if the beef and chicken were cooked offsite also, and warmed prior to serving. The food we were served was not worth what we were charged. The young men running the front and the kitchen were very polite, and cheerful, but they need serious training in how to cook real BBQ, baked beans and potato salad.

Lourie Mcwilliams

This place is great! Affordable rates, large portions and the staff members are consistently friendly.

Kasio V.

The day I went they had really good BBQ. You have to catch them right when the meat is fresh. But when you do it's really good BBQ. I ordered the brisket ribs and links. The first time I had it the bark on the brisket was delicious. The ribs where great and the links tasted good.

John M

I like this restaurant! They offer good meals, their menu is rich, The chef in that place is very experienced, I like very much trying all their food. The dishes are consistently of high class, the service towards the visitors is very good too. I frequently visit this restaurant and I not even once was unsatisfied. I recommend this place.

Justin S.

After having finished running my Sunday errands, I found myself in the mid-afternoon pondering whether I should eat late lunch or combine lunch and dinner into what I call lunner. As the pondering progressed I drove past KC's new location on San Pablo (I had previously frequented the Shattuck location). Finding street parking immediately at the off-peak time of Sunday at 3PM, I entered the establishment. The establishment itself seemed quite quaint. Polished metal tables adorned with sunflowers and medium wood-accented chairs sat neatly organized. Miscellaneous portraits and posters and a tribute to the original restaurant founders decorated the space. For my meal I ordered the 2-meat combo ($18.99 pre-tax); I elected for pork ribs and links. The combo also included baked beans, a dinner roll, and potato salad. Both the pork ribs and links arrived with copious amounts of tangy BBQ sauce that did not overwhelm the palate. The baked beans and dinner roll tasted satisfactory; I had no complains. The potato salad, however, arrived refrigerator cold. All in all, the meal seemed for the most part satisfactory. However, I have a particular dislike for refrigerator-cold side dishes.

Kellyn Steele

If you love smoked pork ribs this is the place to go. The Mac n cheese is also delish. I have never had a bad meal here. Be gentle with the hot BBQ sauce!!!

Chris Johnson

My first visit but it won't be my last! I'm a fan. Excellent food and service. I'll be coming back on a regular basis. I encourage all to give K.C's a try.

Ben Gardella

Best BBQ in the East Bay for as long as I've been living near San Pablo Ave (20+ years) -- The brisket is CORRECT. The short ribs CORRECT. Get to it.

Alijah Brady

I regularly stop grabbing some food here. I enjoyed the efficient service and well made dishes. Keep up the good work.


Love the sauce and the 3 way combo