Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

1605 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 524-1524

Recent Reviews

Martha G.

My brother and I stopped by to look for a Christmas wine bottle for my dad. We don't know much about wine and were very pleased with the service we received. The man that assisted us took the little direction we were able to give about the kinds of wine my dad enjoys and he made great recommendations. We came out with two bottles. See pictures for names.

My dad loved both wines and said they were both really delicious, sweet, and decadent dessert wine. Thank you so much for helping us pick the perfect Christmas gift.

Simonis Pettie

My husband and I come here all the time and they are always incredibly helpful and kind to us. My wife always has a million questions about biotrinamicorganicultureorangelowsulfide wines and they are happy to chat her ear off about it and leave me to search for the cheapest bottle I can find. It's lovely.

Richard Holm

Gracious staff. Great wines at many prices.

John Heckendorn

I'm aging myself to admit I've been buying wine from Kermit Lynch since the shop's early days as a hole in the wall in Albany. They were one of the first out there with an unusually discerning selection of what were then off-the-beaten-track French wines. And didn't hurt that Kermit's palate was very compatible with mine. Still consistently excellent after all these years.

gregory pearson

Great wine you won't find elsewhere at a generally good price point.

Nikkomae S.

I'm not a big wine person but if your able to offer something that I will actually love then I'm all for it and this is what I got from here. Customer service was on point. Lots of choices. Finally got a good champagne for my morning mimosas and some great white wine. They also have a bread shop right next door. Will definitely go back again. Fiance loves this store.

Crunchy Anarchy

Great store, great variety. Deja was super knowledgeable and helpful.

Zeev*Howard *Kobel*Koblikowski

Good stuff, people. If you could find a 72 BV Giorgiou LaTour Cabernet, go for it. Warm, flavorful, liquid velvet

Valerian Hrala

The place to get your wine. I love their Euro $12-$25 selection. Did not get burned yet. The staff is very knowledgable, they are to blame for one of my fave 2019 wines. It was from Corsica!

Ying Kee Perasso

I have had a LOVE affair with Kermit Lynch for a very loooong time. Finally met the classy gregarious staff here. All these years,I read the newsletters and ordered online.

N Oliver

High quality selection of Italian and French wines.

Michael Gordon

Always worth a visit. Staff is knowledgeable and happy to talk.

wendy Wendi

Best bread in the world...

mike wisniewski

A great gem in Northern California with an immense selection of French and Italian wines.A place for the knowledgeable, and with a great staff for novices as well. Affordable wines that in comparison to california wines, incredible value!

Sayantan Mukhopadhyay

I have been a member for 5 years and this has been a joy. The place and the people there are legends. If you are a wine connesiour and wanna learn to appreciate great European varieties KL is one of the best places in this entire country.

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